Is Washing a Cat Harmful? How to Wash a Cat?


Is Washing a Cat Harmful? How to Wash a Cat?

The question “Is it harmful to wash a cat?” is a question that divides many people in the middle. Today, many animal lovers and cat owners; While they think that cats should be washed, some argue that cats should not be washed. Another curious question is “How to wash a cat?” We will present the answers to these questions with scientific basis. In this way, you can end the question marks that will remain in your mind and protect your cats healthier.


The answer to the question “Is it necessary to wash a cat?”; ”What’s up. “Is it harmful to wash a cat? The answer to the question ” may vary depending on the condition, situation and necessity. In other words, a cat that has been treated and has a foreign substance in its body should be washed. In addition, in some treatment methods, it may be necessary for the veterinarian to bathe the cats with medication. However, it is unnecessary to wash the cat with a weekly – monthly routine without any problems. So, when should the cat be bathed? If you are wondering, the following answers will appear:

  • In case of observed cat skin diseases such as eczema and fungus, which are very important, the cat should be washed. Of course, this washing process should be carried out under the supervision of the veterinarian. Also, the cat should not be washed with shampoo. Washing is carried out with a special drug given by the veterinarian. Products containing very chemical substances such as soap and shampoo that you will use in the ordinary; may cause a new skin condition in your cat. Therefore, veterinary observation and guidance is essential.
  • In case of any harmful substance or chemical substance meeting the cat, the cat should be washed. As it is known, cats are quite active in some periods. By entering the bathroom, they may spill bleach on them or come into contact with a chemical substance. In case of such a situation; the cat will try to clear this substance with its own language. However, it should be known that such chemical substances; In case of licking by cats, it can cause very serious health problems. Therefore, the skin of the cat should be cleaned without wasting time. In such cases; In order to prevent serious diseases that may occur in the cat, you need to wash your cat.
  • If your cat is in a situation where it cannot clean itself, you need to clean it. For example, a cat with a digestive system disorder is very likely to have diarrhea. In such cases, the cat will not be in the energy and potential to clean itself. That’s why you need to clean your cat quickly.

NOTE: One of the biggest mistakes known among the public is the knowledge that “if the cat gets lice, it should be washed”. This information is completely untrue and wrong. You don’t clean a cat with fleas by washing it. A cat with fleas should be checked by a veterinarian and the treatment method should be followed according to the situation. Otherwise, you may cause your cat to be more stressed by washing it. In other cases, avoid washing your cat as much as you can. In other words, if you think that the only method is to wash and you do not have any alternative solution, then resort to washing. Do not forget that you can clean your cat with wipes specially produced for cats.


Why shouldn’t cats be bathed?

With the information we shared with you above, we shared the information in which situations the cat should be washed and in which situations it should not be washed. Another curious question is “Why don’t cats bathe?” We come across this question quite often nowadays. The answer to the question is very simple; “The cat does not need to be bathed.” If this answer did not satisfy you completely, let’s elaborate a little more. There is a misconception about cats and all animals in general. He thinks that the lives, needs and necessities of humans and animals are common. In other words, a person must wash regularly, we agree on his knowledge. Someone who has this idea thinks that “cats should also be washed regularly”. This information is wrong. Every animal, every living thing; has formed by changing its needs, requirements and care in the evolutionary process. In other words, the needs of every living thing are different, not every living thing has human needs. And it is useless to think of it that way. If you have this information, you can provide a much healthier process management about pets.

So, why don’t cats bathe? One of the miraculous features of cats is that they can clean themselves with their own tongues. Observe your cat’s tongue, it has a prickly tongue. You can see a flawless structuring in the evolutionary process. In addition, the antiseptic liquid on the tongue of cats is very important in this cleaning. In natural life, it is sufficient to clean them with their tongues. However, in the ‘modern world’, that is, in our lives, their language can sometimes be dysfunctional. Because chemicals and many diseases are among the damages that human beings cause to the world. In natural life, there are no many discomforts and chemicals.

How cats should be washed is also a very important detail. If you have complied with the conditions mentioned above and there is nothing you can do but bathe the cat, you should bathe your cat. How to wash the cat in this case? You must know the answer to the question very well. In case you wash your cat incorrectly; You can hurt it, make it stressful, and cause health problems. That is why you need to wash it quite carefully and know how to wash the cat. In general, the points to be considered while bathing the cat are as follows:

  • Protect yourself

Anyone who has washed a cat before knows how difficult it is to wash a cat. Cats are indeed quite aggressive in some situations. This aggression can cause wounds in some cases. Even while you are preparing the environment to wash your cat, the cat will understand that it will be washed. If he understands this, it is inevitable that he will become aggressive. That’s why we recommend wearing plastic gloves. We also recommend that you do not wear short-sleeved tops or shorts. Your top and bottom should be as thick as possible; You can disable the attacks from the cat.

  • The Place To Wash The Cat

You don’t need a bath or tub to bathe your cat. Cats are already small creatures. Such large areas are quite suitable to increase the tension and stress of the cat. Fill the bathroom sink halfway with water and place your cat inside. The cat will probably anticipate that it will be immersed in water. And there will be stress, it will run away from you or attack you. Therefore, there is a possibility that putting toys in the sink may distract the cat. However, for a immersed cat, this probability is very low.

  • Water Degree

Make sure the water temperature is lukewarm for cats. The water should be moderately warm. If it’s cold or hot, your cat will inevitably become the most aggressive and attack the person who washes it.

  • First Water Contact

There is no doubt that your cat’s first contact with water will be very stressful for you as well. Do not try to bring your cat into contact with water all of a sudden. Slowly pour water over them. Pour water on their torso, legs. Never pour water on your cat’s face. Even if you literally put the water in, you should not spill water on their face, eyes or ears. If it must be washed, try to clean it with wet cloths.

  • Cat Shampoo

Although the slogan of cat shampoos is “cat friendly”, provide minimal shampoo contact with your cat. Using as little as you can will benefit your cat. If you use too much, your cat’s eyes are likely to burn.

  • The bath should be kept short

Try to keep the cat bath as short as you can. Otherwise, it is inevitable that your cat will distance himself from you.

  • Rinse

It is useful to pay attention to the fact that the towel is completely dry during the rinsing process. You need to make sure that your cat is completely dry, otherwise it may get sick. You can also use the hair dryer by keeping it far away from the body and keeping the temperature to a minimum.

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