Sphynx Cat Breed – Everything You Need to Know


Sphynx cats are the only cat breeds that are hairless. Sphynx cats, which are very attached to their owners and show a lot of closeness, first appeared in and around Canada. For this reason, they are also called the Canadian Sphynx . Named after Greek mythology, this hairless cat breed has large eyes and a slender tail. Although they may seem intimidating by most in terms of their appearance, they are very warm and affectionate cats.

HEIGHT8-10 inches
WEIGHT6-14 pounds
LIFE SPAN9-15 years
GOOD WITHchildren, seniors, dogs, cats, families
TEMPERAMENTsociable affectionate bold
COLORSchocolate / brown / sable cinnamon lavender / silver fawn blue / gray black / ebony cream / beige / tan lilac white red / orange
PATTERNSbi-color solid tabby calico / tri-color color point
OTHER TRAITSeasy to train easy to groom friendly toward other pets friendly toward strangers friendly toward humans tolerates being alone high potential for weight gain good lap cat tolerates being picked up

Personality & Character Traits

Sphynx cats, which are the only cat breeds among the felines that do not have hair, are a very loyal and harmonious cat breed in terms of their characteristics. These cats, which are full of affection compared to other cat breeds, are also very close and sincere to the guests who come to the house. Friendly Sphynxes get along well not only with humans but also with their own kind and other animals. Communication with other animals is a behavior that triggers joy in the home environment. And it is one of the rare cats that often shows it. Being a very delicate species, Sphynxes are friendly as well as level-headed. In terms of these features, it is easy to get along with other animals and they behave in harmony and distance without hurting the opposite species. Although Sphynxes usually want their own cage or nest, they also prefer to spend time and sleep with their owners.

Sphynxes are athletic and very playful cats. These cats, which are energetic and curious at the same time, start to climb to high places in the house and move quickly when they do not receive enough attention. They tend to show this behavior when they are indifferent. By doing this, they try to attract the attention of the household and expect attention from them. Sphynxes, who are crazy about attention, get along very well with children, even love children and enjoy socializing with them.

Sphynx cats, a highly intelligent cat breed, are one of the cat breeds with the highest trainability level. In terms of being intelligent and having good relations with all living things, they manage to attract attention in any environment they are in. Their good relations with people have also led the Sphynx to scientific research, and in the researches, the Sphynx type cats have been used in the therapy of people dealing with psychological problems and it has been observed that these people have a positive effect. Sphynxes are among the cat species recommended by psychologists in terms of these features.

As with all cats, Sphynx cats also have a very successful side in balancing. These cats, which easily establish and maintain their balance, can walk comfortably on door tops and shelves or in narrow spaces. If you see a Sphynx in tight spaces or on shelves, you can go on with your life by remembering that they have perfect balance without panicking. Sphynx cats, who are very good climbers besides their perfect balance, love to climb anywhere. Sphynxes, who do not have the habits of purring and scratching, fortunately do not harm household items either.

These cats are very attached to their owners, they want to share everything with them and spend most of the day together. For this reason, Sphynx cats are not suitable for people with a busy work schedule. Sphynxes are mostly recommended to be looked after by people who work from home, have a normal work pace and have a large family.

Sphynx History

Sphynxes are a breed of cat that first appeared by chance in Toronto, Canada. No genetic mutation has been found in Sphynxes , on the contrary, it is a species that emerged by mutating naturally. There are claims that he was born from a black cat. Sphynxes, born hairless and with a different body structure, were mated over time by cat enthusiasts and attempted to reproduce, and even help from scientists was received in this process. Thus, Sphynxes began to be seen not only in the provinces of Canada, but also in all other states, especially the Minnesota state of the USA. With the breeding and reproduction of the Sphynx cat, which has very little hair on its body, different types of hairless cats began to form.

The genetic structures of the Sphynx breed cats with the hairless feature, which is a recessive gene, were investigated. Thus, during the mating periods, this recessive gene was coded to be dominant and the continuity of this species was ensured. Sphynxes are a special breed of cat recognized by the “Cat Enthusiasts Association” and the “International Cat Association”. Sphynx cats are a unique breed of cat that fall into the group of common cat breeds.

Sphynx cats are also known as “Egyptian cats” in the African continent and some other countries. Sphynxes are also called “Pharaoh’s cat” in this geography. Sphynxes got this name because of their tough temperament and hairless body. Contrary to their appearance, these cats, which are quite docile and fond of their owners, are quite vulnerable to the cold. Therefore, they are very sensitive creatures about their care. Therefore, Sphynxes are a type of cat that should be well looked after.

Physical Qualities


Sphynxes are medium sized cats like normal cats. The only difference is that they have no feathers. Sphynx cats, which have a muscular body, also have a hard skin texture. They have broad and round breasts and a rounded abdomen. The hind tail parts are round and muscular. The back lines are prominent, the shoulder blades are high and compatible with the legs.


Sphynxes are one of the cats with distinctive facial features as a head structure. Their necks are of medium length and have a muscular and arched structure. Sphynxes with prominent cheekbones have prominent mustaches. It has a mustache structure that looks like a square. They have a rounded head with their heads straight from the front of their ears. Their noses are straight and slightly arched.


Sphynxes have large ears, unlike other cat breeds. The ears of Sphynx cats, which have large ears, are of the type that can be called prominent ears when viewed from the front. Its ears are wide at the base and open and erect. Their ears, which start almost at eye level, are quite large and large compared to their faces. Since the insides of the ears are open and hairless, they are not hairy.


Sphynx cats’ eyes are of a type that can be said to be large compared to their faces. They have an eye structure resembling a lemon shape. The eyes, which are wide in the middle, extend to the side. The eyes, which are in line with the outer base of the ear, are angled upwards. The eyes are positioned one eye distance from each other.

Legs and Feet

The legs of the Sphynx breed cats are proportional to their bodies and are of medium size. Legs and feet, which have a solid appearance, have a muscular structure. The hind legs of Sphynxes are longer than their front legs. Their feet, that is, their paws, are in a knotty structure and oval. Sphynxes with thick paws look like they are walking on a cushion when walking.


In terms of being a hairless cat with the Sphynx, all its limbs appear to be quite long. Their tails, which are proportional to their body length, are also long. Tail structures, which are thin and flexible, are very important for their balance. Their tails resemble a whip. The ends of their thin tails are tapered like the tip of a whip.


Sphynxes are the only hairless cat among other cat breeds. These cats, which have a hairless body, have small and short hairs on the outside of their ears and tail. The rest of the body is completely hairless. These cats, which are completely hairless, also do not have whiskers. Sphynxes with whiskers have short and sparse whiskers.


Sphynx cats do not have hair. However, although they do not have feathers, their skin color may differ. There are even patterned Sphynxes . They can have colors such as tan, gray or earth tones. They are usually bicolored.

Sphynx Care

It is recommended to feed Sphynxes with high protein foods, especially when they are puppies. Grain-free foods are recommended, and it is also recommended to give wet food in between. However, because wet foods are more delicious than dry foods, they should not be consumed too much. It can also be given to the cat by mixing wet and dry food. In terms of oral and dental health, it is more recommended to prefer dry food. The food given should not be changed. Digestive problems may occur if different foods are given each time. If the food is to be changed, the new food should be started by adding a little bit to the regularly used food and getting the cat used to it. Another point that is as important as food is water. The water should be renewed daily and fresh water should be given. Care should be taken to give rested water and not to give tap water.

Sphynxes Education

Sphynxes are a more intelligent cat breed than other cats. Therefore, they are more prone to training. Easy-learning Sphynxes are adaptable and easily grasp the commands given with their fondness for their owners. As in all cat breeds, the earlier the training is started in the Sphynx breed, the more efficient and positive results will be obtained. Care should be taken that there are no items that will distract the cat during training. There is a television in the environment and if it is on, it must be turned off. You can give a food reward after the correct commands during the training. Mama will make the training more meaningful when you give the award-winning training before the meal. It is also recommended that owners use a soft and confident tone of voice during training.

Sphynx Health

As with all cat breeds, it is very important to get vaccinated for Sphynx cats. Especially when they are puppies, Sphynx cats, which are open and sensitive to all diseases, need to be vaccinated regularly. Due to their hairless structure, they often experience heating problems. Especially in the winter months, care should be taken not to stay in the cold. Otherwise, it may cause health problems. In winter, the interior of the house should be 20-25 degrees. If necessary, clothes can also be put on so that they do not get cold. In addition to all these, attention should be paid to their cleanliness. Some Sphynx cats do not have the habit of licking themselves clean. Although they are hairless, they may have oily skin due to nutrition. Therefore, they have to lick their skin. The habit of licking itself should be given to the kitten from the very beginning.

Best Cat Type That Can Get Along With Humans: Sphynx Cat

Sphinxes, who have a curious and energetic character, start to climb to high places in the environment and tend to fast tours when they are not interested.

This behavior, which can also be called mischief, is actually a reflection of the Sphynx cats’ desire to attract attention in the environment.

Being a social cat, the Sphynx can also have a good time with other animals in the house. He even behaves very mercifully towards animals that play with him and want to spend time.

Sphynx Cat Communication with Children and Dogs

Social cats are always preferred more by families. Because conscious parents are aware that children in the developmental period should have good communication with animals.

Sphinxes have a communication that will fully meet this request of families. Sphinxes are also very suitable for families, especially those who have cat-friendly dogs in their home.

Sphinxes, who give all their warmth to people who are kind and gentle, like attention very much, just like children. Together with other creatures in the house, they prepare the ground for a very warm family atmosphere.

Sphinxes, who are much warmer towards children, can participate in home life as a family member.

Sphynx cats, who like to play games, make athletic movements and socialize, have therefore been introduced to the literature as a very suitable species for living with children.

How Many Years Does the Sphynx Cat Live?

Their eyes are larger than those of other cats, and their lifespan varies between 13 and 15 years on average.

Sphynx Cat Weight

Sphynx Cat weight; It varies between 3.5 kilograms and 7 kilograms. Healthy Sphinxes are also called therapy cats because of their excellent relationship with humans.

Are sphynx cats hypoallergenic?

Although the Sphinx cat, which is a hairless cat breed, sometimes causes allergic reactions with its saliva and urine, it can still be considered among the hypoallergenic cats.

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