How to Discipline a Puppy – 8 Important Steps

How to Discipline a Puppy

“How to discipline a puppy?” If you’re asking the question, you’ve probably just adopted a new puppy.

Remember, it is very important to train and discipline dogs as puppies. The harder it is to train adult dogs, the easier it is to train dogs as puppies.

How to Discipline a Puppy

When it comes to puppies, their education is as important as their nutrition and maintaining their healthy development. By clicking here, you can examine the range of puppy training products and make choices that will increase the comfort of training processes. In this article, “How to train a puppy?” You can find suggestions that will allow you to discover the answers to the question.

Puppies are usually separated from their mothers when they are 2-3 months old. Contrary to popular belief, this process is not a period when education should not be given. The training of puppies should start from the first moment they come home. It should be ensured that he knows the limits of a friendship that will last for many years at the stage when the first steps are taken. Thus, he can both recognize his leader and have a more balanced psychology. Within the scope of puppy training, puppies can be taught simple commands, the puppy can be toilet trained, but the most important thing is to socialize them and ensure that they adopt certain behaviors.

Their Socialization Is Very Important

When you have a puppy, there are many things to teach and get used to. Socialization should always be the priority when it comes to their education during their rapid growth period. As soon as his mixed vaccinations are over and he can go out safely, he should go to different places as much as possible, meet different people, meet different animals, come into contact with different floors and be exposed to different sounds. Thus, his awareness of the outside world increases and he begins to grow up as a social dog. Moreover, the diversity it is exposed to will offer a great advantage for brain development.

Prevent Biting

One of the most important things that should be taught to them during their puppies is to adjust their bite intensity. It is normal for these habits to continue when they move into their new home, as they have bitten each other while living with their mother and possibly playing games with their siblings. But there must be a limit. If there are violent bites that cause pain or pain while playing games with you, you should prevent this behavior. In the meantime, you should quit the game and cut off your interest in it. If they do not learn not to bite, they may exhibit biting behavior during the game or in any situation that disturbs them. This is neither healthy nor safe for both you and him. In order to control and direct the biting behavior, you can get help from dog toys that can bite and gnaw. In this way, you can secure your home and belongings more easily.

How to Discipline a Puppy

Teach Basic Commands

You can organize short and fun training sessions that will help them learn basic commands while socializing. Commands that offer comfort such as sit, stand, wait and leave will not only ensure that your puppy can be controlled, but also prevent unwanted events in the community. But you should carefully adjust the training time. Dogs are creatures that get distracted quickly. Trying to teach them for hours will be a waste of time and will cause your pup to resist training. The 5-10 minute, positive trainings make it easy for you to get the best results. Before starting the trainings, you can gain an important advantage to attract attention by creating a suitable environment for him to throw off his energy.

Must Tolerate Being Touched

Most dogs have no problem being petted, touched or petted. Possible problems should also be resolved early. Once they are out of puppies and into adulthood, dogs can be exposed to intense affection from outside when they go outside. It is very important that they can tolerate unannounced hands as much as possible while walking and playing games. Therefore, they must be accustomed to being loved. As always, treats will be very effective for this phase of training! Dogs that do not like to be touched and react can exhibit more aggressive movements as they get older. This can have dangerous consequences for you, other animals and strangers.

Splashes should be prevented

Our puppies love jumping on laps and climbing legs. When they’re small in size, these treats seem cute and usually just make them smile. But when they’re older, their leaping nature can get you in trouble. They will gain weight, grow and drool in line with their breed, so splashing them on you will not create the same feeling as when they were puppies. Moreover, a chaotic situation may arise with splashes on other people. You should try to control jumping habits early in order to prevent them from unintentionally harming you or others. For this reason, when they show jumping behavior, you should say “no” to him firmly and cut off your interest in him.

Toilet Training is Important!

It is very important that your puppy is toilet trained in the early stages. The process that needs to be finished in order to go out can become a big problem otherwise. You need to arrange a special place for him to go to the toilet. By using pee pads and sprays, you can solve the toilet problem until you go outside. Once you start going out, your job will be much easier. You should be prepared for small surprises until muscle development is completed and you should apply the power of a positive approach during toilet training. You should not forget to separate the toilet areas from the feeding areas!

Get used to walking on a leash

There are many years you can spend with him. If you want to go on comfortable rides with him, you must ensure that he walks correctly with a leash. If he can’t get used to walking with a leash in adulthood, he may drag you by making sudden movements, drop you, and escape by getting off the leash. In order to prevent all these negativities, you should make him feel that you are a leader and make him walk calmly with you. In the process of getting used to the collar, various pains may be experienced, they may pull you, they may start to jump by making unusual movements. You should be determined, warn him of wrong movements with a firm but firm voice, and reward him with delicious snacks after a smooth walk. As always, you should not stop being consistent during training.

You are the Leader of the Pack

Dogs live in packs and there is only one leader in their pack. One of the most important steps you should take for a peaceful and trouble-free relationship with your puppy is to make him feel that you are a leader. Leadership; shouting is not scolding, intimidating or punishing. It means being respected, being a leader to follow. You should not accept everything you do, you should draw your limits with a stable and high determination, you should show definite reactions to his dangerous behaviors and you should not compromise your stance.

But no matter what, you must love him very much and you must not give up on him. You should embrace him with unconditional love, make him feel that you are always with him, and use your energy when communicating with him. Thus, you can reach the same frequency with him and lay the foundations of a wonderful friendship that will last for years. We wish you happiness…

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