Gray Cats: 5 Breeds and Characteristics


The British Shorthair is undoubtedly the first cat breed that comes to mind when it comes to gray cats. This cat, whose homeland is England, is adopted in all countries of the world thanks to its unique appearance and cuteness. Chatreux cats, which are also one of the best representatives of gray cats, are also preferred as much as the British Shorthair. Russian Blue cat, Scottish Straight and Felis Bieti are among the breeds that can be given as examples of gray cats. It will be very useful for those who are considering adopting to learn about these cat breeds, which all have their own personality structures and characteristics.

British Shorthair

The gray hair of British Shorthair cats is dense and short, and they are also very easy to care for.

The head shape is plump and round, the round, large eyes of this breed are the features that make them immediately recognizable. Eye color can be any shade of orange, but it is usually red yellow.

The British Shorthair is a breed that is very attached to its home and owners.
This is how it gained the reputation of being the most comfortable cat in crowded houses. Being close to people and much attention do not bother them at all, but on the contrary, it makes them happy.

Scottish Straight

Scottish Straight is a breed produced by crossing Scottish Fold and British Shorthair.

Scottish Straights, which attract attention with their erect ears, are very friendly and social cats. They are highly preferred by families with children, as they can easily adapt to home life and children.

Chartreux cats, which have a wild spirit under their squishy appearance, are perhaps the most confident cat breed among gray cats.
This cat breed, which has high self-confidence, is not recommended for large families with children. When their sudden attitudes and reactions are combined with their player structure, they can be unwieldy. However, it is among the most preferred breeds with its soft and comforting tone and the love it shows whenever it wants.


As far as is known, Chartreux cats are a cat breed that was bred in the Grand Chartreux Monastery in the French Alps and spread to the world from there.

Chartreux’s with a big and round head as if they are smiling are especially preferred for these images.

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue cat, as the name suggests, is a cat breed that spread from Russia to the world. It is known that the Russian Blue cat was first brought to England from Russia by Elisabeth I.

Russian Blue cats are a breed that loves freedom and loves to be independent.

Russian Blues, which attract attention with their triangular head structure and usually emerald green eyes, are generally not a large race. One of the most common negativities and issues to be considered in British Shorthair cats is obesity.

It is important for these cat owners, who are not very active and love to eat, to give them controlled food.

The body weight of British Shorthairs, whose average life span is 14-16 years, can be between 5kg and 10kg.

Felis Bieti

Felis Bietis, another representative of gray cats, is a cat breed that is in danger of extinction.
Most of these cats, which are still mostly found in China, live in the wild and hunt in nature.

Felis Bietis, one of the most interesting cat breeds, are cats that choose to stay away from people and do not know much about them.

Felis Bietis are very agile and fast, they hunt and feed at night in nature and are the least number of domesticated cats.

Felis Bietis live in nature by hunting small animals such as birds, rodents and squirrels.
Sand gray colors give them a great advantage during hunting.

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