Munchkin Cat Breed – Information, Personality Traits & Care


The Munchkin cat is a short-legged, long and densely haired dwarf cat. It is characterized by a friendly nature and sweet appearance, which is kind, affectionate, gets along well with children and other animals. They are kept as pets and are among the very popular breeds in Europe.

HEIGHT5-7 inches
WEIGHT6-9 pounds
LIFE SPAN12-15 years
GOOD WITHchildren, seniors, dogs, cats, families
TEMPERAMENTsociable affectionate bold
COLORSwhite black / ebony red / orange blue / gray lavender / silver cream / beige / tan chocolate / brown / sable cinnamon fawn lilac
PATTERNSbi-color solid calico / tri-color tabby color point
VOCALNESSwhen necessary
OTHER TRAITSeasy to train easy to groom friendly toward other pets friendly toward strangers friendly toward humans tolerates being alone high potential for weight gain good lap cat tolerates being picked up
munchkin cat

Munchkin Cat Breed General Characteristics

  • England is their homeland.
  • They are medium sized cats, but look more petite because of their legs. Their average weight is about 4 kilograms.
  • Their feathers can be of any color and pattern.
  • Their feathers differ in each type. Munchkin cats with long to medium hairs are available. Although their hair lengths are different, they are usually densely haired.
  • Their legs are short compared to their bodies. This is the result of genetic mutation.
  • They are very intelligent, curious and careful cats.
  • They are social animals. They get along well with other cats and pets.
  • They are animals that are attached to their owners and habitats.
  • They are quiet cats, they do not meow too much.
  • They are active and playful cats.
  • They are prone to weight gain and genetically predisposed to bone diseases.
  • Their average lifespan is 15 years.

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Munchkin Cat Personality

Munchkin cats are friendly and affectionate. Munchkin cats are inquisitive cats and despite their short legs, they tend to move quickly to pursue anything they’re curious about.

Munchkin cats are extremely energetic, fun-loving, fast and affectionate. Their short legs as a result of a genetic mutation distinctly set them apart from cats of other pedigrees. However, when these distinctive features are combined with the dense fur structure, a very cute and chunky appearance emerges. The Munchkins, who have won the attention and love of many cat lovers with their unique appearance and affectionate temperament, are beyond this difference.

Apart from their short legs, these dwarf cats have gained the appreciation of everyone with their temperament and have been preferred to be fed at home. Because the shortness of their legs did not make them inadequate in terms of intelligence or personality. A friendly and completely people-oriented breed, Munchkins are loyal to their owners. However, they get along well with other cats and dogs in the same household. They also love to play with long-legged cats that differ from themselves in physical appearance. These differences do not make them insecure next to other long-legged cats, on the contrary, they take the role of a cat with high play activity. In addition, long-legged cats do not show an aggressive behavior to Munchkins due to these differences. To tell the truth, there are only people who prejudice them because of their short legs.

munchkin cat

Another piece of information that we think may be surprising about Munchkins is that they are very good hunters. They can usually grab small, shiny objects around the house and save them for later play. As master hunters, Munchkins love rat-like game balls with catmint and can play with it for a long time. They are active, friendly cats that get along well with children and other pets as well as play. They maintain this temperament until they become an adult cat. When Munchkins stop playing and running around with their toys, they love to spend time with their household. Therefore, Munchkins are social, intelligent and self-confident cats that love to spend time with people.

Munchkin Cat Origin

The Munchkins are descended from England in the 1930s. After the Second World War, the cat population in Europe disappeared. Munchkin cats only appeared again in 1983.

Looking at the history of Munchkin cats, it is possible to understand how painful a process has been for them. It was very difficult to accept the Munchkins, which breed with short legs as a result of a genetic mutation, unlike cats in other pedigrees, due to these distinctive differences. The debates on this different race were very heated and long-lasting. Because these uniquely short legs made them seem like a sick breed in the eyes of many in the cat community. This prejudiced approach also came to the fore with races such as Sphynx and Manx at the time.

Munchkins were first documented in England in the early 1930s. According to the records, these short-legged cats survived for a full four generations before the Second World War decimated the cat population in Europe. It was called the “Stalingrad Kangaroo Cat” for the Munchkins, who were also found in records in the Soviet Union in the 1950s, because they were sitting on their butts. However, the purebred Munchkin cats we know today began to breed in the state of Louisiana, USA.

However, due to this abnormal structure and development, it was decided to breed Munchkin cats with long-legged, long-haired and short-haired domestic breeds in order to keep them healthy and to expand their relatively small gene pool. Therefore, the body and head structures of Munchkin cats, color, pattern, hair length, fur type may change as new genes are added.

munchkin cats

Munchkin Cat Physical Qualities


Munchkin cats have a distinctly different appearance from cats of other pedigrees. This difference clearly distinguishes Munchkins from other cats with their short legs. Short legs are a look that many cat enthusiasts either love or shy away from. These dwarf cats are noticeably lower to the ground, with legs 5 cm shorter than the average cat. However, the rest of their body is the same as an ordinary cat, and most adults weigh between 3 and 5 pounds in pounds.


Munchkins’ heads are proportional to their bodies and have a rounded shape. The cheekbones are high and prominent. Their jaws are well developed but not overly prominent; is at the nose level. Their noses are of medium length and their foreheads are straight.


The ears are in a hairy structure that is proportional to their rounded heads, wide at the base, slightly rounded towards the ends and tapering.


Munchkins’ eyes are walnut-shaped; It has a very wide spaced structure that gives a clear and vigilant follow-up. Munchkin’s eye colors are generally brown, green, gold, yellow and blue.

Legs and Paws

The most distinctive feature that distinguishes Munchkin cats from all other cats is undoubtedly their legs. Munchkins’ legs are short, of equal size when viewed from the front or rear. Their legs are about 5 cm shorter than other cats. Their paws are round, proportional to their legs and compact. All four legs are straight forward rather than inward or outward.


The tail is proportional to the body and always upright when in motion. The tail, which is thick at the base, begins to thin towards the tips. It does not have an excessively thick tail structure. Feather and pattern continuity can also be observed intensively in the tail.


Munchkins can be seen in all color combinations and feather patterns. They can be short-haired, long-haired or even hairless. The shorthaired ones have medium-density plush hairs and are resistant to all weather conditions. Longhaired Munchkins, on the other hand, have smooth, all-weather fur with a silky softness. Common feather colors are tabby, calico, gray and flat black.


Munchkin cats can be seen in solid white, black, ebony, red orange, blue-gray, lavender, silver, cream, beige, tan, chocolate, brown, sable, cinnamon and lilac colors.

munchkin cat

Munchkin Cat Weight

Munchkin cats can weigh between 3 and 7 kilograms.


All cat species generally have an average sleeping habit of 13-18 hours. Adult cats will sleep less than kittens. Sometimes you may find your cat disappearing and sleeping. They sleep well, don’t they? 😊


It is known to everyone that cats do not like water. Even when it’s raining, we can see some cats jumping on dry places. This does not mean that they are bad. Cats are among the most cleaned animals in general. It does this cleaning only with its own methods, not with soap and water like we do.

At the point of not liking water, of course, the subject comes to the bathroom. If you haven’t been accustomed to it since you were a kitten or have adopted an adult cat, it is quite possible that you will have trouble with the bathroom. Although our house cats have the ability to self-clean, they need to be washed at regular intervals for the sake of the household and their own well-being. If not washed, some parasites and skin problems may occur.

Our first suggestion is to prepare both your cat and yourself for this situation so that you do not have problems during the bath. While there are items such as combing your cat’s hair, trimming her nails and choosing the appropriate shampoo during the preparation phase of your cat, there are items such as maybe finding another friend to help you and wearing long-sleeved clothes in your preparation. According to the advice of experts, playing long games with your cat before taking a bath and tiring it out as much as possible can ensure that it does not cause difficulties during the bath.

It goes without saying that cats who are full are more calm and docile than those who are hungry. For this reason, it will be to your advantage to make sure that your cat is full before bathing. It is important that you wear clothes that cover your body against injuries. Thus, you have a chance to be protected from nail blows.

Your cat’s timid eyes are a condition of the situation. It’s normal to be timid. Another thing that is normal is the possibility of your cat trying to escape. We say do not leave any breakable items in the bathroom, as there may be attempts such as jumping from right to left with panic. If there is a toilet, it is very important that the toilet lid is closed and the bathroom window is closed.

Use a quiet tone of voice when talking to our little one and calm him down. Don’t yell at him, it won’t solve anything, it will only make it worse. As we have summarized above, calling a friend for help will be an easier bathing experience for you. Bathing a cat for two is definitely easier than bathing alone.

If you encounter situations that are too difficult to take a bath despite all these, then you can take a small step at the point of accustoming your cat to the water. Exercise methods can be performed by wetting the paws on the first day, soaking the feet the next day and the body the next day. It is important that you do this slowly and gently without frightening your cat, and not frightening your cat with sudden movements. After all, we have to say that no matter what you do, it is not possible to get rid of hectic eyes. Let’s say you can also benefit from dry shampoos for your cat.

munchkin cat breed

Munchkin’s Communication with Children and Pets

When describing the Munchkin cat, we describe it as gentle, affectionate and gentle. These descriptions make him good friends. This feature allows him to get along quite well with other animals. Our beautiful cat can live happily with other pets, especially with cats. In general, even if we say that growing up together from puppies makes him more close friends with other pets, they also adapt quite well to later introductions.

This tiny body is very gentle when getting along with children as well as other pets. This species, which is among the recommended species for families with children, can establish close friendships with your children. Having short legs physically did not affect his character, so we can say that he is an active playmate. He will have a good time with the other members of the family as well as with the children. With his unique movements, he will draw attention to himself and establish strong bonds with the whole family.

In addition to this issue, we know that sometimes our children can act rudely. Since our cats are gentle creatures, it will be beneficial for us to talk a few words with our children about this issue, not to be kind to them, and to instill a love for animals.

Munchkin’s Anger and Mating Periods

If your cat is in heat, it means that she has entered the mating period. When this period is entered, we can observe abnormal behavior in our cat. To put it bluntly, there is no need to panic, everything is going well and in its normal course. During this period, your little pup may make sounds similar to howling, and these sounds may even reach disturbing levels. Of course, he has his reasons for meowing frequently and trying to get attention. That’s why I say try to understand your cat instead of blaming it. This will continue as long as mating does not occur. It should be noted that the duration of the symptoms will vary from a few days to a few weeks.

Munchkin Cat Breed Care

Munchkin cats can be fed the same diet as domestic cats of other breeds. Munchkins are a medium sized cat with a weight and body mass that is not significantly affected by their short legs. However, it should be noted that Munchkin cats are extremely prone to obesity due to their short legs. Therefore, they should be fed with a regular nutritional program.

Munchkin Cat Training

Munchkins are highly active cats that love to play. Their friendship with children, their loyalty to their owners and their high level of intelligence make Munchkins a perfect pet. With these personal traits, Munchkins, who strictly follow the commands given, can easily overcome even tough training.

As with every cat, you should not miss the interest and love of Munchkins while training them. You should not yell at your cat who does not fulfill the command you gave during the training, you should act calmly and patiently and give the command over and over again. You should not miss the reward food for your cat, which successfully fulfills the commands you give. Their high level of intelligence and love for their owners make Munchkins famous for easily mastering even the toughest commands.

munchkin cat breed

Munchkin Health

Munchkins are generally healthy cats with a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. However, as with all other breeds, these short-legged cats can face some cute munchkin cat health problems. Munchkin cats can often have some problems, including heart problems, urinary tract infections, and pancreatitis. However, their bodies that are close to the ground due to their short legs are extremely important for avoiding obesity and maintaining a poor body condition.

Their short legs do not have a problem that will affect their physical appearance, including joint and bone problems. However, it should be noted that Munchkins are still a new breed. Therefore, genetic problems may occur over time. When you want to adopt a cute Munchkin cat, do not forget to buy from a breeder who offers a written health guarantee. In addition, a normal life expectancy can be expected from Munchkin cats if you have the vaccinations recommended by the veterinarian and do not neglect the preventive health checks.

As seen in other cat breeds, the following ailments can be seen in a Munchkin breed cat;

• Hyperthyroidism, which is a hormonal imbalance,
• Pancreatitis disease, which is an inflammation of the pancreas,
• Kidney disease Uremia,
• Lower urinary tract disease,
• Lymphosarcoma, a common cancer affecting cats and dogs.

Diseases to which the Munchkin cat is prone

These cats are born with deformation and this deformation leads to the development of lordosis in these cats. Lordosis can cause symptoms such as humpback and spinal curvature, and this disease is sometimes painful and sometimes very painful. So Munchkin cats are likely to suffer from pain throughout their lives. Apart from that, a common problem in this breed is pectus excavatum. This means that the rib cage is formed abnormally, it can collapse into the chest, impair heart and respiratory functions, and cause pain in the chest and back. In addition to these, there are some other diseases that can be seen in Munchkin cats, but it would not be correct to say that they are especially racial, these diseases are diseases that can affect many different breeds along with Munchkin cats.

  1. Hyperthyroidism
  2. pancreatitis
  3. Uremia
  4. Feline lower urinary tract disease

Let’s end with the words of veterinarian Andrew Prentis from Hyde Park Veterinary Center in London,

“The natural form of cats has evolved over thousands of years to be productive, healthy and athletic. The idea that someone breeds cats with short legs purely for aesthetic reasons is very disappointing.”

Andrew Prentis

Munchkin Cat Lifespan

The Munchkin breed are long-lived cats that live an average of 13-15 years.

No matter how long the average lifespan of cat breeds is, the prolongation and shortening of the life span is directly proportional to the quality of life. Cats live much longer if their vaccinations, routine cleaning, feeding and veterinary examinations are paid attention to.

munchkin cat

Is having a Munchkin cat cruel?

We say unfortunately because the genetic mutation that causes Munchkin cats to be born with short legs also causes these cats to be prone to many diseases. This is exactly why Munchkin cats are one of the most popular and controversial cat breeds in the world. Many organizations argue that these cats should not be bred, but despite the medical data revealing that these cats will clearly lead a painful life, manufacturers do not give up on producing Munchkin cats and people do not give up on buying cats born with this deformity.

Do Munchkin cats have health problems?

Munchkin has a lifespan of between 11 and 15 years. They are generally healthy cats and are not affected by many hereditary cute munchkin cat health problems . However, “Lordosis” munchkin cat health problems may develop.

Those who are considering breeding the cute Munchkin cat should be careful. It is known that mating of these cats with similar breeds (short-legged) results in death at a rate of ¼ of the offspring. For this reason, breeding Munchkin cats to be included in a kitten breeding program must be mated with long-legged cats.

A similar situation occurs with the Scottish Fold (breeding with its own breed produces offspring with munchkin cat health problems).

Munchkin Cat Price

How much does a Munchkin cat cost?

The price of the Munchkin cat breed in 2022 is between $500 and $2,000 dollars.

Note: We are completely against the buying and selling of animals for money. If you want to adopt an animal, you can adopt it from the nearest shelter.

Frequently Asked Questions About Munchkin Cats

Where did the Munchkin cat get its name?

The Munchkin Cat is named after the Munchkins from the movie “The Wizard of Oz”.

How does the Munchkin cat look?

Munchkin cats are first noted for their short legs and long tails. The short legs are the most important feature that distinguishes these cats from other breeds. Although their legs are short, they are quite muscular and strong.

Does the Munchkin cat have a weight problem?

The Munchkin Cat is a breed that has the potential to gain weight. Therefore, it must be fed with a balanced diet. It is recommended that this cat breed be fed not only with dry food, but also with wet food from time to time.

Is Munchkin Training Easy?

The Munchkin Cat Adoption plan is made by many who love cats, but there are those who struggle when it comes to training cats. Since many people live in apartments today, both humans and animals have to adapt to life filled with these rules. Cat breeds that are easy to train are good at learning and applying things without much effort. The Munchkin breed is one of the easiest cats to train. They learn anything immediately and put it into practice.

Is Munchkin an Active Cat?

Generally, cats are creatures that love to play and move. However, this is not true for every cat. While some cat breeds have a very active nature, some cats like to lie down and rest all day long. The Munchkin is one of the most active cat breeds. They do not like to sit still when they are awake. These cats were created for play. Even if they get tired while playing games, they don’t want to quit.

Does the Munchkin Cat Get along with Children?

Families with children should consider the energy between the cat and the child before starting the cat adoption process. Whether the cat can get along with the child is always a question mark. The Munchkin breed is one of the cat breeds that gets along best with children. Families with children can own a Munchkin with peace of mind.

Can Munchkin Get Along With Other Animals?

Although cute cat names may trigger you to adopt a cat, you should not make a hasty decision if you have other pets. Because some cats do not get along well with other pets. If their social skills are not developed, it will not be appropriate for them to live in the same environment. The Munchkin breed gets along very well with other pets and becomes friends with them. It is a cat breed suitable for people who want to take care of more than one animal.

How Does Munchkin Treat Strangers?

A cat doesn’t just live with its owner and family. They need to be together with the guests who come to the house when they are at home, and with many strangers when they are out. The Munchkin breed treats strangers very well. They do not shy away from strangers and exhibit sincere attitudes.

Is Munchkin Attached to Its Owner?

Cats are animals that attach easily to their owners and form a bond that is difficult to break. They are very adoptive of their owners and can be jealous. Of course, this does not apply to all cat breeds. Some breeds may experience less attachment than general. The Munchkin breed is one of the cat breeds attached to its owner. These cats are extremely attached to their owners and enjoy spending time together.

How Intelligent Is Munchkin?

The Munchkin breed are very cute creatures that have been in human life for years. Since they are always together with people, they have to fulfill some duties and follow the rules. This depends on the cats’ ability to understand and follow the given commands. The Munchkin is one of the most intelligent cat breeds. These cats with surprising intelligence can notice anything.

Does the Munchkin Cat Shed?

Cats are one of the most furry pets that live with humans. However, there are some exceptional breeds that do not have feathers at all. People with allergies or who do not want to see hair all over the house may want to adopt a low-shedding cat. The Munchkin breed is one of the cats with an average length of hair. This breed sheds moderately.

How Long Does a Munchkin Cat Live?

Cat adoption has been very common since the past, as cats can get along quite well with humans. Cats elevate people with their energy. Someone who has a cat for a certain period of time does not want to think about a day without a cat anymore. Unfortunately, cats have a much shorter lifespan than their owners. The Munchkin breed are long-lived cats that live an average of 13-15 years. No matter how long the average lifespan of cat breeds is, the prolongation and shortening of the life span is directly proportional to the quality of life. Cats live much longer if their vaccinations, routine cleaning, feeding and veterinary examinations are paid attention to.

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