When Do Kittens Eyes Change Color?

When Do Kittens Eyes Change Color?

Cat’s eye color has caught our attention. When do kittens eyes change color?? Or does it change? We touched on this topic in today’s article.

Do cats’ eye color change? It is one of the most frequently asked questions about cats. Cats have a magnificent eye structure and color unlike many other creatures. This aesthetically awe-inspiring situation inevitably leads us to search for information about the eye color of cats. There are many beautiful features in cats that attract us, and the eyes are one of them. Cats’ eyes and eye colors have an aesthetic that many painters find difficult to explain. We have given detailed information about these fascinating features of cats.

Characteristics of Cats Eye Color

When Do Kittens Eyes Change Color?

Before talking about the change in cat’s eye color, let’s talk about the characteristics of cats’ eye color in general: the area around the cat pupil is called the “iris”. The iris layer consists of two layers, the epithelium and the stroma. These layers contain pigment-producing cells called melanocytes. While these pigment cells are more common in the epithelium, they are less common in the stroma.

The pigment produced by melanocytes in the iris around the pupils of cats is called “melanin”. Melanin plays a role in many important tasks, from the color of the cat’s fur to what the eye color will be. Accordingly, the more melanin in the iris of cats, the darker the eye color of cats. This darkness is mostly copper and dark colors such as black are not in the eyes of the cat.

Blue-Eyed Cats Don’t Have Melanin

We have said that the determination of the eye color of cats is due to the density of melanin in their iris. Whether the cat’s eye color is light or dark is related to the density of this melanin. As such, how is this situation in cats with green and blue eyes? question may arise. Cats with blue or green eyes do not have pigment cells. Since its eyes are round, the light is refracted from the surface, creating a blue color.

When do Kittens Eyes Change Color?

When will the eye color of cats be determined? Let’s try to answer this question. When cats are born, their eyes are primarily blue. This is because kittens’ melonists aren’t working yet. As the kittens begin to grow, their eye colors will begin to appear in real terms. Cat’s eye color change is related to this development of kittens. When kittens are between 4 and 6 weeks old, their eye colors also begin to slowly appear. By the time they are 4 months of age, their eye color fits cats perfectly.

When Do Kittens’ Eye Color Be Determined?

When Do Kittens Eyes Change Color?

When will the eye color of kittens be determined? We have included the answer to the question in our article. As we said, when kittens are first born, their eye color is not clear. As they begin to grow and become fully grown, their eye colors emerge in detail.

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