Toy Poodle Breed: Everything You Need to Know


The Toy Poodle represents an intelligent and active breed with its elegant body. Also known as Poodle, Barbone, Caniche. The Poodle breed is divided into three categories as standard, toy and miniature dogs. It is the Toy Poodle (poodle) breed, which we will include in detail in this article. The Toy Poodle breed is a noble and elegant looking dog with square proportions. They move in short steps, usually springing slightly. The breed is said to have a history of working hounds, and their athletic body traits come from their ancestors. It has water resistant, curly and dense hairs. Poodles have a distinctive proud and elegant stance, which adds a different air to them.

Personality & Character Traits

The Toy Poodle, which is among the small breed dogs, is called “Toy Poodle”. This breed, which is friendly, cute and playful, is quite smart. They easily adapt to their environment with their behavior that wants to please their owner, their sensitive state and their obedient nature. Their quick wit and eagerness to please their owners make their training easier and speed up their learning time.

With his cute ways, he attracts attention in a short time wherever he goes and becomes one of the most loved members of the family he enters. It is a loyal and loyal breed to its owners. They are sensitive, have high instincts and strong feelings. Being with family members and receiving attention from them makes them happy. They don’t like to be alone at all. When they are alone, they may worry about abandonment and exhibit negative behaviors and bark attacks. He is highly devoted to his loved ones in his relationships and may even be jealous of family members against strangers. Foreigners are shy at first. Frequent arrivals of strangers can disturb the Toy Poodle breed. Spending time alone with their family is more important to them.

In the early stage, the training you will give when you are a puppy is very important. Because they are so intelligent, they learn pretty quickly, good or bad. If you spoil the Toy Poodle breed and do not pay attention to its training, it sees itself as the alpha dog. By adopting a dominant character, they exhibit dominant-character behaviors that will change their upside-down balance at home. Train him so that he is not spoiled and does not acquire bad habits. Teach them what the behavior of a good dog should be. Show who is in charge, that you are the leader, and that he is not leading the pack, so that he is not a dominant alpha dog. During this entire training process, remember that it is a sensitive breed and strictly avoid punishment methods. They are affected by the smallest punishments and their accustomed order can be disrupted.

When they are well trained, it is seen that they adapt to their environment without any problems. They can live in the apartment, they do not show the tendency to bark except in certain situations and they do not cause much disturbance to the environment. It is seen that Toy Poodle, who is trained in barking, senses danger and does not engage in barking attacks except when they are alone at home for a long time. This is a generalization because some The Poodle breeds are also known to bark quite a lot. Therefore, it is possible to say that character traits tend to bark, but this can be overcome with early training.

It is a lively and active breed. They need exercise to get their energies out. It is observed that the Toy Poodle who does not exercise regularly has a tense temperament, while those who exercise regularly have a calmer temperament. Even if they are shy towards strangers, this shyness does not affect their social activities and socialization. Toy Poodle is very happy to meet and spend time with different people and animals in different environments he enters whenever he wants. They get along very well with children and show a loving approach to them.

Toy Poodle History

Although the Poodle breed is thought to be related to France, its ancestors are thought to be curly-haired dogs that came from Central Asia and were distributed to various parts of Europe. For the modern Poodle breed, it is stated that they were born in Germany, but gained their own unique characteristics in France. In addition, there are those who state that the Poodle breed was formed and emerged thanks to the crossbreeding of Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Hungarian and Russian water dogs. The Poodle, also called the Poodle, is a breed developed to hunt waterfowl. After all the rumors about its origin, Germany was accepted as the first place where the breed was bred. The name of the dog comes from the German word pudel. This word means to “splash” into a puddle or water, reflecting the water abilities of dogs. The first and most distinctive feature of the breed is that it emerged as a duck hunter.

The Poodle is a very ancient breed. Poodle-like images can be seen on Ancient Egyptian and Roman artworks and tombs from the first centuries. On the drawings and sculptures determined to belong to the Ancient Egyptian and Roman period, the appearance of dogs resembling Poodles while bringing their prey is found.

The Standard Poodle began its development as a water dog over 400 years ago. With its curly coat that can protect against weather conditions, swimming ability and superior intelligence, the Standard Poodle emerged as a magnificent hunting dog. The later developed Toy and Miniature Poodle varieties were classified as non-sporting dog breeds. With the Standard Poodles these were separated in terms of traits.

Although it is stated that the Miniature and Toy Poodle (toy) breed emerged shortly after the Standard Poodle, it is said by breeders that it began to be bred after 1400 to please the Parisian bourgeoisie. Miniature and Toy Poodle; It was formed as a result of crossbreeding of small Poodle breed dogs with each other. Not by crossing this breed with smaller breeds. The French used the Standard Poodle breed to hunt ducks due to their large size, and the Miniature Poodle breed dogs were used to search for truffles due to their medium size. The smallest stature, Toy Poodle, was also a companion to the upper class, nobles and merchants. During the Renaissance, many noblemen carried Toy Poodles with them under their arms.

Because the Poodle breed is intelligent and easy to train, it served as a military dog ​​or guide dog. He also worked as a circus dog. While Poodle was working in the circus, his acting side worked very well and he learned and applied various tricks in a short time. He was dressed in costume and his feathers were cut in different ways. In a way, these dogs were exhibited to people who came to the circus. Rich people who came to watch the shows also liked their visual stance and hair cut, so they applied this to their own dogs. This is how the Poodle breed stepped into visual changes such as the trimming, trimming, and dyeing of their feathers. In the late 1800s, the Poodle was recognized as an official breed by national clubs and gained popularity. It continues to be popular today. This breed, which attracts attention all over the world, is very popular in France and has been accepted as the national dog of France.

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Toy Poodle Physical Qualities


The Toy Poodle has a square-proportioned, muscular, agile and athletic body. He is a figure of cuteness with a round face, button nose and almond eyes. It has a straight and level body shape, except that the back level is low just behind the shoulders. The hip area is round, the feet are compact, small and oval in shape. With its curly and dense feathers, the Poodle can appear in many different colors and with its unique sweetness. Toy Poodle ideal height is between 25 – 38 cm and ideal weight is between 2-6 kg.


The head region has a triangular appearance. It has a long chin. It has large, low and drooping large ears. The naming of the Toy Poodle has been a naming just for them with its cuteness in appearance. The Toy Poodle breed has a longer and button-shaped nose compared to other breeds. They have a strong sense of smell. It is also seen that their owners do not shave around the nose to hide the long nose appearance. Different shaving models are applied to clarify the facial features of the Toy Poodle breed, which has dense hair in the head area. In the summer season, it is seen that the head area is trimmed and shaved extra for relaxation.


The Toy Poodle has large, pendulous ears. It has a very cute appearance with its low ears combined with the dense hair on its body. It is seen that the ears are proportionally on both sides of the head and are aligned with the nose area. Depending on the haircut, their ears can be quite prominent, but it can also be seen that the ears lose their clarity when the neck hair is not trimmed too much.


It has a sweet appearance with almond eyes among its curly hairs. Their oval-shaped eyes are brown and amber in color. Dark amber eyes can be seen in Poodles with brown fur, and amber eyes can be seen in those with apricot-colored fur. However, dark eyes are characteristic for this breed.

Legs and Feet

Despite its small size, the Toy Poodle has long legs. This leg structure gives the appearance of walking by springing while walking. Its long legs are athletic and agile. It is a remarkable breed with its proportional body and elegant appearance in all respects.


It has a short tail that often stands upright with its curly plumage plush appearance. Like its body, its tail is also hairy.


Toy Poodle fur is single-layered, thick, long and dense. With its curly coat, the Poodle can have and style different fur styles. It is observed that their hair grows very quickly. Due to their dense and dense hair, they need professional care. As the Toy Poodle grows, its soft, wavy fur becomes curled and thick. It takes 18 months to change from puppy fur to adult fur. When it reaches 1.5 years old, it regains its adult fur. As long as you brush the dog’s head and neck daily, hair loss remains at a minimum level.


You can see the curly hair of the Poodle breed in many colors. Apricot color can come in many colors such as black, brown, cream, gray, silver, white, silver beige, blue and red. The feathers of Toy Poodle, which are more beautiful than the other, are shaped by applying different cuts, and their beautiful colors and tones become more evident.

Toy Poodle has a flamboyant and eye-catching fur. This breed, which attracts people’s attention and love, sheds very little. When the hair is shed, it sticks to the hairs on its body, not around, and does not fall to the ground much. For this reason, loose and dead hairs can cause matting. We teach you to brush and comb the dense hairy parts every other day, that is, 3 times a week. It is sufficient to brush the parts with few hairs 1-2 times a week. During this process, you should choose the brushes that are suitable for their body. You can also do small daily scans with gloves. You can also tell the matting of your dog’s hair by the dulling of its color. Because if their hairs fall out and start to gather near their roots, their color becomes dull and this color tone indicates that matting has started. As a result, you may need to have it shaved.

If you want a showy and densely haired Poodle, you may have to spend a lot of effort and money in maintenance. Although there is little hair care with little shedding, professional care is required to have a cool coat. The cut style of the fur requires extra effort. If you cannot do this, you should go to the relevant places for professional care every 3-6 weeks. Even if you learn to shave yourself, it will make your life financially easier. However, it will take a long time and effort. When you decide to do the shaving yourself, there are various tools that you can get. You can provide the same care at home by buying them for your dog. You can trim your dog’s hair from time to time. This way it can become easier to maintain. Long and short haired Toy Poodle dogs are seen depending on the owner’s preference.

One of the most beautiful features of this breed is that its feathers do not smell and have an anti-allergic structure. Its non-smell hairs also minimize the need for bathing and make it easier to care for the bathroom. However, it is recommended to take a bath 1-2 times a month.

For dental care and oral health, you should brush your teeth with a suitable toothbrush twice a week. Otherwise, you may experience bad breath and gum disease. You can do nail care 1-2 times a month depending on how long it grows. Your weekly grooming routine should include nail, nose, eye, ear and paw control. You should regularly monitor whether there is a wound or difference in their bodies and take them to the vet when necessary.

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Toy Poodle Nutrition

The Toy Poodle should be fed a high quality vet approved food. Your dog’s age, height, and activity level determine the amount of food he should eat daily. The Poodle breed is in a different size and weight range, so the food table we will give in general will be different for 3 breeds. However, you need to avoid giving too much food for any breed of dog to live a healthy life. Reward food, home meals you give because you can’t eat can negatively affect their health in the future. There are certain brands that veterinarians recommend for high quality, vitamin and protein foods:

Toy Poodle Exercises

Poodle dogs are a breed that needs regular exercise because they are active and active. In general, they easily adapt to apartment and site life. However, he should go for a walk and walk during the day. Otherwise, they may exhibit restless behaviors in the home environment because they cannot throw their energy away. On days when you can’t go out, you can create an area to play in the home environment, buy toys and make it active by doing 30 or 45 minutes of activity at home with it. The Toy Poodle is a playful breed and eagerly participates in all kinds of games and activities.

For The Poodle, swimming is a great exercise in getting into and playing in the water. Being trained as hunting dogs enabled them to use their body and mind effectively. For this reason, they are enthusiastic about activities such as catching and returning toys. By buying toys that will attract the attention of The Poodle, you can ensure that they have fun and exercise.

This race, which needs a lot of interaction with people, is very happy to be with family members. The walking and jogging activities you will do together give them great pleasure. Daily 1.5-2.5 km walks meet his exercise needs.

Toy Poodle Education

Poodle breed dogs are famous for being very smart. This has made their training easier. They exhibit obedient behavior and obey. However, the most distinctive feature of these dogs is that they can learn good things quickly as well as bad things at the same speed. Therefore, the steps to be taken in the education process are important. If the training is not given well and they are bred to be spoiled, these dogs will try to become a leader at home. You have to take matters into your own hands without letting them take on the alpha role.

First of all, you should give your dog basic obedience, toilet and space protection training. As long as these initial trainings are given at an early stage, you will have a more well-behaved dog. Toy Poodle, a race that is people-oriented and keen to please its owner; approaches and cares about their education with enthusiasm. If the trainer does not apply a hard and punishment-oriented training, you will have a very productive, fun and fast time together. It is very important that you follow a patient and consistent path throughout the training process.

Toy Poodle Health

The Poodle breed can live a long and happy life with good nutrition, regular grooming and routine health checkups. However, from time to time, health problems occur in all dog breeds. Knowing what these problems might be is important for early diagnosis. Possible ailments of the Poodle breed: health problems such as hip dysplasia, eye disorders, epilepsy, idiopathic, sebaceous adenitis, von Willebrand disease and immune system can occur. It is possible to prevent or treat these diseases early with routine controls.

There are two orthopedic problems, Legg-Calve-Perthes and luxating patella, which are more likely to be seen in Toy(toy) and Miniature Poodle than Standards. Standard Poodles are also at greater risk for volvulus (bloating), sebaceous adenitis and gastric dilatation diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions About Toy Poodle Dog Breed

How big would a Toy Poodle get?
  • Standard Poodle sizes range from 45-60 cm.
  • Miniature Poodle sizes range from 28-45 inches.
  • Poodle toy sizes vary in the range of 24-28 cm.
What breeds make a Toy Poodle?

Let's look at how the origin story of Poodles, the most popular breed of the period, became so indispensable. Although the first production place of the Poodle breed was Germany, the production of the Toy Poodle type started in France. Its name is derived from pudel, meaning puddle, referring to its ability to leap in water with the advantage of its long legs. Since its long legs provide the ability to move easily in the water, it has been found very successful in duck hunting in France and is known with the name “chien canard”. Their standard size has been used in many roles as a guard dog, military services, wagon pulling, guide dog, and as a circus performer. Its fur has been shaved so that it can swim comfortably, and its chest part is left hairy to help it swim. This haircut attracted the attention of French women and started to appear on the streets of France with this haircut. After being favored by the French aristocracy, it became the national dog of France. At the end of the 19th century, Toy Poodle show dogs emerged with the production of toy sizes. Although the popularity of the Toy Poodle in the United States waned in the late 1920s, it has quickly regained its popularity today, when toy sizes are highly preferred.

Are toy poodles easy dogs?

Being an intelligent breed, the Poodle breed has a balanced attitude towards new people. It is known as a curious breed with a high tendency to meet, as long as it does not see any opposite situation from the other side, for example, unless it takes a toy, interferes with its food or does not have a harsh attitude towards its owner. This breed, which does not show an aggressive attitude towards other dogs and pets, may occasionally bark. If basic training is not given, the Poodle breed, which is a dog breed that is open to being pampered and loves to read its own way, is an easy breed to train, so it is essential to start training when he enters the house. Having an athletic physique, the Toy Poodle loves to move, unlike other toy-sized dogs, and has a constant desire to play. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to spare time for the dog daily and take this energy on it. In this way, it will remain in a calm structure.

Do toy poodles have a lot of health problems?

Some of the most popular dog breeds are bred with different sizes of the Poodle breed, as it collects many good features that people who will adopt a dog look for. Some of these traits are shedding, being the second most intelligent breed, and its fur being hypoallergenic. The fact that it has a hypoallergenic type structure means that people who are allergic to feathers can take care of it at home.
Popular breeds such as Labrador, Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, Cavalier King Charles, Terrier Maltese have their own problems. Hybrid breeds are produced by mating this type of dogs with Poodle types. The Poodle breed has the characteristic of carrying its physical and characteristic features to its offspring dominantly. Hybrid breeds formed by cross-matching both carry the good aspects of the Poodle breed and incorporate the physical appearances of popular dog breeds. Maltipoo, Goldendoodle, Labrador doodle are a few of these hybrid breeds.

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