What Do Cat Sleeping Poses Say About Your Cat?

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Sleeping cat poses can tell a lot about your cat. You can find out if your cat is happy or sad with sleeping cat poses.

8 Cat Sleeping Poses and Meanings

Every cat parent should be knowledgeable about cat sleeping patterns and their meanings. Even though these friends sleep sweetly, they give us various messages in some positions. In order to understand these messages, it is necessary to know the sleep patterns and their meanings very well. In fact, sometimes their diseases can lie in a different way even at times. That is why it is necessary to know them very well. However, this information is important not only for detecting their illness, but also for understanding their mood. So you can easily understand what mood your cat is in.

Side Lying

It is one of the most preferred sleeping positions of cats. Most cats prefer to sleep in this position. When they sleep in this way, they show that they feel safe. In addition, they show that they are very satisfied with the temperature and sound of the environment they are in. It is a form of lying that indicates that they are not in any anxiety. It doesn’t bother them if their bellies are exposed when lying on their side. They use this position when they are in a place that suits them in every way. Almost every happy and well-groomed cat loves to fall asleep like this.

Supine (Open Belly) Lying

It is the position where your cat sleeps in the most different and at the same time sweetest way. They reveal a different image by lying with their belly open. It is a sleeping style preferred by house cats. It is not possible to see a stray cat sleeping like this. Because the organs of these friends are in the abdomen. And they do not reveal these areas to protect themselves from outside dangers. If your cat trusts you too much and loves you a lot, he will sleep like this. It is a form of lying that means “I Trust You”.

Curled Lie

The curled up sleeping position is a sleeping position that you can see in both house cats and stray cats. They prefer to hide their bellies when they sleep this way. They also sleep with their tails wrapped around their bodies. Thus, they indicate that they have secured vital organs. They also maintain their body temperature. Sleeping in this state is inherited from the ancestors of cats. It is a position that no cat can give up. Therefore, it is indispensable for almost every cat. Especially on cold days, they love to fall asleep like this. Because keeping their temperature is very important to them.

Laying Eyes Half Open

Did you know that cats sleep with their eyes half open just like humans? This situation, which may seem strange to you when you first see it, is actually quite normal for cats. When they sleep like this, sometimes a funny and sometimes frightening image can occur. There is no specific sleep pattern for these creatures. They prefer to sleep only when they want to rest themselves. When they lie with their eyes half open, they are conscious. So even if they look like they’re asleep, they can hear you and the sounds around them. They are also sensitive to certain movements.

Stretching Lying

Cats can sometimes feel like superman. They know very well how to show this with their sleeping positions. Stretching lying down is just an example of this situation. They show they are safe by stretching their paws back and forth. They are sure that no harm will come to them in the environment they are in. Therefore, when they prefer to be comfortable, they lie down stretched. Comfort and trust are extremely important to these creatures. If they think they are in danger, they immediately change positions.

Lying in a Sitting Position

This is the way cats prefer to lie down when they are nervous. When they lie down like this, you need to understand that they are nervous about something. They are both anxious and restless. Even if they are in these negative situations, they lie like this because they want to rest. But it is up to you to put them at ease. First of all, you need to determine why they are so worried. You must then find the source of the unrest. If you eliminate these situations, they can get rid of anxiety. It’s up to you for them to sleep safely and comfortably. If you do not give them this opportunity, they may start to feel unhappy about staying in the same house.

Sphinx Position

In this position, cats rest their chests on their paws. They usually prefer this when they want to sleep for a short time. They are in the sphinx position unless there is a situation that requires them to be on the alert. This indicates that they feel safe. They lie like this because they don’t think about taking a long nap. They sleep this way because they aim to gather energy in a short time. In addition, they sleep like this if the weather is too hot or too cold. Because this is the position that makes their bodies the most bulky.

Prone Position

The prone position is also called the loaf of bread position. Sleeping this way is very comfortable for them. They create a different image by hiding their paws and tails under their bodies. It is easier for them to warm themselves when they lie down like this. That’s why it’s a sedentary that they usually prefer more during the winter months. Cats don’t just use this position when they want to sleep.

They also use it when they want to sit down. However, it is not a preferred condition for long-term sleep. Because of their nature, they cannot stay like this for a long time. Cats are one of the most different creatures you will ever see. Because every move has a different message. In order to get along well with them, it is necessary to know such movements well.

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