Devon Rex Cat Breed – Everything You Need to Know

HEIGHT10–12 inches
WEIGHT6–9 pounds
LIFE SPAN9–15 years
GOOD WITHchildren, seniors, dogs, cats, families
TEMPERAMENTsociable, affectionate, neurotic, bold
COLORSchocolate / brown / sable cinnamon lavender / silver fawn blue / gray white black / ebony red / orange cream / beige / tan
PATTERNSbi-color solid calico / tri-color tabby color point
OTHER TRAITSeasy to train easy to groom friendly toward other pets friendly toward strangers friendly toward humans tolerates being alone high potential for weight gain good lap cat tolerates being picked up

Having a unique appearance, Devon Rex resemble an elf with their large eyes, small mouth, prominent and prominent cheekbones and relatively large ears. These characteristics clearly distinguish them from other cat breeds and make them an extraordinary breed of cat. Medium-sized Devon Rex have a soft and wavy fur pattern. Since this fluctuation in fur patterns, which is the result of mutation, is not seen in any other breed, it is unique to them. The back and neck parts are slightly smoky, while the hips, feet and head parts resemble the fur of Tabby.

Devon Rex Kittens – Before You Buy…

With their petite size, extraordinary ears that distinguish them from other cat breeds, open round eyes that give the impression of being focused on their prey, and an energetic facial expression, they are likened to a fairy for some, an elf for some, and an alien for others. What makes Devons so striking is their unique exterior. They differ sharply from other cat breeds by the differences in their appearance. They get this difference first from their huge ears and then from their unique fur structure. You can find detailed information about their appearance in the physical qualities section of our article. Let’s take a look at the Devon’s personality traits together…

The first information that will please those who are interested in the Devon breed cat; that they can get along very well with their owners and can be loyal friends. Devons are the kind of cats that will pay off if they are cared for and treated with love and affection by their owners. One day he falls asleep in your lap, there is one day he sleeps with you at night, or when you open your eyes for the first time in the morning, he is standing in front of you and watching you. Devons take great pleasure in getting on their shoulders, smothering their owners with kisses, and walking around the house with a murmur of affection. These features show that they are a people-oriented breed, as well as a self-confident and sociable temperament. Their self-confidence is evident during the game.

Devons are playful cats with a high level of activity with their assertive nature derived from their self-confidence. They enjoy playing games with their owners and love to go for walks with them. Even if there are no long walks, spending time in the garden on a leash is among their indispensable passions. They enjoy playing catch-and-fetch games. Their playful nature also makes them easy to train. Let’s go into a little more detail about the personality traits of the Devons and continue to get to know them…


What’s the Price of Devon Rex Kittens?

Those who want to get a Devon Rex cat pay between $600–$1,300 depending on the breed’s origin and characteristics. You may have to spend a total of $3,000 with the cat’s additional needs and toys.


Devon Rex cats, which became popular in the world when they were taken to America in the 1970s, are actually of British Devon origin.

Temperament & Intelligence of the Devon Rex

We mentioned that our cat likes to run around the house and is energetic. Considering his compatibility, alert and intelligent personality due to his acting and energetic character, he is a good actor and friend. You will spend time in harmony with your children and other household members and will be friends with you in fun games. Interactive games are among our cat’s favourites.

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

The Devon Rex cat gets along well with children and can get along quite well with other pets. They can have an unshakable friendship with other pets when they are grown together from their puppies. Apart from that, they have compatible structures. It is said that he gets along very well, especially with dogs. Of course, they can also make good friends with cats… Still, you know that first encounters are important. That’s why I advise you to be careful during the first encounter with another pet. This is an important detail to avoid unwanted fights and injuries.

Physical Qualities


Devons, a medium-length, lithe cat breed, have a hard and muscular body structure. Their chests are broad and their legs are extremely robust. Its hind legs are slightly longer than the front. This is a physical feature that keeps them slightly afloat. Devon males can have relatively larger bodies as long as they are well cared for.


Devon heads are relatively small compared to their bodies. When viewed from the profile, it has a slightly pointed structure. The outer edge of the ears, cheekbones and mustache curtains are slightly protruding. Their heads are broad and slightly elongated. Prominent cheekbones and mustache veils give Devons a full face. When viewed from the front, their noses add grace to their well-positioned heads. Their mouths are short, their jaws are developed and strong.


The main difference that distinguishes Devons from other cat breeds is their ears. Devon Rex’s ears are strikingly large and quite wide at the base. Their ears, slightly tapering towards the ends, are covered with fine hairs.


The eyes are large and wide, slightly sloping towards the outer edges of the ears. They can be any eye color but the color points are usually amber, blue, copper, green, gold, hazel, orange, teal and yellow.

Legs and Paws

Devon Rex’s legs are long and slender. Their paws are small and oval. There are five toes on the front feet and four toes on the hind feet.


The tail is long, thin and slightly tapering towards the ends compared to their body. Like the whole body, the tail also has a short coat of feathers.


The second most fundamental difference that distinguishes Devon Rex cats from other cat breeds is their fur structure. Devon fur has a short, ultra-fine and wavy texture. Since they are short-haired, they hardly shed. Their feathers cover the entire Devon’s body well. Hair is seen on the back, abdomen, legs, tail, face and even ears. There is less hair growth on the head, neck, chest and abdomen. When their fur is flattened by hand, it creates a wavy appearance. This appearance is more prominent on the body and tail, where the feathers are longest.


Devon Rex cats can be seen in any color or pattern. The head and feet are usually tabby-like.

Things to Know When Owning a Singapura


Devon Rex cats do not have such special nutritional requirements. However, as with all other cat breeds, they need a high-quality food with plenty of protein-rich ingredients. Devons are prone to obesity because they are petite and have a dense bone structure. This can invite serious joint pain and other physical problems in their later years. For this reason, it is important to follow the diet program with regular and moderate portions when feeding Devons.

Care should be taken to feed the Devons by offering the right amount of quality food, neither too little nor too much as they can eat daily, and of course avoiding foods with a high carbohydrate component. It is very important to keep cats at the right weight. While an extremely weak cat becomes more vulnerable to diseases by decreasing its immunity, overweight cats can face very serious joint disorders as obese, especially in old age.


Devon Rex are extremely athletic, sociable, social and highly intelligent. Therefore, it is not necessary to spend a lot of effort to entertain and educate them. They enjoy playing catch-and-bring games with their player identities and going out for a walk with their owners. You can get your Devon cat to play games by buying toys that you think might like it, and you can provide a cat tree or a scratching post to allow them to comfortably exhibit the behavioral traits they want to display as per their instincts.


Devon Rex cats are generally healthy cats. Despite being in good health, they are plagued by hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a type of heart disease that every cat breed sadly faces. Cardiomyopathy is a common insidious primary disease that causes excessive thickening of the heart muscle of cats. Some Devon cats have hereditary myopathy that affects muscle function, and some have musculoskeletal disorders.

The most distinctive feature that distinguishes Devons from other cat breeds is their short hair. Since their fur is ultra-thin and short, they are prone to sunburn and cold. Therefore, they must be in a warm environment. However, in hair care, the short hairs turn the need for combing into an advantage. Devon feather care can be done easily without any hassle. You can keep Devon furs healthy with just one coat of hair care once a week.

Devons, whose eyes are as open as possible, are prone to eye infections. Therefore, their eyes should be cleaned regularly with a damp clean cloth. However, their large, open ears leave an open door to earwax and parasites. It is inevitable that their ears should be checked regularly without any interruption. As with every cat, regular dental care and nail clipping are among the care that should be done periodically to make Devons feel good.

Finally, regular health checks and vaccinations are extremely important for Devon to lead a healthy life.

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