Ragamuffin Cat – Character, Personality & Other Traits


Ragamuffin cat, one of the cat breeds closest to humans, is known for its docile nature, friendliness and cuteness. Ragamuffin, which has a solid bone structure and a large body, is a monument of sweetness with its huge impressive eyes. Although it is a new breed, this breed is recognized and loved in a short time, increasing its popularity day by day and coming to our homes

ragamuffin cat

Ragamuffin Cat Personality & Character Traits

A lovable, affectionate and people-oriented breed, the Ragamuffin shows extreme affinity towards humans. Although he is not very active, he enjoys playing and spending time with the people he loves. If he adopts you, he will wait for you at home all day and greet you at the doors when you come home in the evening. When you want to take it in your arms, it will be very pleased and will snuggle up to you. Ragamuffin, who has all the good qualities that a cat should have, is far from any tendencies such as doubt, evil and harm. While these features may seem good, they can make them vulnerable to dangers and damage.

Ragamuffin, who is a total attention lover, loves to have fun with his loved ones. Addiction to attention is a need for him, not a want. If he doesn’t get enough attention, he can get sick or even get depressed. Therefore, it is not a suitable cat for everyone. If you live alone and work hard, you should look for another cat. If you want to have fun and play fun games with your cat, Ragamuffin is for you. You will enjoy having fun with it…

It is known by everyone that playful cats are active and energetic cats. However, although Ragamuffin likes to play games, he is not very active. They don’t like jumping, jumping and running all the time. People who know how to play with him can reveal his player personality with the right games. The favorite thing of Ragamuffin, who avoids unnecessary movements, goes where necessary and plays games, is to follow his owner and try to be involved in his work. Not overly talkative, the Ragamuffin will meow gently when needed. These cute cats, who meow from time to time as a show of affection, do not make noise and disturb you.

These docile cats, who are also very successful in training, have the intelligence to train themselves without the help of others. With their docile personality and sharp wit, they can easily adapt to house rules. Cats that scratch sofas, curtains, and carpets as babies learn to scratch their own toys as they get older. One of the trainings to be given to Ragamuffin is leash training. Ragamuffin, who loves to walk outdoors and wants to explore new places, can be dangerous for him to go out alone. It will be very good for him to go for a walk with you on a leash.

Ragamuffin, who also uses his affectionate and friendly personality in communication with children, is one of the cat breeds that gets along best with children. Character traits that bear similarities with children are very effective in getting along well with them. However, how the other child treats him is also effective in establishing a relationship. Children should be told how to behave towards him and it should be ensured that the relationship between them is good. So the house can become more fun.

Ragamuffin, who is not in the hunting cat class, gets along very well with all animals that are not likely to harm him. There is no harm in keeping Ragamuffin in the same place with your animals such as birds, fish and turtles. However, large and aggressive animals should not be in the same environment as they can harm it. Ragamuffin, who does not know how to protect himself, can be harmed by your dog or hunting cat.


Ragamuffin Cat Origin

The Ragamuffin is a cross between a longhaired Cherubim and a Ragdoll cat. Therefore, it has an extremely complex history. Ragamuffin, which was raised by an American cat breeder named Ann Baker, does not date back to ancient times. The history of the Ragamuffin cat is as old as the Ragdoll breed. The first cat of the Ragdoll breed, Josephine, was a semi-wild Turkish Ankara type cat living in California. One of the kittens brought to the world by this cat; It had a white tail, a white nose, and long hair. This cat with a pointed nose and flat feet was called the Cherubim and was considered one of the males of the species.

Other cats wore solid colors or various patterns. These cats were called Ragdolls. It was trademarked in 1971 by its breeder, Ann Baker, and associations bearing his name were formed. The new species, which emerged as a result of new studies, was named Ragamuffin. Various attempts have been made to accept the Ragamuffin as a new species and not a hybrid of the Ragdoll. The Ragamuffin, which is accepted as a new breed by all associations except the Canadian Cat Association (CCA), has become one of the most loved cat breeds today.

Although it is an accepted cat breed, the information pollution about it has caused some confusion. Although there is an undeniable kinship between the Cherubim, Ragdoll and Ragamuffin breeds, there is no clear information about which is the oldest breed. Even cat authorities share different information on this subject. The Cat Fanciers Association of America (CFA) both says that the Ragamuffin breed comes from Cherubim and does not recognize the Cherubim as a cat breed. This issue, which even the cat authorities have difficulty in making a final decision, also causes confusion among cat lovers.

In the light of the information published by the CFA, it can be accepted that Ragamuffin comes from the Ragdoll cat, and the Ragdoll cat comes from the Cherubim. It is estimated that the Cherubim cat emerged from the mating of stray cats. For this reason, the ancestors of Ragamuffin cats cannot be fully reached. Ann Baker’s cat breeding adventure, which began in 1960, goes back to 1994, when the Ragamuffin appeared. The Ragamuffin, which first appeared in the state of California, USA in 1994, is among the popular cats in America and England today.

Although there are many rumors about its origin, today Ragamuffin and Ragdoll cats are recognized by cat authorities, while Cheribum cats are not recognized, which makes the origin of Ragamuffin cats questionable. Although its origin is dubious, this breed, which was adopted in a short time, was officially recognized as a cat breed by the CFA in 2003. He even won a championship in a competition in 2011. Afterwards, he was banned from taking part in the demonstrations due to his resemblance to the Ragdoll breed. The only difference of the Ragamuffin, which is similar to the Ragdoll cat breed in all its features, is its fur and color combinations.


Ragamuffin Cat Physical Characteristics


Ragamuffin has a rectangular body with a broad chest and broad shoulders. The shoulders and hips are usually in line and the same width, although it is not very noticeable due to their long hair. Their wide and open chest gives them a powerful look. Although the flabby skin residue on the abdomen, just like a navel, may make him appear fat, in fact, this is only a characteristic of his unique body.

Ragamuffin Cat Weight

This species, which has a very dense muscular body, varies between 5 and 7 kilos on average.


It has a round head with a broad head and a moderately rounded forehead. Unlike other cats, the head and body do not appear as a whole. It is distinctly separated from its body with its slightly curved neck. The head, which is almost completely round except for the protrusion of the nose, stands out with large and expressive eyes that are well separated from each other.


The Ragamuffin’s medium-sized ears are set in proportion to its head. The ears are quite apart from each other. Ears that bend both outward and forward at a distinct angle have the appearance of falling at any moment. Their ears, which give a nice look to their rounded heads, go well with their characteristic face. They have distinctive hairs inside their ears.


The Ragamuffin’s most impressive feature is undoubtedly his eyes. Large, expressive almond eyes can also be perfectly round. The eyes, which are sufficiently separated from each other, have a slight upward inclination from the outside. Eye colors are usually yellow, turquoise, gold, copper and green. The ones with blue eyes are the most precious ones. Like most cat breeds, eye color has nothing to do with coat color.

Legs and Paws

The legs of the Ragamuffin cat breed are proportional to its body. Densely hairy legs appear thicker than they are. Its medium length legs are densely boned and smooth. The hind legs are longer than the front legs. Wide and rounded claws are very suitable for carrying this large cat. The cat’s weight spreads over its wide paws, giving it a well-balanced appearance.


Its fully feathered tail is long in proportion to its body. The tail, which starts thick at the base, tapers slightly towards the tip. However, the thickness of the tail can be misleading due to the dense feathers. No matter how dense their feathers are, they do not go out of proportion to the body. Its soft, long and thick tail resembles a bottle brush.


Ragamuffin’s fur is neither too long nor too short. Their hair is described as medium length. The texture of their soft, dense and silky hair varies according to the colors. The hair on the neck and outer edge of the face is longer, just like a mane. It hangs down from the top of the head, leaving the shoulders exposed. On the rest of the body, the hair is of medium length and thick.


Ragamuffin cats can have any color and pattern except black and white. Although the black Ragamuffin cat is not very common; A certain amount of white color may be seen on the paws, back, chest or belly. In some cats, the white color may be in the form of a medallion. In some cats, the patterns create symmetry on both sides, but in some cats it is in the form of a spot.


Ragamuffin Cat Care and Nutrition

There is no need to implement a special feeding program for the Ragamuffin cat. However, since the lower abdomen is suitable for lubrication, fatty and high-carbohydrate foods should be avoided. As for all cats, food containing ¼ protein and maximum 1/20 carbohydrate should be preferred for Ragamuffin. Since they are a large breed, foods with high protein value and specially produced for big cats should be preferred.

It should be fed with foods rich in vitamins and minerals in order to meet the adequate vitamin and mineral requirements that it will need during the developmental period, and to ensure that its perfect feathers are maintained at the same time. In order to keep the digestive system comfortable, it should always be fed at the same level and with the same foods, if a change is to be made, it should be spread over time. It is normal for a large cat, Ragamuffin, to need a lot of food, but the dosage of their food should be well adjusted.

Ragamuffin Cat Training

Ragamuffin, one of the intelligent cat breeds, has almost no problems with training. He can even train himself by using his ability to observe without the help of anyone else. He immediately understands everything you say and tries to implement it. He may behave in ways that will surprise you with the tricks he learned on his own. Ragamuffin, who is very successful in catch-and-fetch games, does not need any training for this skill. Commanding him is often enough.

Ragamuffin, who adapts easily to home conditions with his superior intelligence and affectionate personality, quickly learns to scratch his toys instead of scratching carpets, curtains and sofas. One of the important trainings that should be given to Ragamuffin, a breed that likes to go out and explore new places, is leash training. This innocent cat, who is extremely vulnerable and does not know how to protect himself, should go out with you on a leash.

Ragamuffin Cat Health

Ragamuffin is one of the healthy cat breeds. Ragamuffin, who is generally healthy and has no known susceptibility to any genetic disease, can be caught in all common cat diseases. In order to prevent these cat diseases from being caught, care should be taken in feeding and appropriate breeding conditions should be provided.

A big cat, Ragamuffin loves to eat and can always ask for more. However, this situation causes lubrication in the abdominal region and, accordingly, obesity in the Ragamuffin breed, which is not very active. For this, a suitable diet program should be created under veterinary control and this program should be supported by exercise. Care and cleaning should be done regularly against cat diseases caused by bacteria, and routine vaccinations should be done.


Ragamuffin Cat Lifespan

The Ragamuffin cat is not known to carry any hereditary disease. Accordingly, it is considered a very healthy cat breed. In the case of regular nutrition and dietary practices, the average life expectancy of your cat varies between 12 and 16 years.

As in all cat breeds, routine vaccinations are required for the Ragamuffin cat to lead a healthy life. You can have a blood test to prevent allergic reactions to vaccines. In addition, the internal and external parasite vaccinations that you will have the Ragamuffin cat have a serious positive effect on the health of the cat.

Ragamuffin Communication with Children and Pets

The Ragamuffin cat is said to be an ideal house cat for families with children, with its calm and docile personality. This cute friend, who always likes to be on his lap and running around with the children, always prefers to remain kind and affectionate. However, it should not be left alone with younger children. In addition, the Ragamuffin cat, which is said to get along well with other pets, shows a lasting friendship with a cat or dog from childhood.


Does Ragamuffin Cat Shed A Lot?

It can be said that they shed moderately. Due to its long and dense hair, it needs to be combed regularly. If more hair than expected is encountered during combing, the underlying causes must be investigated. Apart from seasonal reasons, psychological reasons and nutritional deficiencies can also cause excessive hair loss.

How to Care for a Ragamuffin Cat?

They have a delicate structure. Maintenance sessions are required several times a week. Nail and ear care is as important as hair care. Regularly once a week, their ears should be wiped with a dry cloth and their nails should be shortened. It will be good to clean your teeth regularly. It has a structure that is prone to tooth and gum diseases.

How Long Is the Pregnancy Period of the Ragamuffin Cat?

A female who has completed a minimum of 1 year of age and has undergone necessary health checks will have reached the appropriate maturity for mating. Care during pregnancy is of great importance. In addition to the general health of the female, whether the male with whom she mates has any infection also affects the number of offspring. She spends an average of 65 days of pregnancy.

How Many Kittens Does a Ragamuffin Cat Have?

A healthy female can give birth to about five offspring at each birth.

How to Feed a Ragamuffin Cat?

Their diet should be kept under control. The lower abdomen is suitable for lubrication. It is a breed that needs interactive exercise as well as play to stay in shape. According to the obesity trend, extra exercises should be done if necessary. Since they are a large breed, dry cat foods produced for large cats with high protein value will be suitable for their feeding. Nutritional plans should be made under veterinary control on a regular basis in order to determine adequate vitamin, nutrient and mineral needs suitable for developmental periods. How much your cat needs to be fed depends on many factors, including its size, age, build and metabolism, as well as exercise.


Does Ragamuffin Cat Like Too Much Love?

What if we thought that we wouldn’t be wrong if we say that these cats are a total ball of love? It is a cat breed that directly shows that it really needs your love. Always pay attention to these cats. He remembers you as his best friend and so on. Don’t forget to let him spend time with you.

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