Kinkalow Cat Breed Information: Personality Traits & Care


Because of their characteristics, Kinkalow cat fall into the dwarf category. They have a very small structure. Kinkalow varieties are quite interesting varieties. You can see that the Kinkalow breed, which is perfectly compatible with the family, is more compatible with children than other cats and pets. Their care is not much different from other cat breeds. If you groom your kinkalov regularly, be sure to comb and feed your kinkalow to ensure a healthy life. This breed is the rarest hybrid cat breed.

It has round ears. Kinkalow’s petite body looks like a kitten. The development of this variety came about when Munchkin and American Curl were bred by an American breeder named Terry Harris. Terry Harris was wondering what would happen as a result of mating with this cat breed. However, this mating resulted in a new species with short legs and curved (oval) ears. This breed is known as an exotic and rare breed of cat.

Kinkalow Cat General Features


This breed of cat is different in its characteristics. We have summarized these features in a tabular form for you.

Weight1,5 kg. – 3 kg.
Length13 cm – 25 cm
Feather ColorsMedium-long-compact-soft-haired
Eye Colorsyellow-green tones
Average Lifespan6-15 Years

The Kinkalow cat has a muscular and athletic figure with a tiger head. Kinkalow cats have very beautiful eyes. The Kinkalow has a long and beautiful tail, giving it a graceful appearance.

  • A healthy Kinkalow cat weighs about 3-7 pounds
  • He is very close to other cats, so his communication with other cats is good.
  • They get along well with both children and cats
  • It can be said that there is no talkative cat
  • He is quite careful. You can see without taking your eyes off
  • Don’t be surprised by short legs, mobility is in their blood

Origins of the Kinkalow Cat

The Kinkalow is a new breed of cat from the mid-90s. The development came about when an American breeder named Terry Harris began breeding American Curl and Munchkin. Through this experimental program I wanted to see what the mating results would be, but I wanted to create a new breed with both short legs and rounded ears, two of the most characteristic traits of the parent breed. It was successful. Kinkalow is considered an exotic and rare variety. It has received experimental breed status from the International Cat Association (TIKA) and is also recognized by the Dwarf Cat Association (TDCA). If you are considering introducing the Kinkalow to your family, it is important to work with a reputable breeder. This helps keep the little cat healthy.

What Kind of Cat Is The Kinkalow Cat?

kinkalow cat

We describe the Kinkalow cat as friendly, affectionate and gentle. These descriptions make him a good friend. This feature allows him to get along very well with other animals. Our cute cats can live happily with other pets, especially cats. It is often said that raising a puppy together makes friends with other pets, but he adapts very well to later acquaintances.

This little body is very friendly to children and other pets. This breed is one of the recommended breeds for families with children and can help you form intimate friendships with your children. It is an active playmate as its physically short legs do not spoil its character. He will have a good time with other families and children. He draws attention with his unique movements and establishes a strong bond with his entire family.

Kinkalow Cat Character Traits

Kinkalow is a small cat, but it definitely works. In fact, these kittens are known for their playful personalities. They experience a burst of energy as they run, play with their favorite toys, and in some cases play. This variety is also known for having a good time with its human family. Therefore, you should play with your pet every day. They are also social. Whatever you do, they will land right next to you. They also want to contribute to your business.

If you’re looking for a cat that loves to cuddle with you, Kinkalow will not disappoint. Overall, Kinkalow’s sweet personality makes it ideal for singles, families with children, other pets, and the elderly. When play, upbringing, and love are given place, they become ideal family companions and pets. Kinkalow cats can live in harmony with other pets and children. This feature makes them an ideal cat breed for large families.

How Big Does a Kinkalow Cat Grow?

The Kinkalow cat is a type of cat that can grow between 13-25 cm. Kinkalow can contain any color and pattern. This means you may encounter Kinkalows in lab coats and Kinkalows in chocolate-coloured coats. Kinkalow cats are brown ocher cats.

Kinkalow Cat Specifications

This variety is very diverse in terms of features. Kinkalows are shorter than other cat breeds and weigh 1.5-3 kg. Kinkalow’s hair is 13-25 cm, medium length, dense and soft. The eye color, which is different from the color of Kinkalow’s plumage, is known as green and yellow tonnage. The life expectancy of these varieties is between 6 and 15 years. Kinkalow’s move is small, so it’s pretty good. Known for his funny personality, Kinkalow can play with his favorite toys to boost his energy when he finds his surroundings. Known as a very curious cat, Kinkalow is known for his intelligence and endless energy. You are a social cat. You want to be involved in your business. They really enjoy hugging their owner. This breed is an extremely adaptable cat that can easily get along with other pets and your child.

How to Care for a Kinkalow Cat?

Weekly hair care is required. Healthy teeth and gums are essential for this variety. Teeth should be brushed at least once or twice a week. On the other hand, it is considered appropriate to cut it once every 15 days for nail care. It is very important to clean the eye area with a dry cloth or towel every week. They rarely ask about the bathroom. Ear cleaning is very important. Kinkalows, which are very sensitive to sand cleaning, require sand cleaning. This is what you need to know about this variety, which is very easy to care for.

Can Kinkalow Cat Be Taken At Home?

The Kinkalow cat is among the cats that can be easily taken care of at home. Kinkalow coats can be short or long, but they are smooth, filled, shiny and smooth. It can be brushed weekly to keep your pet’s fur healthy, making it a good product for pets and those who don’t want to spend a lot of time with them. Brushing your Kinkalow will definitely get his attention, so taking care of your furry friends should be part of your routine.


Is Kinkalow Cat Care Difficult?

No, weekly hair care is enough.

No, weekly hair care is enough.

Kinkalows are small cats, but they certainly move well. In fact, these kittens are known for their playful personalities.

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