How to Calculate Cat Age?

How to Calculate Cat Age?

How to Calculate Cat Age?

Did you know that you can find out your cat’s age in several ways without going to the vet? We can tell from teeth, eyes, feathers and body structure.

Cats, which are the sweetest and most mischievous in the world, make us laugh and relax both psychologically and physically. Especially if you have adopted a cat and your getting used to it is over, it will gradually begin to reveal its existing character. After a while, he started to complain, “Why is my cat like this, when other people’s cats are different?” you might think.

It would be wrong to think that they all look alike, as each cat’s behavior and character are different. Some cats are very aggressive and inactive, while others are extremely hyperactive and do their best to be liked. Similarly, even the tastes of each cat are very different; For example, we know that every cat likes fish, but rarely some cats do not like fish at all.

It is beneficial to have a cat by knowing about all these, because the more experienced you are, the better you can get along with your friend. If there is one thing that cat owners wonder about, it is to calculate the age of cats. Normally, veterinarians can understand this, but with a few methods, you can find out which corresponds to the age of the cats and the age scale of the people.

How Old Are Cats by Human Age?

Have you ever wondered what human age corresponds to your cat’s age? actually when you are living with your cat, you should know that he is older than you. Maybe cats are treating us like slaves because they are our older brother/sister, who knows?

  1. When cats reach 1 year of age, they reach the maturity level of a 15-year-old human.
  2. Cats who are 2 years old are 24 years old for human age.
  3. Cats who turn 3 years old, according to us, have reached the age of 28.
  4. Cats that reach the highest level of maturity, that is, 12 years old, are 65 years old according to human age.

Note: Normally the life span of cats is between 12-16 years. These periods may vary according to each cat breed, but according to studies, there are studies that a cat can live up to 10-12 years.

How to Calculate Cat Age?

Age Calculation from Tooth Structure

Did you know that you can guess how old or how old a cat is by looking at their teeth? all you have to do is open your cat’s mouth and examine its teeth;

  1. When cats reach 6 months of age, their baby teeth fall out and their real teeth come out. In the process, their teeth itch and they try to bite everything. If your cat’s teeth have started to fall out, she is 6 months old.
  2. If your cat has 26 teeth and all their teeth are very small, it means your cat is less than 6 months old.
  3. On the contrary, if your cat has 30 teeth; At the same time, if his teeth are big, white and long, it means he has completed 1 year.
  4. If your cat’s teeth are slightly yellow on the sides, it means she is now 2 years old.
  5. Adult (mature) cats’ teeth will be easier to understand as their teeth are missing, stained and yellowed to a certain degree.

Age Calculation from Feather Structure

Another way you can find out the age of cats is by their fur. Although the hair structure of each cat looks the same, it is actually very different from each other when looked carefully;

  1. If the cat’s fur is tight and hard, it has reached the age of maturity. In addition, a color change from dark to light can be noticed in the coat of mature cats.
  2. Hair loss is not seen in cats over the age of 10, because as they reach a certain age, the body can no longer renew itself and there is no hair change.
  3. You must have noticed; some cats have shiny, soft, silky and lively hair. Cats with such fur fall on the kitten-young scale.
  4. In addition, seasonal or frequent shedding can be seen in young kittens. Since they are younger, the body constantly renews itself and new hairs appear after shedding.

Calculating Age from Body Structure

There is another method by which you can estimate the age of cats; it is to look at their bodies and how athletic they are. It will be enough to observe a little bit of the cat whose age you want to know;

  1. Cats younger than 5 years old have stronger leg, back and paw muscles due to their youthful energy. This way they can run, jump and climb faster.
  2. Cats older than 5 years cannot be as athletic as they used to be, as their muscle strength decreases. Since their bodies do not allow them to jump and jump, they get tired quickly and take a rest.
  3. The muscle mass of cats over the age of 10 decreases and the fat ratio begins to increase. In particular, some bones begin to become prominent and sagging may also be seen in their regions.

Calculating Age From Eyes

The method of estimating the age of cats by looking at their eyes may not appeal to you. After understanding the logic of the method, it can really give great clues;

  1. We know that the eyes of newborn cats have not opened yet. After a while, we open and see that the pupils are fogged. It is obvious that he is a baby from his body structure, but if the color of his eyes is blurred, it means he is younger than 1-2 months.
  2. Kittens’ eyes are bright, glassy and clear. Even when viewed from afar, the brightness of his eyes is extremely obvious.
  3. The eyes of mature cats are not as bright as those of younger cats, but rather pale. The glassy look in his eyes is now replaced by color dispersion. This feature appears only in cats over the age of 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do cats grow in a year?

When cats reach the age of two, they are on average twenty-five years old when compared to human age. In addition, after the age of two, the growth of cats slows down considerably, and after this age, each year is calculated to be equal to 4 or 5 human years on average.

How old is a 2 year old cat?

Although there is no exact formula for calculating in terms of human age, it can be said that a 3-month-old cat is 5, a 6-month-old cat is 10, and a 1-year-old cat is 15 human years old. A 2-year-old cat is considered to be 24 human years old, and a rough calculation can be made by adding 4 years for each subsequent age.

Is a 7 month old cat a kitten?

Cats are supplemented with specially prepared nutrients in kitten food to support their rapid growth and development until they are 12 months old. A kitten that is 1 year old is considered an adult cat and can gradually be switched to complete and balanced adult cat food.

How much should a 3 month old cat weigh?

When the cat is ready to leave its mother, that is, when it is 8 weeks old, its ideal weight should be in the range of 900 – 1000 grams. The ideal weight of the 3-month-old cat is expected to approach 1.5 kilograms.

How old is the oldest cat?

The cat, which is included in the world record books as the oldest cat ever lived in the world, lived 38 years and 3 days. The cat named Creme Puff, living in the US state of Texas, was born on 3 August 1967 and died on 6 August 2005.

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