Why do cats lick blankets?

why do cats lick blankets

We all know that many cats absorb blankets, clothes, fabrics, so why do cats lick blankets?

There is an underlying reason for every behavior that cats do, and these reasons can sometimes point to serious problems. For this reason, it is important for everyone who shares their life with one or more feline friends to have knowledge of cat behavior, but in this way, we can have a chance to understand whether a behavior exhibited by our feline friend is normal or abnormal, whether it indicates a problem. We all know that many cats suck on blankets, clothes, fabrics, but why do cats suck on fabric? Here are the possible reasons behind this behavior of our feline friends.

1# Early separation from mother

Almost everyone knows how wrong it is to separate the kittens from the mother early, but the general belief is that separating the kittens from the mother early is wrong as it will only prevent them from getting enough breast milk. However, this is an incorrect or, more accurately, an incomplete view, because early separation from the mother can lead to a series of problems, especially socialization problems, as well as inadequate breastfeeding. In cats, the rate of encountering the blanket sucking movement in cats separated from their mothers early is much higher than the others.

2# Some cat breeds are more prone to absorbing fabric

why do cats lick blankets

Some cat breeds have a tendency to suck on blankets, fabrics, and clothes. Among the breeds that are fond of sucking cloth, Siamese and Oriental cats come first. In the meantime, let’s share the following information with you; For oriental cats, 2 months, which is the separation period of other cats from the mother, is not enough, the weaning period of these cats is longer than others.

3# Cloth sucking is a relaxation tool for cats

One answer to the question why do cats lick blankets is relaxation. Cats sometimes do the fabric-sucking motion to relax, reminiscent of time spent with their mother.

4# When your cat friend sucks on your clothes, it shows that he trusts you a lot.

If your cat jumps on your lap and sucks on your clothes instead of a blanket, it shows his confidence in you. Sucking the clothes on you is an indication that you feel safe in your lap as if you are with her mother and that you believe that you will protect her from all kinds of dangers.

5# Intense stress can also cause this behavior

He said that cats’ sucking on blankets or fabrics is a movement they sometimes do to relax, sometimes cats can do this movement to relax and calm themselves due to intense stress. If your cat is sucking on fabric very often rather than occasionally, if this has become an obsessive behavior, you should be worried. When you encounter such a situation, the first thing to do is to take your cat to the vet to determine whether there is any physical factor underlying this intense stress situation.

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