Siamese Cat Breed: Everything You Need to Know


Siamese Cat: Size, Characteristics & Personality

The Siamese cat is a noble cat breed that was fed in divine temples in Siam, known as Thailand, and spread to the world from this region. The Siamese cat got its name from the region where it originated. Its Thai name is Wichien Maat. The increase in awareness of the breed, which has a deep-rooted history, begins with the King of Siam gifting a cat of this breed to Owen Gould, the British Consul General, in 1884. Later, Siamese Cats were produced and distributed to the world by being taken to America and European countries.

HEIGHT8-10 inches
WEIGHT6-14 pounds
LIFE SPAN15-20 years
GOOD WITHchildren, seniors, dogs, cats, families
TEMPERAMENTsociable affectionate bold
COLORSchocolate / brown / sable cinnamon lavender / silver fawn blue / gray black / ebony cream / beige / tan lilac white
PATTERNScolor point
OTHER TRAITShypoallergenic easy to train easy to groom friendly toward humans highly territorial high potential for weight gain good for first-time pet owners strong loyalty tendencies good lap cat tolerates being picked up

General characteristics of the Siamese cat

  • Also known as the most intelligent of cat breeds, Siamese cats especially love to communicate verbally with their owners.
  • They have a stubborn character.
  • They are very attached to their homes and do not like changes in space.
  • Since their hunting instincts are developed, even if they eat a lot, they stay fit because they are athletic.
  • They have an emotional nature.

Personality & Character Traits of Siamese Cats

Siamese cats have a thin but muscular build. It is also an extremely agile breed of cat. Male Siamese cats have a larger body size than females. Although they do not have any dominant features, they have an extremely ideal physical structure compared to average cats.

Mentally, they are among the intelligent species. It is known that the face, ears, tail and paw parts are darker than the other parts of the body. It should also be noted that their color darkens with age.

Siamese cats are quite talkative in terms of their personalities. They are extremely good at communicating their desires to people and getting their owners to serve them the way they want. Especially when they want to play games, they can express this very nicely. If you talk to them, you will find that you get a response as if they were answering you. It is quite possible for you to notice his intelligence with this behavior. These cat breeds, which have a high level of intelligence, are also very affectionate.

If you are a family with children, then you can be sure that these cats will get along very well with them. Your kids won’t be afraid of them, although their howling sounds may sound a bit irritating. Because with their player structures and cute moves, they will soon garner sympathy.

Although the Siamese cat is ideal as a family cat, it can easily be harmed by younger children. Especially considering that Siamese cats are also very playful and affectionate, they can easily be hurt by small children. For this reason, it is useful to teach your children how to behave with these cats from the very beginning.

Living with Siamese cats is a bit like living with Hyperactive children. They are extremely active, curious, and constantly follow you, attracting your attention. However, the fact that their tones are a little thicker than other cats can be a feature that you may find strange until you get used to them.

Among the games you can play with this cat breed, there is also horse-fetch. Just like a dog, they have the ability and understanding to keep you company. For this reason, you can be sure that you will be amazed by their intelligence.

Siamese cats have a character that can get along well not only with people, but also with other animals. You will find them very entertaining as they are extremely social. If you are thinking of having more than one animal in your home, having a Siamese cat will make your job much easier.

Although the Siamese cat breeds are affectionate and playful, you should know that they are just as stubborn. If they want your attention, if they want to play games with you, they will surely convince you. Therefore, it should be noted that this breed is not at all suitable for people who want calm and serenity. However, if you live alone and want a movement in your home, you can guess that this breed of cat will be the best option for you.

This cat breed is also very emotional. No matter what happens, they avoid harming their loved ones, the people and other living things they live in the same house. Unlike many other ferocious cat breeds, these breeds can form friendships with humans in a very short time. These species, which were guards in temples in ancient times, instinctively protect their loved ones and the place they are in. They take on a protective role, just like a dog, next to their owner.

Siamese Cat Origin

The date of their first appearance outside of Thailand is known with certainty. A pair of Siamese cats was first brought to England in 1884 by a person named Owen Gould. Then, 11 more Siamese cats were brought to England, where a Siamese cat generation began to be maintained.

siamese cat

Physical Qualities


If we examine the Siamese cats in terms of their body structures; We can say that they have a medium size. They have a long and elegant appearance. They are thin-boned and also have a muscular, tight form. Their bodies are tubular. The hips of this species, which even have a tight abdomen, are not wider than their shoulders. Their stances always contain a nobility.

Siamese Cat Weight

The average weight of Siamese cats varies between 3 and 6 kilograms. However, it has also been observed that some Siamese cats have a weight of 10 kilograms.


The heads of these cats are an appropriate size for their body. It is never too big or small. The distance between the two eyes is not less than the size of an eye. When the whiskers of these cats are straightened, the underlying bone structures become evident. The skull is flat. When viewed from the side profile, the faces of Siamese cats are seen as a straight line from the top of their head to the tip of their nose. In other words, the nose and forehead have an uninterrupted appearance.


It can be said that the ears of these cat breeds are much larger than the standard compared to their heads. In addition, their ears are pointed upwards in a pointed structure. At the base, it spreads over a very large surface. The inner part of their ears has a clear and clean appearance. The back is a dark color like the middle of the face. It would not be wrong to say that they have a unique hearing ability.


Siamese cats, which have bright medium-sized eyes, can easily show their affection with these eyes. Their eyes are almond shaped. The color of his eyes is a very vibrant, deep blue color. In addition to being in a suitable ratio between the two eyes, the position of their eyes on their faces also has an extremely suitable ratio.

Legs and Paws

The leg types of these cats are extremely thin and long, just like their bodies. It should also be noted that their hind legs are longer than their front legs. Siamese cats, which have a very suitable leg structure for their bodies, thus achieve great agility and a unique mobility. Its claws are small and oval in shape and have an extremely elegant appearance. It has 5 toes on its front paws and 4 on its hind paws.


Their tail, which is an ideal length compared to their body, has a thin structure like every other limb. It can be said that they have a longer tail than standard cats. At the hip part, their tails are of a certain thickness and become thinner as they move towards the tip. They owe their excellent balance ability to these powerful tails. The appearance of their tails is also hard and muscular.


Siamese cats always have short hair. For this reason, they do not have a disturbing effect in cases of shedding. At the same time, these short hairs are extremely thin. When you love them, you will realize that they are very soft thanks to their fine hair structure. These feathers also have a very shiny appearance. This supports them to always look clean and impressive.


The colors of Siamese cats are usually brown and cream. Brown and its shades close to black; ears, face, tail and paws. The slightly upper part of their paws is also in a light brown shade. All other body parts consist of a light cream color. It is known that as you get older, the light parts also darken. The color of his eyes is blue as stated.

Relationship of Siamese Cat with Children and Other Pets

The Siamese cat is a very strong hunter with an ancestral instinct. This feature makes him energetic and playful. He’s pretty darn close.

From the moment it is adopted, it becomes friendly with the household. He is careful not to use his nails and does not bite. These are the characteristics that make the Siamese cat recognized as noble.

The Siamese Cat is very emotional due to its character. If it is not given enough attention, it should not be owned. It is a cat that can go into depression and get angry. It also reassures families with small children.

Siamese Are Social Cats

Siamese cats are highly intelligent and can successfully classify people or animals they come across. Recognize family members; They can understand whether a baby or child they meet is part of their family, and when they realize this, they can take over their protection. They always have time to devote to all members of the family, but they are attached to one of them in a separate way. If there are different pets in the family, they can approach them with all their affection.

Hair Color Isn’t Only Determined By Genetic Factors

Genetic factors do have an effect on coat colours, yes. However, it is also known that Siamese is another factor that determines their feather color. Siamese cats, which have completely white hair at birth, have brown parts in their fur after four weeks. At this stage, there are tonal differences in their brown feathers in line with the temperature in the environment they live in. The brown hair of Siamese puppies living in warm environments is lighter, while those living in cold climates are darker.

They Can’t See Well In The Dark

It is generally true that cats have very good night vision. Things change a bit when it comes to Siamese cats, this generalization loses its validity. Siamese cats cannot master all the details when it is dark. The main reason for this is the pigment that causes the blue eye color associated with them. In addition, their eyes lack a layer of tissue called the tapetum lucidum.

Siamese Cats Grooming

The diet of Siamese cat breeds can be studied in the natural environment and in the home environment. They like to feed on mice in the natural environment. Their agile and mobile structures are also very suitable for catching mice. In the home environment, we can talk about the types of food that Siamese cats will love very much. Again, special foods that contain the nutritional values ​​of mice can be preferred for Siamese cats. Siamese cats are fed 2-3 times a day from birth to the first 6 months. An adult Siamese cat is fed twice a day. In order for your cat to develop quickly and in a healthy way, it is of great importance that you give your cat a quality and amount of food suitable for its weight and age. It should not be forgotten that they can lose calories very quickly, especially when they are at the age of puppies and young people, as they will be extremely active.

Siamese Cats Training

Training Siamese cats is extremely important. Especially if you consider that it is difficult to contain them, you can understand that the subject of education should not be interrupted.

You can’t expect cats to understand punishment. That’s why it’s so important to encourage good behavior. In this regard, the following three rules should be kept in mind:

  • Respect
  • Reinforcement
  • Prize

First you have to earn their respect. It is very important that you behave in a way that the cat understands that it is a friend. For this, you need to avoid the following three disturbing movements that are common in cats;

  • Stare at them
  • Making sudden movements
  • Making sudden noises

All three situations equally bother cats.

In the next step, reinforcement, you will have to explicitly say “no” when they do things you don’t like. Then, giving him a reward for every good behavior will also form an important part of his education.

Siamese Cats Health

Siamese cats have a very healthy physique due to their active and agile nature. However, a good diet is also effective on their health. Siamese cats live an average of 15 to 20 years. The most important factor in their longevity will be to ensure that they do not gain too much weight. Every day movement is essential for Siamese cats to live a healthy and long life. The Siamese cat breed, which is already very active in this regard, does not have any problems with exercising. In addition, since they love sleep very much, it is possible to rest well and gather energy. They can easily fall asleep in almost any comfortable place. This also has a positive effect on their health.

Siamese Cat Price

If you are considering adopting a Siamese cat, you should know that the average cost of this cat breed is $500. But keep in mind that the price may increase depending on the pedigree.

Note: We are completely against buying animals for money. If you want a pet, get one from a shelter or close acquaintances.

Frequently Asked Questions About Siamese Cats

Can Siamese Cats Be Trained?

This colorful friend, who easily learns such training as toilet training and not going to the dinner table, is not very keen on taking commands like every cat. But he reacts to his name, he does the commands he likes for game purposes because he wants it.

Is Siamese Cat Easy to Care?

The Siamese cat is easy to care for due to its short and dense hair. It is sufficient to scan once a week. Because he is interested and emotional, he wants to be cared for and played with. While playing games, he does not use his nails, especially against the household. It will be enough to cut their nails every 2 weeks. It is important in terms of hygiene that the cat litter is preferred as it remains dry. Sand cleaning every other day will keep unwanted odors away. Proline silica cat litter traps the liquid in a few minutes with its specially developed formula. One pack goes for 1 month for an adult cat. Since it is made of natural silica sand, it is not harmful to cats.

What Does a Siamese Cat Like?

Siamese cats generally like to play because they are loyal and playful cats. Being with someone gives them pleasure. They communicate vocally and meowing is an activity they enjoy.

They are also known as a vocal breed. They communicate quickly with both humans and other animals. Among the things they enjoy, there is always attention and love in the first place.

Are Siamese Cats Difficult to Care and Clean?

Siamese cats are actually quite easy to care for. The most important issue to be considered in their care is their nutrition. When they are fed with a quality food that meets their needs, they can live a long and enjoyable life. It is also very important that they are fed with kitten food during the kitten period. At, you can find many different types of cat food specific to breeds and kittens, and you can order easily! Siamese cats like to eat, play and sleep at the same time every day. These cute friends of ours, who look a lot like humans, have their own routines. As with all other pets, you can prevent serious health problems by having regular veterinary checks and vaccinations.

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