Exotic Shorthair Cat Breed Profile, Size, Personality & Other Traits


The Exotic Shorthair is a short-haired, round-faced, wide-bodied cat. The Exotic Shorthair, which is similar to the Persian cat in many features, is different from the Persian cat with its nose and fur structure. The Exotic Shirthair cat breed is one of the most popular cat breeds in the world.

HEIGHT10–12 inches
WEIGHT10–12 pounds
LIFE SPAN8–15 years
GOOD WITHchildren, seniors, dogs, cats, families
TEMPERAMENTsociable affectionate bold
COLORSchocolate / brown / sable cinnamon lavender / silver fawn blue / gray black / ebony cream / beige / tan lilac white red / orange
PATTERNSbi-color solid tabby calico / tri-color color point
OTHER TRAITSeasy to train easy to groom friendly toward other pets friendly toward strangers friendly toward humans tolerates being alone high potential for weight gain good lap cat tolerates being picked up

The most distinctive physical features of exotic shorthair cats are small ears and chubby cheeks compared to their large and round head. These physical features make them look pretty sweet. Their round and large eyes usually have vibrant colors such as gold, copper and orange. The fur of these cats, which has a very dense hair structure, has a short and soft structure. It is also worth noting that there is no obvious plumage color.

General Characteristics of Exotic Shorthair Cats

  • The hair of the Exotic Shorthair cat breed, which has hair color in almost every color tone, looks bright and lively.
  • His deep, expressive and narrow eyes are sparkling. This feature makes this cat breed very different.
  • The big paws that stand out under their shiny feathers, on the other hand, add a different meaning to their chubby appearance. The petite paws further increase the cuteness of this cat breed.
  • Their large body allows them to be among the large cat breeds. This cat breed has a large body and large bones.
  • The exotic shorthair cat breed with chubby cheeks has an even bigger look with these chubby cheeks.
  • This cat breed, which amazes those who see it with its sweetness with a round head structure, has pointed and non-upright ears. Its ears are tapered towards the end and its ears have short hair just like its body.
  • The nose of this cat breed, which has a flattened nose, has a hazelnut appearance and resembles a tiny ball. The nose structure is inherited from its ancestor, the Persian cat.
  • Her magnificent cheeks hanging from her chin are collected and are in great harmony with her tiny mouth.
  • The exotic shorthair cat breed, which has large eyes, has vivid copper, orange, brown and gold colors. His eyes are phosphorescent, like the look of a child without malice.
  • The body weight of an adult exotic shorthair cat breed varies between 3 and 6 kilograms. The body of this cat breed stops growing after it reaches a certain point, it cannot gain weight easily. With these features, it does not affect the health status.
  • It has a fully compatible body with its short body, thick molded legs and huge paws.
  • Exotic shorthair cat breed does not have a unique hair color and pattern.

Personality & Character Traits of Exotic Shorthair

While Persians and other cats of close pedigree have a calmer temperament, Exotic Shorthair cats are more playful and more willing to engage in physical activities. Undoubtedly, the contribution of American Shorthair cats to this temperament is quite high.

Exotic cats, which have been mated with American Shorthair cats for many years, have undergone changes in their genes and have differentiated in temperament and have evolved into a more active species by differing from Persian cats from the same pedigree. However, almost every other feature is very similar to Persian cats.

They are very comfortable, loyal to their owners, and extremely sweet and affectionate in appearance. Perhaps the most favorite activity of Exotic Shorthairs is to quietly follow their owners from room to room to get involved in their lives and see what they are doing.

You may be fond of the look of Persian cats and dream of owning a Persian cat. However, if you are worried about the care of their long hair, Exotic Shorthair cats will be more ideal for you.

This loyalty to their owners brings along a personality trait that can be considered a disadvantage for some. Exotic Shorthairs are a social breed. That’s why they don’t like to be alone.

Finally, like most cat breeds, Exotic Shorthairs are creatures that are keen on looking out the window. You can arrange them a padded corner in front of the window. You can also make them their own bed, however, as they are very loyal to their owners, they are also likely to sleep next to you.

Origin of Exotic Shorthair

With the popularity of the Persian cat in the 1950s, breeders began to create a hybrid breed from the American Shorthair cat and the Persian cat. The Exotic Shorthair cat emerged from the combination of the American Shorthair cat breed and Persian cats.

Exotic Shorthair Physical Qualities of Exotic Shorthair Cat


Exotic Shorthair cats, which have a stocky appearance with their wide chest, short legs, rounded head, ears and eyes, weigh an average of 4-5 kilograms. They are very similar to Persian cats with their body structure.

Exotic Shorthair Weight

The Exotic Short hair cat breed, even larger than the Persian cat, can be irritated by dust, so it may need eye care. Exotic shorthair cats weigh between 3-7 kg. The breed, which is considered medium size, does not grow too much. Life expectancy ranges from eight to fifteen years. It is noteworthy that these cats have their own physical characteristics.

Exotic Shorthair Cat Lifespan

Exotic Shorthair cats can have a shorter lifespan compared to many breeds. They live between 8 and 15 years.


The head structure of Exotic Shorthairs is similar to that of Persian cats. It consists of a round head the width of a large skull and complementing it with rounded eyes, rounded ears, a short and flattened nose and broad cheeks and a well-developed full chin.


The ears of Exotic Shorthairs are small, with rounded tips, partially bent forward and not too wide at the base. It adds a lot of affection with its small oval appearance proportional to round head structures.


The eyes of Exotic Shorthairs have a large and round structure, bright enough to give a sweet expression to their faces. Eye colors vary depending on the color of their feathers. It can be mostly blue, blue-green or copper.

Legs and Paws

Although Exotic Shorthairs have a stocky appearance due to their wide body structure, the legs that carry that bulky body are short but thick and strong. Paws are equal, round and firm compared to their feet.


Short but proportional to body length. Patterns on the body can also be seen on the tail.


The hair of Exotic Shorthairs is fine textured, shiny and short. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. It is necessary to prevent the formation of hairballs by performing hair care once a week.


Exotic Shorthair cats are known for having a variety of colors, and they differ from other cat breeds with this feature. The marvelous patterns that complement this variety of colors also make Exotic Shorthairs one step ahead of the cat lovers as they are highly attractive.

Exotic Shorthair cats can be chocolate, brown, sable, cinnamon, lavender, silver, blue-gray, black, ebony, cream, beige, tan, lilac, white and red orange.

Exotic Shorthair Care and Nutrition

Exotic Shorthair cats can express all their genetic traits by taking quality foods. The nutrients he will receive in different contents and proportions vary according to his age, lifestyle and general health.

Exotic Shorthair cats should be very careful with their diet as they are prone to obesity. In order to maintain ideal body condition, it is necessary to give the right amount of food and to do physical activities after meals.

Exotic Shorthair Training

How to train a cat is directly related to its temperament. Do not worry! Exotic Shorthair cats are not lazy like their relatives Persian cats. Exotic Shorthair cats, whose play level is higher than Persian cats, crown their loyalty to their owners by following the commands they will receive from them.

exotic shorthair cats

Exotic Shorthair Health Status

Exotic Shorthairs, like other cats in their pedigree, are generally a healthy breed. However, since they share most of their genes with Persian cats, they are also likely to encounter some of the same health problems. Heart disease and polycystic kidney disease are included in these health problems. In order to prevent these two important health problems to some extent, make sure that your cat is purebred when you adopt it when it is a kitten.

Just like Persian cats, Exotic Shorthairs can have breathing problems due to their flat, flat noses. However, excess weight can also be a problem for Exotic Shorthairs, so it is important for owners to feed their little friends on a regular feeding schedule.

Finally, Exotic Shorthairs need regular brushing and nail care. Their short, dense coat should be brushed once a week to prevent dirt and shedding. Their lifespan is on average 8 to 15 years. It is also seen that a healthy Exotic Shorthair lives over 15 years.

All cats have the potential to develop genetic health problems, and this potential is obviously higher in purebred breeds. Some health problems can also be seen in the exotic shorthair breed. Diseases to which the race is predisposed include:

  • Polycystic kidney disease: This hereditary disease, which causes dysfunction in the kidneys, occurs with the formation of cysts in the kidneys. When the cysts multiply, they can lead to kidney failure and, unfortunately, to the death of the cat.
  • Calcium oxalate urolithiasis: This disease affects cats as well as humans and dogs, and exotic shorthair cats are predisposed to this disease. Calcium oxalate urolithiasis is simply the crystallization of salts in the bladder of my cats. When calcium oxalate crystallizes, stones called uroliths appear and accumulate in the bladder, causing obstruction. If the blockage is not noticed and treated quickly, it will cause the cat’s death. This disease can be prevented with a urinary health diet.
  • Brachycephalic respiratory syndrome: This problem, which is seen in all flat-nosed cat breeds, causes difficulty in breathing, which may result in undesirable situations. If an exotic shorthair is fat, it must be weakened to prevent it from getting much more affected by this problem, because when brachycephalic respiratory syndrome is combined with excess weight, it becomes much more difficult for the animal to breathe, which can trigger serious conditions such as a heart attack.
exotic cat

Activity Level of Exotic Shorthair Cats

While the Exotic Shorthair is similar in temperament and type to the Persian, they tend to be a little more lively, retaining some of the energetic spark of their American Cat ancestry. Exotic Shorthairs can be quite skilled rat hunters. Enjoy jumping after they end up playing with toys and sticks.

Behavioral Characteristics of Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair may not sleep with its owner on a regular basis, either, as he tends to be overheated and sometimes prefers to sleep on cold tiles or a brick hearth. These cats are unobtrusive and easy to live with.

The exotic will follow its owner around the house and then settle in to rest quietly in some nook or cranny. They can nap for hours. They want to be close to people, but not necessarily always “nested” together.

Exotic Shorthairs Are An Ideal Family Member

Exotic Shorthair cats with a sweet and lively personality that get along well with other pets and children. Despite their low energy, they enjoy playing for hours with cat toys or a cat fishing rod.

Exotic Shorthairs are a breed suitable for all kinds of home feeding thanks to their low energy. However, as with all cat species, it is very important to keep these cats at home at all times. Allowing your cat outside access means you expose them to cars, other animals, and other dangers.

Exotic Shorthairs; Their sweet, gentle and playful personalities make them an excellent alternative for families with children or pets, while their low-maintenance nature makes them an ideal breed for first-time cat owners.

Can Exotic Shorthairs Get Along With Other Animals And Children?

exotic shorthair cats

Exotic Shorthair cats can form friendships with all animals that approach them with kindness. They are also very kind to children. Thanks to these structures, they can be fed in homes with children and pets without any problems.

Exotic Shorthair Price

Although Exotic Shorthair breeds vary depending on pedigree, the average price is always in the $1200-1500 range. But some rare Exotic Shorthair breeds can cost up to $10,000.

Note: We are completely against buying animals for money. If you want a pet, get one from a shelter or close acquaintances.

Are Blonde Cats Difficult to Take Care of?

Known for their distinctive appearance, Exotic Shorthair cats are close relatives of the much-loved Persian cats. However, Exotic Shorthairs are not the kind of cats that require as much maintenance as Persians. The short, dense and plush hair of Exotic Shorthair cats is extremely easy to care for. Brushing at least once a week will be sufficient for a healthy hair structure.

The teeth of Exotic Shorthair cats are generally solid. To avoid dental health problems, it is necessary to brush regularly at least twice a week. It should be checked for earwax and signs of infection once a week. These cats, which are prone to obesity, need to be regularly monitored for their weight. To help him maintain his weight, he should be helped to exercise regularly by having him play with toys based on physical activity.

4 Interesting Facts About Exotic Shorthair Cats

Exotic Shorthair Cat Is Hypoallergenic

Although it is claimed that the Exotic shorthair breed is among the hypoallergenic cat breeds that do not cause allergies, this is unfortunately not true. Moreover, there is no such thing as a non-allergic cat, since some cats secrete less allergen compared to others, the risk of allergy is lower and exotic shorthair is not among these cat breeds. Let’s add that you can get detailed information about cats that are less likely to cause allergies by browsing our article on non-allergic cat breeds.

Exotic Shorthair Cats Can Be Born With Long Hair

Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. Fortunately, there are cases where exotic shorthair cats are born with long hair.

Exotic Shorthair Cats Love Having Their Hair Brushed

Exotic shorthair cats, known as lazy cats, love to be brushed. If you want to smother your cat with attention and love, take a comb and lay your cat on its back and start combing the hair on its belly. Your cat will love it.

Exotic Shorthair Cats Get Used To Water Quickly

Their short hair makes it easier for exotic shorthair cats to get used to the water. In this way, you can easily bath your cat several times a week.

Frequently Asked Questions About Exotic Shorthair Cat

How Long Does an Exotic Shorthair Cat Live?

Their lifespan may be shorter compared to many breeds. They live between 8 and 15 years.

Does Exotic Shorthair Cat Shed A Lot?

No, one of the most specific features about them is that they shed very little. It is really easy to maintain.

How Long Does an Exotic Shorthair Cat Get Pregnant?

Gestation periods can be extended up to 65 days.

How Many Kittens Does Exotic Shorthair Cat Have?

They can give birth to an average of 4 puppies at each birth, the number of puppies can vary between 2 and 8.

Are exotic shorthair cats hypoallergenic?

Although it is claimed that the Exotic shorthair breed is among the hypoallergenic cat breeds that do not cause allergies, this is unfortunately not true.

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