What Smells Do Cats Hate? – 14 Smells


Living with cats is so much fun. Every day we say hello to a different adventure and leave good memories behind. We learn a lot about them every day. Experiencing by living supports the most effective way for knowledge to take place in our minds. However, since our pawed friends cannot speak, we need to reach some information by doing research. These include scents that cats dislike. It is quite surprising to learn that there are many scents that cats with very strong abilities do not like.

Smells that cats dislike are also sometimes needed to keep their safety and health under control. For example; We can use scents to make an area safe for our cat where there are dangers. Because of their great sensitivity, scents are one of the effective ways to keep cats away from danger. Of course, it is a very important detail that we prefer fragrances that are not harmful to them. Otherwise, we may endanger their health while trying to control their safety.

What smells do cats dislike?

From the moment we accept cats as part of our family, we do not only assume their responsibilities. We also need to give importance to everything he likes or dislikes. In order for them to lead a healthy and happy life, we need to think and practice everything so that they are happy, as well as their important needs such as nutrition, care and so on. There are also scents that cats don’t like. We would like to point out that cats do not like certain smells because they are harmful to them. Smells easily give them the signal of harmful substances.



Citrus scents are awful for cats. A pawed friend does not easily find a place next to households who eat oranges during the winter months. They wait for the oranges to leave the environment. Citrus fruits are also not suitable for the diet of cats. They can cause irritation to the digestive systems. Although citrus varieties are very beneficial for cats, we do not think that they will approach any of them moderately. It is stated that some pawed owners spray citrus scents on certain areas and items to prevent their cats from doing things they don’t like. For example; For cats scratching furniture, they spray citrus scents on sofas or furniture. But oils made from citrus fruits are harmful to cats. Therefore, you must be careful. Touching or approaching fruits such as oranges will not harm them. It is only necessary to pay attention to the oils produced from them.


Gardeners take a boost from lavender to keep certain animals out of their gardens. Although cats do not harm gardens, they do not like the smell of lavender. However, we do not recommend using lavender scent to prevent your cat from reaching certain areas. Lavender is toxic to cats. It can cause discomfort such as nausea, vomiting and depression.


Like lavender, geranium is among the scents that cats do not like. It is also harmful to cats. If accidentally swallowed, it can cause problems such as excessive salivation, anorexia and dermatitis.


Cats can eat bananas. They also love the taste. However, we cannot say the same for its smell. Most cats avoid this fruit because of its banana smell. When you mix the banana with other fruits and give it, it will accept it.

Mustard and curry

Mustard is also suitable food for cats, like bananas. However, cats do not like the smell of mustard at all. The mustard sauce that flavors our burgers and various dishes is not tasty at all for our paw friends. They may gag when they smell it. Curry has the same odor as mustard for cats.


Cinnamon is non-toxic to cats. However, like the other spice types we mentioned, cats do not like the smell of cinnamon. For cats who love to be guests through the kitchen window, we recommend that they try the cinnamon scent. They can put cinnamon sticks on the windowsill. They can also add lemon to it. Those who want to be completely sure should try white vinegar. Because it is the most effective solution.

Hot pepper

The smell of hot pepper is not known to many people. Because we know and recognize hot pepper as a taste. However, they are bitter thanks to the substance called capsaicin in them. Cats do not like this substance. Already hot pepper can cause harm to cats. Tiny

Spoiled fish

Our friends, who are almost crazy about fish, stay away even if they smell the smell of spoiled fish from far away. They change their course to another place and continue on their way. Therefore, if there is fish on the menu, instead of throwing away the inedible parts of the fish that are suitable for cats, we should invite the cats to eat them. Because discarded fish mixes with other wastes. Cats also do not eat them for this reason.

Toilet smell

Cats are very meticulous creatures. Therefore, they make their needs in cat litter. Cat litter is odorless and is cleaned daily by cat owners. Otherwise, dirty toilet containers are not used. Cats may have to urinate in different places as a protest.


Cats absolutely hate the smell of pine. For this reason, those who use different and natural products instead of cat litter should pay attention to pine wood pieces. Some stray cats take their toilet needs to the gardens. Of course, this situation is not pleasant for the building occupants. Every time they pass through the garden, they have to encounter bad smells. However, thanks to pine trees, it is possible to drive cats away from gardens.

Mint and eucalyptus

Mint is also among the scents that cats do not like. Also, mint is harmful to cats. For this reason, we need to keep mint foods and products such as peppermint oil away from our pawed friends as much as possible. We do not recommend using mint to keep cats away. So does the eucalyptus.

Full trash can

A full litter box is pretty bad for cats. Our pawed friends, who have a very good sense of smell, can smell odors better than us. Therefore, their sensitivities are different from ours. Cat keepers should keep their trash cans on the balcony.

White vinegar

White vinegar is not harmful to cats. However, they don’t like it so much that we can change its name to cat kidnapper. Those who don’t like cats that live downstairs and intrude pour white vinegar into parts of their home. They also do their cleaning with white vinegar. However, we recommend that cat owners use a different cleaning agent. Because cats do not like this smell, they may try to escape outside. Cats run away from home, and it may even be because of the smell. How surprising, right?


Coffee has an important place for us. It enchants us with its scent. However, the same is not true for cats. They neither like the sound of grinding coffee nor the smell. Because caffeine is a harmful substance for them. A cat who consumes caffeine can get sick in a short time.

Why are scents important to cats?

Cats use their sense of smell to search for food, detect danger, find mates, and communicate with each other. In addition, thanks to the gases that mix with the air from various products, it helps them to distinguish the foods that are harmful to them. Thus, they stay away from poisonous foods.

Cats give importance to meeting their needs rather than the taste of the food put in front of them. They can understand this through their sense of taste and smell.

Having reached the mating time, female cats find a mate and become a home owner thanks to the pheromones scattering around. In addition to these, they smell all living things and look for a familiar smell. When they smell a person, they can tell if they have any living things.

Cats are predators. That’s why he has instincts. It is the sense organs that move the instincts. They can hear and smell very well. They hear sounds we can’t hear and smells we can’t.

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