White Goldendoodle Dog Breed: Traits & Facts


The White Goldendoodle dog breed is a mix of the Poodle and Golden Retriever breed. The White Goldendoodle is considered the newest of the Poodle hybrids. Efforts have been made to develop an intelligent, cute and friendly dog ​​that sheds little, and as a result, this dog has been developed. This breed, also known as Groodle, Doodle, Golden Poos, has attracted people’s attention as a hybrid type dog. It is seen that it is accepted as a design dog and is not among the real dog breeds. White Goldendoodle, which is accepted with its outward appearance, cute ways and character, has lived a harmonious and happy life in the home environment as an ideal family dog.

White Goldendoodle Personality & Character Traits


The White Goldendoodle got its personality and character traits from the Poodle and Golden Retriever dogs it crossed. Just like the Golden Retriever, it has been a breed that is cute, easy to train, friendly, loyal, intelligent, and has hypoallergenic fur that does not shed like the Poodle. The playful, outgoing, self-confident, obedient, family-oriented dog is a high-energy family dog ​​who can become a friend to anyone he meets. Singles, families with children and people living with the elderly are a species that can live in harmony with everyone from seven to seventy.

While White Goldendoodle was being developed, it was aimed to bring together the beloved features of its parents. He is very attached to his family and loved ones. His relations with people are warm from the very first moment. He does not have a rebellious and aggressive approach to strangers, other dogs and pets. Therefore, it is not a very good guard dog. He likes to establish friendships and makes a good playmate. They are likely to misbehave sometimes while playing games. It’s possible for their cuteness to be too spoiled if not restrained. It is known that they do not like to be alone at all. When they are alone for a long time, they feel separation anxiety and may exhibit negative behaviors as a result. The White Goldendoodle dog has won hearts with its many different positive features, which make everyone love their cat, are friendly and have many other positive features.

The White Goldendoodle dog is divided into 3 in itself, with large, small and miniature sizes. Therefore, the living environment should be shaped according to the size of the dog you own. In general, small and large dogs adapt easily to home and apartment life, but may have problems due to the large White Goldendoodle size. Therefore, a large White Goldendoodle will be more comfortable in a house with a garden as a living space. But living in a house with a garden should not mean being alone in a cottage. Staying in the same house with the owner at night will make them feel better and be healthy. It can be difficult for them to adapt to licking outside for extended periods of time and in cold weather. Whether your dog lives in a house with a garden or in an apartment, it definitely needs to exercise during the day so that it can throw off its high energies.

It is not seen that they bark and make a lot of noise. In general, they are docile, indifferent and calm dogs. However, it can be heard that they behave like a Labrador retriever and their voices rise from time to time. Training for such situations will make your life easier if you teach the silent command well. You can also see the Labrador resemblance outside of the bark, with late maturation and shedding feathers. The White Goldendoodle, a hybrid dog, was genetically developed as a mix of its parents. Therefore, it is normal for each Goldendoodle to have some differences as well as similar features.

Thanks to the genes passed from the White Goldendoodle Poodle parents, it will be suitable for people who are allergic to feathers and want to own a pet. As a result of its ‘hypoallergenic non-shedding’ hair, the hair structure does not bother people with sensitivity. However, if you still love a dog with allergies, you should spend time with White Goldendoodle before adopting, see the effect of its fur on you, and decide whether it is suitable or not. In White Goldendoodle dogs, it is possible to see the intelligence of the Poodle and the ease of training of the Golden Retriever. Therefore, it is an easily trainable, adaptable dog. You just have to be careful not to breed them spoiled by your excessive attention just because they are so cute.

white goldendoodle

When well trained, it is seen that they take part in different tasks as search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs, guide dogs, diabetic dogs, police and riot dogs with the effect of their personality and character traits. It’s important to pay attention to their education and development as well, not just keeping them as pets. It should be ensured that high energies are thrown out with the right directions and exercises. Although they are generally harmonious and calm, it is possible for them to become grumpy, shy and aggressive when they are not able to get their energies out. It takes a very short time to learn business ethics, etiquette and implement commands. Therefore, by combining training with exercises, you can ensure that your dog participates with pleasure.

If you are going to adopt a white Goldendoodle puppy, it is not known which parent has more dominant traits, since this breed is a cross between two different dogs. When buying from the breeder, you should be aware that the appearance, temperament and size of the pup cannot be predicted exactly like their parents. In general, with their appearance and behavior, Goldendoodle; It is between two species as a mix of Poodle and Golden Retriever.

One of the smartest dogs in the world, with its energy and enthusiasm, the white Goldendoodle is an excellent friend that appeals to everyone, who can get along well with children, strangers and all pets. It will be an excellent choice for those who will adopt a dog for the first time, due to its care, training and good character traits. The hybrid Goldendoodle, which made a name for itself with its increasing popularity in the 1990s, lives for many years with its family, where it is loved, happy and well cared for.

White Goldendoodle Origin

It will be the most accurate information to transition from the origin of the parents of the white Goldendoodle dog to the historical process. The Golden Retriever was developed in Scotland and the Toy Poodle was developed in Australia as a cross between two dogs, which were accepted in Germany but also claimed to have a connection to France.

The first white Goldendoodle breed was developed by Wally Conron in 1989 at the Royal Australian Guide Dogs Association. Monica Dickens contributions are also mentioned.

The white Goldendoodle was considered the newest of the Poodle dogs as a hybrid. Trials of breeding the dog began in the 1990s after both the Cockapoo and Labradoodle trials. The reason for the development of the white Goldendoodle dog; it was to raise a different dog that shed less hair, was smart, cute, friendly. As a result, he achieved this goal by breeding two dogs, Golden and Poodle breeds, with the features and appearance he wanted.

The white Goldendoodle was developed in Australia and brought to the United States in the mid-1990s. After coming to America, he started to be known more. The white Goldendoodle is a very young breed and many of the puppies are descended from first generation dogs. Although they have gained a lot of popularity, especially in Australia, there is no club opened yet in the name of the race. The fact that it is not accepted as a breed by the AKC, and the lack of a certain breed standard and its inability to reach multiple generations causes the dogs to vary in different sizes and colors. Since there is no breed standard, white Goldendoodle dogs are bred in three different sizes and weights as miniature, small and large, with similar character traits.

white goldendoodle

White Goldendoodle’s popularity began to rise in the 1990s. Their ever-increasing popularity continues with many animal lovers giving them a place in their homes and adopting them. The white Goldendoodle is still in the design breed group and is not counted as a real breed. It is believed that the Doodle dog, which is included in our lives as a hybrid breed, will have higher popularity in the future, based on the interest it has received.

White Goldendoodle Physical Qualities


Their bodies are in three different sizes as miniature, standard and large. Even though there are differences in size, their long, muscular, strong and robust structures are common to all of them. It has a deep and wide chest structure. Their necks can be wide or narrow. In general, the white Goldendoodle dog clearly carries the genes and appearance of the breed that its parents (Golden Retriever and Toy Poodle) predominantly came from.


The round skull is proportional to its body. Jaw structures, long or short, vary depending on which parent’s genes dominate your dog. Their button noses and oval eyes are prominently seen among their dense fur. They have a wide and medium-length muzzle. It is seen that they are properly shaved so that the hair around the eyes does not disturb the dog.


The white Goldendoodle has broad, low and drooping ears. Its ears, like its whole body, have dense fur. The drooping ears on both sides of the head are long enough to reach the nose level. It is possible for the ears to be short as well as long.


The white Goldendoodle dog has prominent, large and oval-shaped eyes located between its fur. She manages to impress people with her brown eyes and cute looks. Since the hairs are dense in the head area will affect the vision, it should be shaved.

Legs and Paws

White Goldendoodle legs and feet are quite strong and muscular. Leg lengths are variable as they come in 3 different sizes. Feathers are seen on the legs as well as throughout the body.


The white Goldendoodle has a tail that runs straight down its back and is usually upright. The most spectacular part of its tail is that it is covered with very dense hairs. Its long, shaggy tail often sways harmoniously in motion.


The white Goldendoodle has fine, soft, shiny, dense, wavy or curly fur. The fur length is very suitable for elongation when not clipped, and its length varies between 4 and 8 cm. It is seen that the hair on the tail, abdomen, ears, legs is longer than the hair on the head and nose area. However, it cannot be thought that the hair on the head and nose area is too short. The structure of its feathers is likened to lamb’s wool. It has a beauty of its own, with hairs ranging from straight to wavy, loose curls hanging down and having a silky texture.


The white Goldendoodle’s fur, which is smooth to wavy, shiny and soft, has different colors. It can be black, copper, white, cream, grey, golden yellow, apricot or red, but the most common color is golden yellow. It is seen that white colors are mostly interspersed between long hairs and take place with color transition. A white Goldendoole’s fur colors can also indicate that one of the two parents often carries inherited genes. For example, the Poodle dog gives the Goldendoodle the colors and tones of black, chocolate, gray and silver. In other words, the color and hue of the Goldendoodle can be measured by the density of inherited genes.

Are White Goldendoodles Hypoallergenic?

The White Goldendoodle has hypoallergenic fur and is suitable for those who are allergic to pet hair. It is enough to comb and brush 1-2 times a week to keep their hair well-groomed and healthy.

Does White Goldendoodle Shed?

white goldendoodle

Since the hair of this breed of dogs is hypoallergenic, there is not much hair loss. They do not pose much of a problem if they are regularly groomed for their feathers. When the hair care of White Goldendoodle dogs is put into a certain routine, they will encounter healthier growing and non-shedding hairs.

For maintenance; As it grows, it will be enough to cut its hair, to comb it continuously, to have a balanced and healthy diet so that it will have bright and resistant hair. Drinking water is also extremely important. Water means everything to a living thing! The more it is consumed, the healthier the bodies will be. It is extremely important to proceed under the control of a veterinarian. Otherwise, you may have to continue with the processes that do not work.

An important event is the cleaning of the food bowl. The more clean bowls, the more delicious food and, finally, the healthy White Goldendoodle!

How Much Do White Goldendoodles Weight?

Body integrity and appearance is an extremely important issue for White Goldendoodle dogs. They usually attract attention thanks to this integrity. Although their body structure looks delicate, they are quite strong. It gets this strength thanks to the muscle tissues behind the thin bone structures.

Ideal height and weight values ​​were determined by veterinarians. In general, a healthy White Goldendoodle ranges in size from 33-51 cm. Their weight is the lowest 6 kg and the highest value can be up to 19 kg.

At the same time, these weight values ​​vary according to the training they receive and the total energy they spend daily. A dog that is more active than normal will automatically lose weight. For this reason, height and weight follow-up is carried out in regular veterinary checks.

White Goldendoodle Care

White Goldendoodle owners have their dogs shaved at regular intervals to keep their fur short. If you keep their hair short and trim, combing and brushing only once a week will suffice. Whether you have short or long fur, you should always do the combing and brushing to keep it well-groomed. You do not need to bathe your dog very often. When your dog gets dirty, it is best for their health to wash them when necessary. When washed too often, the beneficial oil and moisture that keep its fur and skin healthy is lost.

Although it is stated that its fur will not bother allergy sufferers in general, before adopting a White Goldendoodle, you should try to spend a lot of time with this breed of dog to see if its fur triggers your allergies. As a result, making the final decision will be the best for both you and the dog you intend to adopt.

In addition to fur care, ear, nail and mouth care should also be done. Ears and nails should be checked weekly. Their ears should be cleaned and their nails trimmed, depending on the state of contamination. Teeth should be brushed two or three times a week for oral health. In general, you can ensure that your White Goldendoodle, which you take care of, leads a healthy and happy life.

White Goldendoodle Nutrition – How should White Goldendoodles be fed?

White Goldendoodle should be fed high quality dry food and veterinarian approved household foods for healthy growth and development. If you are considering giving home meals, you should give foods that are suitable for dogs to consume, and you should definitely not give prohibited foods. Be careful not to feed it only with home-cooked food. Since home meals will not meet the daily calorie intake, it should definitely be fed with dry and wet food support. When they are not fed enough, you can see that not only their health, but also their feathers are adversely affected.

white goldendoodles

You should feed it with high quality dog ​​foods from brands such as Royal Canin, Proplan, Acana, Hills, N&D, Gimcat, Brit, Purina, Felix, Brit Care. In order to choose the appropriate food, you should pay attention to your dog’s age, breed and allergen status. According to the content information, the food you receive should be sufficient for the development of your dog and for the daily nutritional needs.

After choosing the appropriate food, you can divide 1 to 3 scoops of high quality dry food into meals to meet your dog’s daily needs. You can adjust the size according to your dog’s size and activity. You should adjust your diet by paying attention to the daily calories. When you have questions about your dog’s diet, plan and weight, you can get information by consulting the veterinarian.

White Goldendoodle Exercise

The White Goldendoodle is a dog with medium energy. In order to throw this energy, it is necessary to exercise both physically and mentally during the day. You can do 60-minute activities or walks of 2.5 to 3 kilometers to meet your daily exercise needs. When their need for exercise is not met, they can exhibit grumpy, aggressive and destructive behaviors. That’s why you should take care to meet your exercise needs.

White Goldendoodle loves walking, playing in the garden and swimming. The White Goldendoodle’s walking at a moderate pace both meets his exercise needs and allows him to spend productive time with his owner. In addition, if you add swimming to the exercises of these water-loving dogs, you will make them very happy.

White Goldendoodle Health

White Goldendoodle is a generally healthy dog ​​breed. However, some genetic disorders are also possible. Knowing what these health problems might be will help you recognize the symptoms and find solutions in possible situations.

They may experience eye diseases such as hip dysplasia, ear infection (in those with long ears), Patella Luxation, Elbow Dysplasia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Allergies, Hypothyroidism, and cataracts. They are susceptible to these health problems, which also affect their parents, Golden Retrievers and Poddles. However, since the White Goldendoodle is a mixed hybrid breed, they are less likely to suffer from these health problems than their parents.

In addition to genetic disorders, it is very important for their health to exercise regularly and pay attention to their nutrition. In addition to these, routine care such as hair care, ear, eye, nose, nail, mouth and dental care should be completed without neglecting them. Both physical and internal care is very important for a healthy life. When you deem it necessary, do not neglect to get information by consulting your veterinarian for different observations in terms of their health.

Frequently Asked Questions About White Goldendoodle

How long is the white goldendoodle life span?

The life expectancy of a healthy, well-maintained Goldendoodle varies between 10-15 years.

How tall does a white Goldendoodle grow, how many kilos should it weigh?

The white Goldendoodle breed has a wide average height as there is no breed standard and their heights vary. White Goldendoodle dogs are divided into three as miniature, small standard and large standard. The average height of both female and male dogs is 33-61 cm, and their weight is between 6-41 kg.

Height and weight vary according to the breed of dogs with which they are crossed. For example:

Miniature Goldendoodle dog; It is formed as a result of crossing a miniature or toy Poodle and a Golden Retriever breed, and its length is between 33- 51 cm and its weight is between 6-19 kg.
Small Standard Goldendoodle dog; height 43 – 51 cm, weight 18 – 23 kg.
Large Standard Goldendoodle dog; height 51 – 61 cm, weight 23 – 41 kg.

Does the White White Goldendoodle shed a lot?

The White Goldendoodle dog breed is known to not shed much. With weekly combing and brushing, it is possible to reduce and control the hair loss. If you have a short-haired dog that shaves regularly, you may also find that they shed less than the dense, long-haired white Goldendoodle.

What does White Goldendoodle eat?

Goldendoodle is a dog breed that should be fed with high quality dog food. You can feed them with dog foods such as Royal Canin, Proplan, Acana, Hills, N&D, Gimcat, Brit, Purina, Felix, Brit Care to meet their daily nutritional needs. You should make sure that the food you give is suitable for your dog and pay attention to the portions.

Does White Goldendoodle eat home cooked food?

Yes, they can eat home cooked food. However, it is necessary to pay attention to what they eat, not to eat too fatty and cooked bones. Therefore, it should be ensured that dogs eat dog food that is suitable for consumption, and if necessary, information should be obtained from the veterinarian about suitable household foods. It is not suitable to be fed only with home cooking. Therefore, by calculating the daily calorie amount, high-quality ready-made dog foods should be consumed apart from home meals. Dog foods such as Royal Canin, Proplan, Acana, Hills, N&D, Gimcat, Brit, Purina, Felix, Brit Care are recommended.

When does a white goldendoodle mate?

The ideal time for the dog to mate is after the 18th month, when it completes 1.5 years of age. Early mating will adversely affect the health of both the mother and the offspring. For more precise information, you can get information from the veterinarian who follows your dog’s development.

Is White Goldendoodle difficult to care for?

White Goldendoodle feathers are not difficult to care for due to the non-allergic and non-shedding oil. They shed less and when they are combed regularly, shedding becomes more controllable. In addition, dog owners are seen to have their fur shaved to both look beautiful and reduce dense hair. If you shave regularly, that means your dog will need less grooming. It can relieve you one more step of care. The need for shaving is done at certain intervals, not very often. You don’t need to take a bath very often. In all these respects, it is among the dogs that are easy to take care of and do not cause any difficulties to its owner with its physical care.

White Goldendoodle, which is among the dogs that are easy to care for, lives in harmony with its owner with its ease of training and intelligence. Therefore, we can easily say that the Goldendoodle is a harmonious, cute and perfect friend that even people who will have a dog for the first time can easily look after and train.

How many puppies does a White Goldendoodle give birth to?

A healthy female White Goldendoodle is seen giving birth to between 3 and 10 puppies in a single birth. However, this number is highly variable. While the number of puppies may be high as a result of the genes of the Golden Retriever breed being heavy, the number of puppies may be low if the genes of the Toy Poodle are heavy. Likewise, the height of the female Goldendoodle giving birth is also important. Therefore, it is possible to see differences in the number of offspring to be born. In terms of their health, it is recommended that they give birth under veterinary control in order to have a beautiful birth.

What are the White Goldendoodle colors?

White Goldendoodle’s fur, which is smooth to wavy, shiny and soft, has different colors. It can be black, copper, white, cream, grey, golden yellow, apricot or red, but the most common color is golden yellow. It is seen that the white colors are mostly interspersed between the long hairs and take place with the color transition.

A Goldendoole’s fur colors can also indicate that one of the two parents often carries inherited genes. For example, the Poodle dog gives the White Goldendoodle the colors and tones of black, chocolate, gray and silver. So the color and hue of the Goldendoodle can be measured by the density of hereditary genes.

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