Selkirk Rex Cat Breed – Everything You Need to Know


Selkirk Rex, a cat breed famous for its curly hair, arouses admiration with its hairball-like appearance. Their hair, which is as soft as it is curly, is almost addictive to people. Selkirk Rex, which is a very popular cat breed all over the world with its devotion and affection to people, adapts to home conditions in a short time with their high intelligence and becomes a great housemate.

HEIGHT9-11 inches
WEIGHT6–16 pounds
LIFE SPAN15–20 years
GOOD WITHchildren seniors dogs cats families
TEMPERAMENTsociable, affectionate
COAT LENGTHshort, long
COLORSchocolate / brown / sable cinnamon lavender / silver fawn blue / gray black / ebony cream / beige / tan lilac white red / orange
PATTERNSbi-color color point
OTHER TRAITSeasy to train easy to groom friendly toward other pets friendly toward strangers friendly toward humans tolerates being alone high potential for weight gain good lap cat tolerates being picked up

Personality and Character

Selkirk Rex, which has an extremely affectionate and friendly personality, can easily adapt to any conditions. A sociable and gentle cat, the Selkirk Rex gets along very well with households, children, guests and even other pets. For this reason, it is very reasonable for families with children to prefer this breed to adopt. A fully human-oriented cat, the Selkirk Rex remains loyal and loving to people throughout their lives.

Being overly loving can be overwhelming at times. Because he never wants to leave your side, he wants to sit next to you all the time, and he may even want to sleep with you at night. However, this is not because he wants excessive attention, but because he is social and likes to communicate with people. Selkirk Rex, which is a very entertaining race with its player personality, can entertain you by playing games on its own. He has a great time, especially with children.

Although it is described as a calm cat, this calmness cannot prevent their fun and playful personality. He draws attention with his intelligence, and thus, he immediately grasps the events he is in and easily adapts to the conditions. Loyalty to family members, being on good terms with them, their warm approach to different pets and their immediate warmth to strangers are among the most important reasons for their love.

The Selkirk Rex cat, which is so affectionate, also has some uncompromising character traits. They are very fond of their comfort and never compromise their comfort and order. They like to eat and play at the same time every day. Selkirk Rex, who don’t like having their routines perverted, want private time for themselves. Although they like to spend time with people, they also want time to rest. Selkirk Rex, who are extremely meticulous, cannot tolerate their food and toilet bowls and toys being dirty.

Selkirk Rex, who is extremely gentle and docile to his surroundings, never displays aggressive attitudes. Therefore, there is no harm in being together with children. Being calm and loving games such as fetch and find makes him get along well with children. After playing and getting tired, he wants to go to a corner and rest and does not like to be disturbed while resting. Although he likes to be alone from time to time, staying home alone all day will not do him any good. If you have a busy job and there is no one to take care of it while you work, you should not choose this cat. However, you can take a friend with you as they are good with pets. This friend can be a cat or a dog of another breed. They can be very good friends, especially if you have a pet that they have lived with since they were puppies.

This large-sized cat, which is seen very cute with its curly hair, attracts people’s attention with its personality traits as well as its appearance. Selkirk Rex, which has been recorded as a new cat breed, has been a great friend for people since the day it emerged with both its physical and personality traits.


Origin of Selkirk Rex – History

Considered a new breed compared to other cat breeds, the Selkirk Rex was first born in 1987 in the US state of Montana. For this reason, it is considered to be the homeland of America. One of the kittens born from a normal-haired cat was found to have curly hair. Jeri Newman, a cat breeder in Montana, contributed greatly to the breeding of this cat breed. Newman, who has been working on owning and breeding extraordinary cats for many years, has always enjoyed playing with cat genetics and discovering new breeds.

The curly cat, born in 1987, mentioned above, was left with her mother and siblings at an animal shelter in the state of Wyoming. This cat, which looks like a stuffed plush toy, has caught the attention of some enthusiasts. Knowing that Newman was interested in unusual cat breeds, a friend saw these curly cats and informed Newman. Because he knew only he would deal with this species. It happened just as he thought! The kittens, who fascinated with their cream and white curly hair and green-blue eyes, also attracted Newman’s attention.

The cat, which was approximately 10 months old, was admired for its curly whiskers, furry ears, and hair that looked like it had just been permed. Always wanting attention and attention, Newman named this cat Miss DePesto. When DePesto was 14 months old and reached adulthood, he was taken to his breeder and mated with a Persian Cat. From this mating, 6 offspring were born. 3 of these puppies had curly hair while 3 of them had straight hair. Newman, who studies genetic inheritance, knew that this meant that the curly hair gene was dominant. So for kittens to be curly, only one parent had to have the curly hair gene. However, the fact that the other kittens had straight and long hair also meant that the long right gene was also recessive in the mated mother cat.

Newman named these curly new born puppies Selkirk Rex. Newman said he got the name from the nearby Selkirk mountains, but later admitted that he named the cat after his stepfather. Selkirk Rex went down in history as the only cat breed named after a human. Thus, a new breed of cat entered our lives.

This cat breed, which was first born in 1987, was presented to TIKA’s board of directors in 1990 and was accepted as a new breed and color class. Adopted by the CFA in 1992, the Selkirk Rex was elevated to CFA provisional status on May 1, 1998. It was in the 2000s that it was recognized and accepted by all cat organizations. This American cat, which has recently entered our lives, has taken its place among the well-known and loved cat breeds all over the world in a short time.

Physical Qualities


Selkirk Rex, America’s most famous cat, is in the class of large-bodied cats. The Selkirk Rex, nicknamed the “sheep cat” for its distinctive curly coat, resembles a fluffy toy. Their hair, which is intensely curly until they are 10 months old, straightens afterward. As it grows, it becomes permanently curly again. Selkirk Rex, whose muscular and bone system is highly developed, has an athletic body despite its large size. Its body resembles a rectangle. The back is straight, but there is a slight protrusion to the back. Male cats are both heavier and larger than female cats.


The large Selkirk Rex cat’s head is round and broad, with full cheeks. Their head is large in proportion to their body, and their mouth is quite small compared to their face. Its robust and well-developed chin is in proportion to the rest of the head. Its large eyes are almond or oval shaped. Eye colors can be quite diverse. The tip of the chin, the tip of the nose and the upper lip appear to be at the same level when viewed from the profile. The back of his head, forehead and the middle of his ears are in the shape of a smooth circle. The flawless head structure adds even more cuteness to her already cute look with her curly hairs.


Medium-sized ears, well apart from each other. The ears starting wide from the base and tapering to the tip have a very upright appearance. This look gives him the appearance of being extremely attentive. Selkirk Rex, which has long hair, also has curly hair on its ears. Some even have such dense hair that their ears are tiny among the hairs.


The Selkirk Rex cat’s eyes are huge, just like its body. Their large and round eyes are set at a sufficient distance from each other. Although their eyes are usually round, some may have almond eyes. His eyes, placed with the outer corner slightly higher than the inner corner, give his face a characteristic expression. Eye colors can be green, blue, gold, copper or yellow tones. Eye color has nothing to do with coat color, as in different cat breeds.

Legs and Feet

The large Selkirk Rex cat’s legs have the strength and muscle structure to support its body. Its large-boned legs are of medium length. Unlike most cat breeds, the front legs are slightly longer than the hind legs. It has a thicker appearance than its legs, which are covered with dense curly hairs. Its feet are wide in proportion to its body. Thanks to its rounded feet, it stands firmly on the ground. Toes are five in front and five in back. Just like their body, their densely furry paws give them a cute look.


Having a long tail, the Selkirk Rex’s tail is in direct proportion to its large body. Its tail, which starts thick at the base, tapers slightly towards the tip. Since its tail is covered with dense and long hairs just like its body, the tail tip has a slightly blunt appearance rather than a pointed one. Even the tail structure is not fully understood due to its dense plumage.


Its soft and plump hair stands out with its curly structure. Although the coat of the Selkirk Rex is usually long, short Selkirk Rex cats can also be encountered. Puppies born with dense curly hair at birth begin to straighten slowly when they reach the 16th week. This flattening continues until 8-10 weeks of age. Then, slowly, the hairs begin to curl again. When they reach the age of two, they become completely curly. Curly Selkirk Rex cats have curly whiskers, just like their fur.


The Selkirk Rex cat, which can be seen in all colors genetically, is the most preferred one with white and cream-colored hairs. Although they are likely to have different colors, the colors that can be seen in this cat breed are usually; black, white, tabby, smoke, chocolate, cream and lavender. Regardless of its color, there is always a white color among its layered feathers. Regardless of its color, it can be seen in a variety of color combinations and patterns, as well as being a single color.

Selkirk Rex Care

Selkirk Rex is one of the cat breeds that requires care in nutrition. They are very picky about nutrition and refuse to eat foods they do not like. Since nutritional needs change in periods such as infancy, pregnancy, infertility, and old age, formulas should be preferred accordingly. When choosing food, you should turn to quality ones; The veterinarian should be consulted to ensure proper nutrition.

The large-sized Selkirk Rex cat with a predisposition to obesity should be well taken care of from the moment it is born. The basic condition of being well taken care of is good nutrition. In order to lead a healthy life and protect against cat diseases, it should be fed with the most suitable food. Preferred food must be protein and fiber weighted. Food should always be fresh, and home-made foods should be avoided as much as possible.

Selkirk Rex Education

Although the Selkirk Rex cat breed is a smart and intelligent cat, they may not be very keen on training. The Selkirk Rex, which does not act to upset you with its docile, calm and loyal nature, does not need much training. The basic training that every cat should receive is learned during the first three months of stay with their mothers.

If you want to teach him good games and play together, you can try to teach him games such as throw-hold and bring-take. Thus, you can both spend time with your cat and give him various skills. However, we should also point out that you may have to make a long effort to teach something because they are not willing to teach. It is not necessary to train the Selkirk Rex cat, which is already docile and easily adapts to house rules.

Selkirk Rex Health

Selkirk Rex, a cat breed that emerged as a result of a natural mutation, is a healthy cat breed. However healthy they may be, they can get cat diseases that cats suffer from. At the same time, the rates of hereditary diseases such as polycystic kidney disease and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy are high. These diseases can be prevented to a large extent with regular veterinary checks and consumption of quality food.

Diseases such as hip dysplasia, tooth and gum problems, eyelid inflammation, intestinal and stomach problems, pancreatic inflammation are among the diseases seen in these cats. In order not to catch these diseases, one should act as carefully as possible, mouth and eye care should be done regularly, and the items used should be kept clean. In order to prevent diseases that will develop with infections, routine vaccinations should not be delayed.

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