German Rex Cat Breed: Information, Personality Traits & Care


German Rex, the unique kitten in the rex cat family, with its quick wit and unique appearance! The German Rex, a highly intelligent cat, has been called the “Albert Einstein of Cats”. He is an intelligent, resourceful, social and child-friendly cat. He adapts easily to trainings and activities, learns new commands easily and brings joy to the environment with his sweet mischief. There is much more to learn about the German Rex. Let’s take a closer look at it…

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German Rex Personality & Character Traits

Here comes the German Rex! Known as the Albert Einstein of the cat world with its high intelligence level, the German Rex is an extremely agile, curious, sociable and social cat breed. The German Rex, which can be a perfect breed for families with children, is a type of cat with a high level of affection as well as being intelligent and playful. This makes it an ideal family cat. His quick wit sets him apart from many other cats. It is possible to see this characteristic difference in almost everything. German Rex, who can adapt very well to training, can both perceive the given commands without difficulty and surprise everyone by developing his own tactics in the games. We can say that his unique moves and mischief amuses his family members a lot.

Since it is a very intelligent cat, it also needs plenty of toys. Therefore, a German Rex cat owner should buy a basket full of toys. Grab and fetch style games are one of his favorite games. When you crumple a piece of paper in front of him, he can play with it for hours. He can also spend time tirelessly with plush-style toys. His intelligence makes him curious and highly energetic. He gets rid of this energy by playing games. But when intelligence, curiosity and energy come together, this kitty will be in trouble one day. Jumping on high places, sticking his head in cupboards, opening drawers with his paws, and attempting to knock over decorative objects on high shelves are just some of his mischief. For this reason, a German Rex owner should take all this into account and not leave household items that could break, especially at high points.

Just because he’s a smart cat, doesn’t mean he’s very cold-blooded. Maybe some of the smartest cats in the world may be cold-blooded, but the German Rex is not. On the contrary, it is a cat breed that reacts to something that attracts its attention and can get bored and crouch in a corner when left alone. However, when he receives attention, he never deprives himself of people. He spends time with other members of the house, especially with his owner, makes pranks to get attention from them, enjoys playing games, is great with children, and can even spend time in harmony with good-natured dogs and live for a long time. The German Rex cat enjoys spending time in the lap of its owner when not playing. It can make melodious sounds from time to time. This is a sign of his love for his owner. Of course, if the meowing continues, it should not be forgotten that he is hungry.

The German Rex, which gives the impression of a very cute cat in terms of appearance, is an intelligent, affectionate and social cat. He has a great time with children, gets along well with other breeds of pets. The German Rex is one of the cat breeds that families with children can adopt with peace of mind.

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History of the German Rex Cat

As the name suggests, it is a breed bred in Germany. The Second World War has ended, people’s food stocks are running out, many cats have died, and some breeds are in danger of extinction. Shortly after the end of the war, a German doctor named R. Scheuer-Karpin finds him wandering alone in the garden of Hufeland Hospital. This encounter led to the emergence of the first German Rex kittens with a female cat rescued from the ruins of East Berlin. The female cat rescued from the ruins of East Berlin, with her wavy black fur, resembled a little black lamb. In 1957, one of the kittens of this cat was mated with the cat that Doctor Scheuer-Karpin found in the hospital garden, and thus the first German Rex kittens were born.

By 1960, two German Rex female cats had been imported to the United States. These two female cats, Jet and Marigold, were soon joined by a male German Rex cat named Christopher Columbus. These three cats were also pioneers in the expansion of the breed in America.

Owning German Rex cats today is obviously a bit of a challenge. We can come across the German Rex, one of the rarest cat breeds in the world, in Germany and some other European countries around it. It is not a very popular breed in America. The Cat Fanciers Association of America (CFA) does not yet recognize this breed. The only major association that recognizes the Germanic Rex is the International Federation of Cat Records (FIFe).

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What does a German Rex cat look like?

How big do German Rex cats get?

German Rex, which weighs between 3.5 and 4 kg, has an athletic appearance with its thin bones. Classified as a small to medium sized cat, the German Rex gives the impression of a larger appearance due to its long legs. It has a very cute appearance with its wide and tapering head structure from the sides and wide erect ears. It is known for its large and brightly colored eyes, its hairy tail in proportion to its body, and its medium-long fur structure.


The German Rex has a broad head that tapers towards the chin. The cheeks are protruding. It has a strong jaw structure. With its open eyes and erect ears, it gives the impression of an alert cat. The feathers on the upper part of the head are curly, their mustaches are sparse. There is a slight slope from the forehead to the nose.


The German Rex has large prominent ears compared to its relatively small head. The ears are open and erect. This always gives him the impression of being alert. The ears start wide at the base and end in an oval shape towards the tips. There is no hairiness in the ears.


In the head structure, which is small compared to its body, its large and round eyes are immediately evident. The eyes are extremely bright and can be any color that complements the fur color.

Legs and Paws

The German Rex’s legs are thin and long compared to its body. This makes it an athletic cat. Their paws are proportional to their legs, oval and prominent.


It has a medium length tail. The tail, which starts thick at the base, ends by tapering towards the ends. Just like its body, its tail also has dense and dense feathers.


It has woolly fur with a curly appearance and a silky soft feel. Hair is more dense on the body and tail, less on the head, under the chin and legs. Due to its relatively long coat, it needs grooming at least twice a week.


The German Rex can be seen in any color or pattern, mostly Sarman and fawn. Eye colors, nose skin and paw pad colors are in harmony with the fur color and pattern.

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German Rex Nutrition

The German Rex breed has no special nutritional needs. However, the player structure that comes with a high level of intelligence makes him very energetic. For this reason, it needs a high-quality diet to replenish the energy spent during the day. You can buy Ona high protein foods with real fish or meat from trademarks such as Pro Plan, Royal Canin, N&D, Whiskas, LaVital. Do not forget to put a bowl of clean water next to the food bowl at feeding time. In addition, as with the nutrition of all cats, attention should be paid to the nutrition of the German Rex, and more than it needs should not be given in order not to face the risk of obesity.

German Rex Cat Training

The German Rex is one of the smartest members of the cat family. They call him the Einstein of the cat world. Having an extremely agile mind, the German Rex is one of the easy breeds to train. Grab-bring games and plush toys are some of the toys that he plays with great pleasure. The German Rex, which enjoys spending time with its owner, can be easily trained with a well-planned training program. With a little love, a treat after every command, and a little dedication, he is open to learning even hard-to-teach trainings. A German Rex kitten can be taught to calm down during toilet training, introduction of the scratching post, nail trimming and grooming before long.

German Rex Health

The German Rex is generally a healthy breed. There is no genetic health problem recorded yet. However, due to its fine hair, it can be affected by the sun, wind, rain and cold weather during the time it spends outside. For this reason, it is recommended to keep it indoors to protect it from such weather conditions.

German Rex Lifespan

The average lifespan of this breed is between 9 and 14 years. To date, no specific common disease is known in the German Rex cat, as it is a little-known breed.

However, it has been reported by veterinarians in Germany that the cat is suffering from certain diseases such as oral health problems or infections.

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German Rex Care and Nutrition

Cat care is not difficult as long as it is a cat that does not require extra care. If you are going to look after a German Rex cat, hygiene is of great importance for these cats. In general, you need to keep all the items that the cat will use and your house, which is your cat’s living space, clean. At regular intervals, you should properly disinfect the container that meets the food, water and toilet needs. In addition, you can wash and clean their toys so that they do not swallow fluff and dust.

Brushing your cat’s hair 2 or 3 times a week is important for skin health. You should take a bath with lukewarm water at regular intervals. The nails of these cats need some care. If you cut your nails regularly, it is important both for your cat’s health and for the safety of your belongings because it is naughty.

You may need to buy special food for your cat because it is extremely energetic and playful. For this reason, you should choose quality foods for your cat’s health. If you do not know which food to use, you can get recommendations for food from your veterinarian or pet shop on the internet. By trying these foods, you can decide on the most suitable one for your cat and use that food continuously.

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German Rex cats are very active because they like to play, but you should still give their meals regularly so that your cat does not gain too much weight. In this regard, regular feeding will accelerate the development of your cat.

German Rex Breeding Information

As with all animals, German Rex cats enter a period of heat and mating when they reach a certain maturity. The duration of this period and the difficulty of the period may vary for each cat. On average, this period is 10 days in a cat. During this period, you need to be patient and understanding. Because, especially if it is the first time, it may surprise you by exhibiting behaviors that you are not accustomed to.

In times of heat, cats can often be more irritable and noisier. It is possible that they urinate on things or in some corners of the house in order to leave an odor somewhere. The fact that they meow constantly means they are in pain. If you do not want to mate, it will be beneficial for both you and your cat to have your cat neutered.

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