Maltipoo Dog Breed: Everything You Need to Know


The Maltipoo is a hybrid dog that emerged by crossing the Maltese and Toy Poodle breeds. They are also known by names such as MaltePoo, MultaPoo, MaltiDoodle. Although Maltipoo dogs are registered with the American Canine Hybrid Club, they are not yet registered with the American Kennel Club. They attract attention with their cuteness, playful nature and devotion to their family. They are among the small dog breeds and are also famous as lap dogs. It is an excellent family dog with a friendly nature that gets along well with people, children and animals in general.

Personality & Character Traits

The Maltipoo is a loving, intelligent, playful, lively, loyal and friendly dog. It emerged as a mixture of Poodle and Maltese breeds and has similarities in both physical and character traits. It is a breed that is very attached to its family and loved ones. Communicating with people, spending time and playing games are very important to the full grown Maltipoo. They like to spend time with their owner. Their loyalty and obedience are supported by their harmonious response to their owner’s commands and requests.

The sincerity, friendly and warm nature of full grown Maltipoo dogs do not only treat their owners, but also children, animals and strangers in the same way over time. They love to interact and socialize. If they are trained and socialized at an early age, there is no animal or human that they cannot get along with. However, despite his small appearance and being friendly, he develops a sense of defense against strangers when it comes to the safety of his family and loved ones. It is seen that they exhibit great behavior with their small body in order to protect their family. They get along well with children, but it is possible for them to unintentionally harm each other when spending time with young children. Therefore, extra care is recommended when spending time with young children.

With its small body and harmonious character, it is among the most suitable dog breeds for apartment life. Since they are among the toy dog ​​breeds and their need for exercise is not very high, they will be enough to meet the need for exercise in a small garden. They are not suitable for living outside as they are sensitive to cold weather. Therefore, they should live in a warm home environment where they live with their loved ones, which is the ideal living space.

The Maltipoo is a dog that is generally more active during puppyhood but calms down over time after 1 year of age. Exercise needs will also be shaped by age and development. The important thing here is that the Maltipoo dog needs regular exercise, regardless of age. Exercise is very important for a healthy development and mental state. When they do not exercise enough, it is possible for them to exhibit restless, unhappy and negative behaviors at home. Daily exercise will positively affect character development.

The Maltipoo needs attention, to be loved. Showing the owner’s interest and love for his dog makes the Maltipoo feel good. They like to attract attention in the environments they enter. He is a social dog and tries to show his gentle, loving nature to everyone. Maltipoo do not like to be alone. If left alone for a long time, it is possible for them to become depressed and have a fear of abandonment. Therefore, it is not recommended for people who lead an irregular life to adopt this breed. They are more known as family dogs and they want to lead an orderly life.

A very intelligent dog that is eager to please its owner, the Maltipoo is among the dog breeds that are easy to train. The earlier they start their training, the better they will develop. It is a breed of dog that does not harm its environment, the people around it, and likes to learn new things and show it to people and be praised.

The most distinctive characteristics of Maltipoo dogs are their friendly nature and great pleasure to be loved. They are known as lap dogs and can cuddle, sleep and rest in their laps for hours. The Maltipoo is a very suitable dog breed for those who are going to adopt and take care of a dog for the first time in their life. He will lead a happy life as long as he and his family are cared for and healthy in a warm, loving home.


Maltipoo Dog Breed History

The Maltipoo dog breed is a hybrid of Maltese and Toy Poodle breeds. As with many hybrid breeds, these dogs are also called by different names. Although it is known by various names such as Malte Poo, Malta Poo, Multa Poo, Moodle, Malti Doodle, Maltese Poodle, Malt Oodles, it is the most used Maltipoo name.

These dogs are a breed called design or hybrid, produced by crossing Poodle and Maltese breeds or by mating two Maltipoo breeds. When we look at the history of Maltese and Toy Poodle breeds, it is seen that their development process is by crossbreeding. So crossing is not unique to ‘Maltipoo’ dogs. When examining the origins of many purebred dog breeds, we can see that they are crossbred and that they are a unique breed by showing developments.

Since the late 1900s, “Hybrid” or “Design” dog breeds have developed and gained popularity. The Maltipoo also developed during this period and became one of the most popular designed breeds. If ethical and responsible breeders continue to work properly on these dogs to achieve a standard appearance, it is possible that in the future Maltipoos will become an approved breed rather than a design dog.

Maltipoo dogs can mate with their own breed, Poodle or Maltese, and many other option setups. With each mating possibility, a different trait emerges in the offspring. Every baby Maltipoo that comes into the world wins the admiration of many people and celebrities with its high appeal. Famous names like Carmen Electra and Ellen DeGeneres are among Maltipoo owners. In addition to having famous owners, there are dogs that have created their own reputation. Among the Maltipoo dogs, Jessica Simpson’s dog named “Daisy” appeared on the television show “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica” and impressed the audience with her cuteness.

Although Maltipoo dogs are among the popular dog breeds that are frequently mentioned today, they have not yet been registered by the American Kennel Club. Currently, only the American Canine Hybrid Club has registered the Maltipoo dog breed.


Maltipoo Dog Physical Qualities


Full grown Maltipoo dog has a small, square-proportioned and compact body. Its small body is more durable, muscular and athletic than it looks. It has a fine boned, solid and straight neck. The neck is elegantly positioned to keep the head slightly elevated. Although they are a hybrid of Toy Poodle and Maltese, their appearance is closer to the Maltese breed. The full grown Maltipoo is among the small dog breeds. It is seen that male and female Maltipoo dogs weigh 2-10 kilograms, and their height varies between 20-25 centimeters. It is normal for females to be weaker and smaller than males. When they are adults, they are small in size compared to many dog ​​breeds.


The Maltipoo comes in two different species. It is possible to understand these types by looking at their head structures. The dominant genes of the Maltese or Poodle breed play a decisive role in the mindset. If the Maltese genes are dominant, the muzzle is round, if the Poodle gene is dominant, the muzzle is long and narrow. It is not easy to understand which race is the dominant gene from the appearance in the skull, unless it is examined by a knowledgeable person. It has a size proportional to its whole body, with a round, tiny head, black nose and large eyes.


The ears of the Maltipoo are drop-shaped, wide, low and densely haired. The ears, which are close to the head, hang down. From time to time, their embraces, which combine with the dense hairs on their body, integrate with their round head according to the way of shaving. When the hair is left long, it is seen that the ears lose their clarity.


The Maltipoo has a sweet appearance with round, almond eyes located among the dense fur of the dog. Their oval-shaped eyes are in black, brown and dark color tones. Black and dark transitions are seen around the eyes. The distance between their eyes is moderate.

Legs and Feet

Among the small dogs, the Maltipoo has short legs and a low body. In their gaits, they move effortlessly, springingly and fluently with their unique harmony. Its legs are also hairy like its whole body.


The Maltipoo has a short, fluffy tail that is not very long. They carry the tail upright and gracefully. The feathered structure on its body is also noticeable in its tails. They have a cute appearance with their plush fluffy tail and short legs.


The Maltipoo has a single layer of soft, wavy and silky coat. Their hair is not as curly as the Poodle breed or as straight as the Maltese breed. They shed less and have hypoallergenic hair. With these features, they are known to be an ideal dog for people who are allergic to dog hair or at risk of allergies. The coat of the Maltipoo is cut short or long, with the head shaggy. Sometimes you can see the long hair on the head of cute Maltipoo dogs and fastened with hairpins.


The coat of Maltipoo dogs is usually silver, gray, white, brown, apricot, lemon or cream. They are generally known for their white fur and are among the white dog breeds. However, as they grow up after birth, darkening may occur in their feathers and a color change can be observed. It is normal for the fur color to change from white when puppies to a lemon-colored tone as they grow up. With its wide color options, it is among the small ornamental dogs that can be preferred by people who are allergic to hair.

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Maltipoo Dog Breed Nutrition

Full grown Maltipoo, which is among the small dog breeds, can consume healthy household foods and high-quality ready-to-eat food products recommended by the veterinarian. Appropriate food should be selected according to the dog’s age, gender, exercise level and health status. You can choose high quality dry and wet food products suitable for small breeds of brands such as Royal Canin, Proplan, Acana, Hills, N&D, Gimdog, Brit, Purina, Felix, Brit Care recommended by veterinarians and breeders.

Malitpoo dogs, like themselves, have a small stomach. Therefore, after choosing the appropriate food in the nutrition program, you should ensure that it consumes the right amount. The recommended amount of food for adult and healthy Maltipoo dogs to consume daily is 1-2 scoops of dry food in 2 meals. Since each dog’s needs and exercise levels will be different, the scales should be adjusted accordingly.

In order to live a healthy life, you need to avoid overeating. Reward food, home meals you give because you can’t eat can negatively affect their health in the future. There are certain brands that veterinarians recommend for high quality, vitamin and protein foods:

There are certain brands we can recommend for your dog. For dry food, dog wet food, dog treats and other different foods; You can choose the suitable one for your dog from Royal Canin, Pro plan, Hills , ND, Gimdog, Brit Care, Purina, Acana, Orijen, Reflex ,Enjoy brands.

They have a genetic predisposition to intestinal diseases. Therefore, he should not consume uncooked foods and internal parasite vaccinations should be done regularly. Since his teeth are also sensitive, he should not consume hard foods. Based on all this, the ideal diet for the Maltipoo dog breed is a high protein dry food. By choosing the right food, you will protect your dog’s health, regulate its development and fill its stomach. Do not neglect to get information by consulting your veterinarian if you have any questions or problems about your dog’s nutrition plan, diet, weight and food.

Maltipoo Dog Breed Exercise

Maltipoo dogs become happier and fitter by exercising physically and mentally during the day. In order to meet his exercise needs, he should be given the opportunity to move, run and play on grass and soft grounds outside. However, you can meet most of the Maltipoo’s exercise needs by playing games and doing activities at home. The games you organize at home, dog toys will meet their needs.

Maltipoo dogs have moderate exercise needs. Because they are sociable, they can exercise outside in different places, dog parks and unfamiliar environments. Since they are well trained and have good relations with people and animals, it is okay for them to enter unfamiliar areas. Spending time with his family is very important to the Maltipoo. For this, doing the exercises together will both make your dog happier and strengthen your bonds.

He is a multiplayer, likes to run and is smart, so they enjoy participating in new games. Maltipoo can spend time playing by himself with dog toys. Playing with the toys they adopt gives them pleasure and you can leave their toys where they can reach them to spend time when they are alone at home. Meeting the need for exercise at home at a certain level, combined with its small structure, appears as a dog that is compatible with apartment life.

Pay attention to the weather when you exercise outside, as they are highly sensitive to cold and hot weather. Since they are not cold resistant, they get cold quickly. If your dog is shaking, it will also mean that he is cold. If you are going to exercise in cold weather to avoid such a situation, you can wear sweaters or dog clothes to prevent them from getting cold. As long as they exercise regularly, you will have a happy, happy and healthy Maltipoo dog.

Maltipoo Dog Breed Training

The Maltipoo is an intelligent dog eager to learn new things and please his owner. You can support the process with positive reinforcements by using games, treats and praise in your training. Applying methods and training that will attract your dog’s attention will make your dog participate even more enthusiastically.

Your priority in training should be obedience training, toilet training and field protection training. It will be trained by a good leader in a short time, as its loyalty to its owners is high. It is a dog that can be trained more easily by those who will train dogs for the first time. Only the leader needs to train consistently, patiently and lovingly. It is one of the recommended methods to support the trainings with awards and to show that you love them. The penal system is one of the methods that you should definitely not resort to. Because they are sensitive dogs, harsh warnings, physical violence can cause them to become indifferent to training, regress and exhibit negative behaviors.

They are not guard dogs, but they tend to bark as their senses are very clear. In order not to disturb the environment and not bark, it should be trained while it is still a pup. Their quick learning of commands will make life easier for them and yours when they become an adult dog. Be careful not to harm the Maltipoo, which can make quick and exciting movements while walking around the house, as they will remain a small-sized dog when they grow up.

As long as they receive a good education, you can see that they successfully take part in therapy training of the Maltipoo breed. The positive effects on the development of special children with autism and down syndrome are visible. They take place in our lives as a cute dog with harmonious, intelligent, loving features and not aggressive, sudden movements.

Maltipoo Dog Breed Health

Maltipoo dogs generally lead healthy lives. It is seen that they are prone to certain ailments that can be seen in every ornamental dog. They have a tendency to non-hereditary ailments such as dental problems, corneal ulcers, eye problems. Responsible breeders should monitor health conditions such as hip dysplasia, patella luxation, pda (patent ductus arteriosus), portosystemic liver shunt, epilipsis, progressive retinal atrophy (pra), hypoglycemia, white dog tremor syndrome, collapsed trachea, reverse sneezing, cardiac anomalies. .

Other most common health problems in the Maltipoo breed are bone and joint disorders. To be vigilant against these ailments, you should not allow your dog to do high-intensity exercise before the age of 2 years. When the puppy period is completed and they step into adulthood, it should be ensured that they exercise on soft and grassy grounds.

The Maltipoo with a sensitive digestive system needs to be fed properly and eat with portion control. Care should be taken to avoid stomach and digestive problems. You should know what the signs of digestive problems are and be knowledgeable enough to assist your dog in diagnosis and intervention.

As long as they are regularly taken care of, they will lead a healthy life. These care and health checks include hair, eye, tooth, mouth, nose, ear, paw and nail care. You should do the necessary maintenance in your home by using products suitable for your dog. Maltipoo dogs, whose care, nutrition, exercise and health screening are done regularly, live an average of 12-15 years with their loved ones.

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