Egyptian Cat Breed – What You Didn’t Know About the Egyptian Cat!


There is so much to wonder about the small leopard-looking Egyptian Cat breed. Everything about him is in our content that we have compiled for you.

Fast, spotted, athletic and an excellent hunter. I’m not talking about a leopard. These are the features of the cute little cat Egyptian Cat. The Egyptian Cat, which has a special place in the cat world as the only domestic cat with a spotted pattern, also holds the title of being the fastest domestic cat with a speed of close to 30 miles per hour. Although these seem to be the only things that make him special, he is a complete family cat with his harmonious personality and social intelligence. The Egyptian Maus is one of the oldest domesticated cat breeds in the world, which has been transported to our modern world like a dream from the pictograms and narratives of ancient Egypt. Who knows, maybe it was he who protected the workers’ food from meerkats while a pyramid was being built thousands of years ago.

Personality of the Egyptian Cat

The Egyptian Cat, or the Egyptian Mau cat, comes from noble origins, as I will tell in its history. This can also give an idea about his personality. Although a superficial look at him may cause to be affected by his very special fur pattern and other physical characteristics, those who really know him will focus on his noble and social personality rather than his outward appearance, and those who see these features will be addicted to him. The features that have made the Egyptian Maus very popular among domestic cats also attract attention. It is the only domestic cat with a naturally spotted feature, and it also bears the title of the fastest cat with its resemblance to a cheetah. Who knows, maybe one of the reasons why he is so human is the attention he receives from us humans.

The Egyptian Mau always develops comfortable social relations with humans. He does not hesitate to show his feelings, to come to a person suddenly and to rub himself or to invite his family to the game. The ease, sociability and talkativeness typical of Asian cats are also seen in the Egyptian Mau. He conveys his needs and expectations by meowing sweetly. He may even expect to chat from time to time. His voice is melodious and soft. Even listening to him for a long time without doing anything would be a great peace. Not only is her voice cute, but the way she wags her tail while meowing is cute enough. In addition, giggle-like sounds, although not that melodic and attractive, often the main emotional words are conveyed in this tone. So don’t forget to respond especially to these giggle-like sounds. No one wants to offend Mau.

The Egyptian Mau is a great hunter. Although he is not a very active cat breed, his world record in sprint and his excellent camouflage have enabled him to specialize in hunting. Thanks to his hunting passion, you can be sure that there will be no pests left in the environment. This can very well reflect his hunting talent and passion in his relationship with people. When he catches a real mouse, he can expect your appreciation by bringing it to you and presenting it to you. In such cases, getting angry or ignoring him will upset your cat. So you should accept this kind gift and thank him. It’s kind of sad, but even if you get mad at him, the poor mouse won’t come back. The Mau’s hunting skills aren’t just about actually hunting or bringing presents to its owner. He tries to keep the talents he has gained in nature alive by turning them into games in our sheltered homes.

Making hunting even more fun by gamifying, the Egyptian Cat can often find something to play with and amuse itself. It could be a fluffy ball, a crumpled piece of paper, or anything else you can’t see. Even if he can have fun playing with imaginary toys, it’s best to buy him real cat toys. Cat toys that evoke the feeling of hunting as much as possible will be Mau’s biggest entertainment. Although he is not a very active cat, these toys can arouse extreme interest in him. This is also a good way to get him to exercise. How can a good hunter let go of his constant pursuit of prey?

By the way, although I have said that it is not very active, this should not be misunderstood. It is a calmer but still very active cat breed compared to hyperactive breeds. The Egyptian Mau’s sense of movement encompasses running trials and climbing high. He loves to watch what’s going on from the top. That’s why it’s a good idea to get him at least one cat tree. In addition, it will be very happy if you create other areas where he can climb. You can start by emptying the top of your refrigerator. Then all the cabinets 😊 High places, which provide an excellent field of view to see the smallest movement with their sharp eyes, are indispensable for a real hunter.

Although many of the personality traits of this cute hunter are due to his abilities that he developed in the difficult life of primitive life, he actually has a completely different side. One of the oldest cat breeds in history, the Egyptian Cat has lived with humans on farms, barns and homes for hundreds of years. For this reason, he may be used to people, this is perfectly normal. But what sets his social intelligence apart from most social cats is his ability to make healthy choices between people. Although Mau treats all family members warmly, she loves someone more and wants to spend more time with him. He is like a shy child towards strangers. He will not disturb or mistreat the guests who come to your home, but he will not want to show them the closeness he shows to his family. As he gets to know them, he can establish good relations with other people. So it always leaves a door open 😊

Mau is a very intelligent cat breed in different subjects as well as attracting attention with its social intelligence. It’s his job to explore and learn. Challenge his mind with little puzzles, confuse him with little tricks or try to train him on certain topics. If you want to ban him from entering the kitchen, you will not have much difficulty. As long as you give him enough opportunities to learn. After all, hunting is a matter of intelligence as well as luck.

Communication with Children and Humans

The Egyptian Mau is a cat breed that gives it enough time to trust it and will get along with anyone who approaches it with love. It does not separate people by age. His distinction is only in the attention and love shown to him. Therefore, it can get along well with both children and the elderly.

It can be said that he is excellent when it comes to children. Although he is a calm cat, the fun life of children will do him good. He can be friends with children of almost any age. It is a smart cat breed that knows how to leave a small child alone and have fun with older children. However, it will still get along better with some age groups. Babies and toddlers who have just learned to walk probably won’t be the family favourite. But play and school-age children, or adolescents who can better understand its demands, will be of greater interest than adults. For Mau, who is a bit shy about getting used to new things, one of the easiest things to get used to is a child, but it is normal that she does not approach the child or is afraid of him during this acclimation process. But once you get used to it, they can be a great duo.

egyptian cat

Although children are harmless and well-intentioned, a cat may not know this, so they may perceive them as a threat at first encounters. On the other hand, interacting with children who do not know how to treat a cat can cause cats to move away from people and even exhibit aggressive attitudes. Therefore, if a cat is brought to a house with a child or a child is brought to a house with a cat, a controlled orientation process should be experienced. Children should be made aware of how they should treat cats, and they should be better understood with exemplary behavior. Cats, on the other hand, should not be forced into relationships that they do not want at first, and they should wait patiently until they get close on their own will. The most solid form of the relationship between pets and children is the relationships established when the pet is a puppy. Pets that grow up with the child are likely to form a lifelong friendship with that child.

As for the elderly, Mau again does not have a clear attitude. To them it is the same as to everyone else. He will get along well with elders who respect, love and care for him. It is the elders who will make the decision about adopting a Mau and it can be the start of a good relationship if they think they can take care of him enough and meet his needs.

Egyptıan Cat Communication with Pets

For those who want to live with more than one pet in their home, the Mau is suitable, but not the best choice. He can live with other cats who will respect his space and accept his authority. Although small fights can sometimes occur in houses where more than one cat lives, these are not very harmful fights. However, it will still be a relationship that needs to be checked. Apart from cats, it can also get along well with cat-friendly dogs. He may show his shy attitude towards dogs as well as people he does not know, and may even be afraid of them. Therefore, a good familiarization process is required. You will probably need to protect your weaker cat during this process. It’s best to create areas where he can escape and climb. After this period of getting used to, he will be able to get along with dogs as well as cats.

Hunter Mau is a threat to most other pets. In particular, smaller and vulnerable aquatic animals, birds, rodents, and reptiles may sadly become the Egyptian’s next meal. Although there are measures that can be taken against this, the Mau’s intelligence, hunting skills and agility will be enough to exceed the measures you take. That’s why it’s best to choose between the cat and these pets.

Although he can share the same house with the animals I said he can get along with, there are some rules. The most important thing is that you give both pets private spaces and prevent space violations. Dating is an essential part of a good relationship. No matter how suitable the personalities of the two pets may be, the introduction should take place in a controlled environment and the process should be supervised. This should not be overlooked, as pets that both seem harmonious in their own right can harm each other when they come together. Another important point is that animals meet when they are babies. Animals that met when they were puppies and grew up together will see each other as siblings rather than rivals and will be good friends for the rest of their lives.

Physical Characteristics of the Egyptian Cat

The spotted pattern is effective in the exotic appearance of the Egyptian Maus, as well as its general body structure. The fact that it’s the only spotted domestic cat breed doesn’t define it. It is also the fastest cat breed. This record is due to his physical characteristics. While many comments can be made about him, from wild hunting to cat beauty pageant champion, all of these comments will make sense to the eye who knows how to take care of him.

Face and Head Structure

This royal cat cannot fully reflect the nobility of its soul on its facial features. He is modest enough to look cute and a little goofy. On the other hand, the lines and markings on his face are not meaningless. The shapes created by the patterns around the eyes and on the forehead can easily be associated with Egyptian mythology by an Egyptian historian. This situation can be accepted as an indicator of how much the face of Mau influenced the Ancient Egyptians.


The bone structure of the head is largely similar to the Oriental breeds. Medium sized head and full cheeks tapering hard towards the chin are typical examples of this. The head is generally not flat. The nose is prominently anterior and the chin is posterior. It has the appearance of being developed to be less affected by air friction when running.


Their large ears are positioned widely apart from each other, as is common in Asian cats. The insides of the ears are pink and lively in appearance, resembling mother-of-pearl. Ear hairs are usually short or absent.


Although its large eyes are almost in the shape of a full round, they can be compared to chubby almonds due to the slanting corners. Its eyes are grape green in color. As the kitten grows, the green of its eyes becomes more pronounced. The intensity of green always makes it more interesting.

Body Structure

The Egyptian Maus has a medium sized muscular, athletic and well-balanced body. In the body structure, there is flexible skin that hangs slightly from the hind legs to the knee, a feature not often seen in domestic cats. This feature, along with its spots, contributes to its appearance as a small leopard.


The body of the Mau is elegant and tight. Its slim appearance provides a unity with the tapering structure of its head. Although the body is generally rectangular with rounded corners, a slight arc can be drawn on the back from the nape to the hip.

Legs and Paws

Their legs are well proportioned to the body in length and thickness. The hind legs are typically longer, but there is no uneven length difference with the forelegs. When standing with small, round paws, it looks like it’s walking on tiptoe.

Feather Types

The most important factor that makes it special is its feathers. Their feathers are special both in structure and in color and pattern. Their shiny, fine, silky and soft short hair can carry several different color pattern combinations. The most special of these is the spotted tabby pattern on silver color. Apart from that, it can be in smoke, black or bronze colors. There are also authorities that do not include black cats in the breed.

Weight and Dimensions

Typically males are larger than females, the Egyptian Cat’s body weight ranges from 2.5 to 6.5 kg. Its dimensions are in the range of 30 – 35 cm.

Caring for the Egyptian Cat

Due to their short coat and grooming requirements, Egyptian Cats are very easy to care for. It is no different than the care you would apply to any cat or similar pet.


It is important for the body of this agile and muscular cat breed to stay fit. For this, the right foods should be given in appropriate sizes. In addition, meals should be given at the same time and a fixed menu should be followed by being a little more meticulous about nutrition. Dietary changes should be implemented gradually.


It is easy to clean for most cat breeds. Their short hairs shed very little. It is enough to gently comb his special hair once a week. But for more beautiful hair and skin health, it is better to comb it a few times a week. This distributes skin oils, making hair look healthier and shinier.

Health Status of the Egyptian Cat

The Egyptian Cat is generally a healthy cat. However, it is not very resistant to temperature changes with its short and fine hairs. Apart from this, it can be caught in common cat diseases that any cat can experience, as well as some health problems that it is genetically predisposed to.

Egyptian Cat Lifespan

The Egyptian Mau can live up to 17 – 18 years with good care and adequate care. But the average life expectancy is 15 years. This average life expectancy has been calculated based on the reported data and is not certain.

Can the Egyptian Cat Be Trained?

An intelligent, social and humane cat, the Egyptian Cat can be trained in small tricks and simple house rules. Although the training process is not very difficult, it still requires patience. Training a pet requires a process according to the training to be given.

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