How to Adopt a Cat? Things to Know Before Adopting a Cat


Things to Know Before Adopting a Cat

We know that the human-cat relationship is based on a long history. For this reason, getting used to humans for cats and getting used to cats for humans is one of the foundations of today’s pet ownership. The human-cat relationship is based on a kind of friendship relationship. A different kind of friendship relationship with mutual trust and commitment. What should you do if you want to be friends with a cat or share your home with a cat? If you want to live with a cat, you can adopt a cat. So, how to adopt a cat? What should I do to adopt a cat?

First of all, you need to know that living with a cat is a very enjoyable life experience. Cute little friends will be the source of joy in your home, they will change the still and stagnant atmosphere in your home. If you have decided to live with a cat and are considering opening your home to this little friend, it is useful to know some basic things. First of all, you need to be ready as if you are going to share your house with a new friend or a new baby from the moment you think about sharing your house with a cat and start sharing. You will see that the cat you have adopted will try to get to know the house from the first moment it enters the house and will soon start to own your house itself.

Are You Ready to Adopt a Cat?

Are you ready for the cat you want to adopt? As we mentioned above, the cat you adopt will start to recognize and own the house from the first moment it comes home. As he gets used to it, he will begin to discover peaceful and comfortable places for himself. These areas will be places where he will enjoy spending time. Since he owns the house, he will want to visit all areas of the house in a comfortable way like you. If you want to own a cat, the first thing you need to do is to know them, and if there is, you should make other individuals living in the house understand it. Are you ready to gather as the whole household and adopt a cat? Discussing the point will give healthier results.

The average lifespan of cats varies between 12-15 years. You need to know that the cat you will buy into your home needs affection, love and attention. From the nutrition, cleaning, health, entertainment, toilet needs of the cat you want to take into your home, etc. You will be responsible for many things. If you want to adopt a cat, you should not ignore them. If you have agreed with yourself under these conditions, you are ready to adopt a cat.


Where to Apply to Adopt a Cat? What Should Be Considered?

There is a very important issue that many people who want to own a cat forget. Therefore, it will be useful to write this first. Wanting a breed cat or kitten to insist on is a global issue that harms the general population of cats. Namely; The most demanded cats are produced and sold to earn money. It is ethically wrong to breed a demanded cat and pay for a life, knowing that owning a cat will have a healthier outcome for all cats. In order for this order not to work like this and for the cats to live in healthier conditions, it would be a better move not to buy a cat. It is possible to find many free sites and applications in digital media to adopt a cat. It is possible to find institutions and organizations that want to adopt cats with a little research, or it is among the things you can do to adopt a cat by going to animal shelters. It is also possible to adopt a cat that is in a difficult situation on the street without contacting any institution or organization. Sharing your home with a cat living in difficult conditions will also make you happier in a spiritual sense. Every cat that needs to be adopted has difficulties in common. Therefore, it is useful to consider all these conditions when choosing cats according to their breed or physical condition.

Another issue that people who want to own a cat are mistaken is to own a kitten. Due to the high demand for kittens, kittens are traded and these cats are born in bad conditions. You should know that this order is unethical and extremely harmful for cats. The reason people adopt kittens is because the kitten gets used to the owner. However, this thought is wrong. The general characteristic of cats is to adapt quickly to the environment and to adopt the environment. The request for kittens is an unnecessary request in this sense, because every cat can get used to its owners immediately.

How to Adopt a Cat? – The First Day You Adopt the Cat

You found and met your adopted cat. The first thing you should do is pick up the cat and take it to the vet. You need to have your own health checks with a reliable veterinarian, which you will find with a little research. This health screening is extremely important for you as you will share your cat and your home. If the cat has a possible health problem, it will be revealed in this veterinary screening and you will have started the treatment process for it. If the cat does not have any health problems, you will provide a safer situation by making the necessary vaccinations and treatments. In addition, you will learn the necessary informative details for the cat’s needs such as care and cleaning in this process.

You Adopted the Cat, But Is Your Home Ready For It?

You have done the necessary research to adopt the cat and you have found the cat. You also did the health checks of the cat. So is your house ready for the cat? First of all, you need to know that you may need to change some of your habits or some things in the house for the cat that will come home. Before your cat comes home, a few preparations will be good for basic needs and acclimatization time. For example, you need to prepare the toilet bowl and litter for the cat’s toilet. It is essential that you have provided the necessary food and water containers for food and water needs. Placing the litter box in a quiet part of the house will provide a more comfortable situation for your cat. It is another requirement that the food and water bowl be away from the toilet bowl. Because cats do not want to be fed in close places where they make their toilets. In addition to these details, it would be good to have a few cat toys for the cat’s getting used to, which will take a day or two. These toys will help your cat get through the adaptation process quickly. If you have considered these details and fulfilled the necessary conditions, your house is ready for the cat. You can bring the cat to its new home with peace of mind.

Food Advice for Your Cat

Of course, the cat you have adopted will not be hungry from the first day it comes home, and you will have bought the necessary food for the cat before it comes. It is useful to know that cat food may vary due to age, weight and many other factors. For example; When you adopt a newborn cat, it may be inconvenient to give him normal dry cat food. First of all, you need to do a health screening for the cat you have, and it will be healthy to get the necessary food advice from the veterinarian with this scan. Dry food is generally a healthier choice for cats. In a diet where dry food is the main food item, wet food will be better for your cat as a treat. For this reason, dry food is a better choice and many cat owners use dry food. Dry foods are divided into many types among themselves. Calculating the condition of the cat for your preference and getting support from an expert will create the most accurate result.

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