Friendliest Dogs – 10 Most Friendly Dog Breeds for Families


Friendliest Dogs

Known as people’s loyal friends, dogs help people calm down and have a more positive outlook on life, as well as help the children of the house be more successful in social life. Of course, for dogs that require care and attention like a baby, the person must feel ready for this before adopting. If you want to choose the most suitable dog for you and your family, you can adopt one of the friendly dogs on the list!

French Bulldog

french bulldog dog

This breed, which is very successful in its guard duty, is also very affectionate and playful. Bulldogs establish an emotional bond with a person and adopt a person as their owner; Therefore, the bond between them and that person cannot be broken easily. Although they look cute, they show quite aggressive behavior when disturbed or jealous of their owners. Bulldogs, who mostly get along well with the elderly, do not like naughty children.


beagle dog

Beagles, a breed with a highly developed sense of smell, are usually the dogs that hunters take with them to hunt animals such as hares, quails, and pheasants. This breed, which loves to explore as well as hunt, is also energetic, friendly, brave and curious. Beagles, who need to play more than other dog breeds, get along very well with children. However, if they are not accustomed from a young age, they may have difficulty living together with another pet.

Bull Terrier

bull terrier

Known for their courage, this breed has no fear of anything. They are as playful as they are brave. Their loyalty to their owners is immense and for this breed nothing is more important in their life than their owners. Although they may seem like a scary breed to people from the outside, they actually have a very affectionate nature. Bull Terriers will do anything to protect their family members.

Longhaired Collie

longhaired dog

Collies, a breed that is not very suitable for apartment life; No matter how cold they are to people they don’t like, they don’t attack. Collies, which have a very stubborn structure, need to be brushed frequently. In addition to being intelligent, they are cute and sensitive. They make excellent friends and playmates to children. This breed, which has a protective nature towards its owner, has a special instinct of protection against children.


newfoundland dog

Being very large allows them to have excellent swimming ability. Their fur protects them from cold and water. Besides being strong, he is adaptable, brave, generous, intelligent and friendly with people. Although strong, they are far from brutal. In addition to being extremely attentive to their owner, they do not exhibit aggressive behavior towards strangers.


vizsla dog breed

It is a dog breed that is very successful in expressing the love inside. Besides being suitable for living with family, they also get along very well with children. It is so full of energy that it needs to be exercised every day. So much so that if his energy is not discharged and exercise is not done, he may experience mental problems.

Irish Setter

irish setter dog breed

Thinking just like a human, Irish Setters are highly intelligent. This breed, which gets along very well with other animals, is also full of energy. Due to their energy, they enjoy walking for hours and running constantly. People can easily meet and get along with people other than their owner. They want to receive lots of love from the person in front of them and they like to show that they love the other person.



In addition to its sensitivity, it is an intelligent, playful and proud breed. He forms a strong bond with the family he joins and becomes a good friend to the members of the family. They love to play and do not bark much, so they do not have a problem living in an apartment. They are good at obedience in most breeds of dogs.

Labrador Retriever


It is one of the most compatible dog breeds with its owner. They are patient, intelligent and loyal. They like to take orders from their owners, to obey, to water. They also love to play because they are energetic. They are good with children and they are happy to feel like a member of the family they join. However, dogs of this breed should not be left alone for a long time, otherwise they may damage the furniture in the house.

Golden Retriever


A complete family dog, Golden Retrievers are devoted to their family. This breed, which has a lively nature, is energetic, has a lot of love, and also likes to eat. When their owners are happy, they are also happy. They are not suitable to be guard dogs because they can easily make friends with strangers. They blindly trust their owners, immediately and completely follow the orders given by their owners, and they do not like to be alone.

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