White Cat Breeds

No cat in the world is exactly the same. In addition to their characteristic features, which are the subject of this difference, they are also related to their external appearance such as the color of their fur. White cat breeds are also distinguished from many other cats by their unique characteristics that make them one of a kind.

White cats, which are attracted by many cat lovers with their charming and elegant appearance, are cat breeds that can be adopted as an ideal pet. There are many white cat breeds in the world, from Devon Rex and Scottish Fold cats to Turkish Ankara cats. Although many people who own white cats think that their cat is a rare true white cat, it is actually due to the gene that causes a lack of melanin pigmentation, which gives their coat and eyes their color.

Of all the general cat population in the world, as little as 5% make up the white cat breed class. This ratio stands out for most white cat lovers as a very small number to have when compared to their surprising temperament, different characteristics and quirks.

If you are about to adopt a cat for the first time and you want to choose a white-haired cat, you can take a look at the white cats in our list. You can take a look at the characteristics of white cats, examine their body structures in detail, and read practical information about their care, education and health.