Cuddle Comfort: 10 Cats That Love Cuddling


There is such a thing as cuddle comfort for cats. Some cats love cuddling more, while others avoid excessive attention.

Cat breeds of all different shapes and sizes are generally affectionate. They hug, kiss and follow you like your best friend. However, other cats are a little more independent and cold, preferring to do their own thing.

They may also dislike being held, around children, and other pets. While a cat’s personality is more about upbringing, some actually depends on the breed type. So what are the most affectionate cat breeds? What cat breeds like to be cuddle comfort? Let’s learn together now…



If you’ve ever encountered a Ragdoll cat, you must have understood how perfect they are. These breeds, which reflect their names in the best way, turn around and jump on the ground, roll over and can’t get enough of love when they meet with attention and love. Ragdoll cats with a wonderful personality are also a gentle breed. If we talk about its features; Born in the 60s in California, USA, the Ragdoll has long hair and is partially Persian. It is generally gray in color and has a large and muscular body and a silky coat.

Distinctive Features

  • One of the largest indigenous breeds
  • extremely affectionate
  • Kind
  • Long haired
  • Gets on well with other animals
  • Good with children
  • Full with love
  • Has a comfortable fit

Scottish Fold

scottish fold

A cat breed affected by a dominant mutation that causes distinctive ear folds, the Scottish Fold is extremely affectionate. This cat breed, which tends to sleep on its back, was first named lop-eared because it resembles the floppy-eared rabbit breed. Born in Scotland in 1966, this breed was previously reported as a cat named Susie. On the other hand, there are some concerns, or rather health problems, in this breed. Breeders of this breed have come under a lot of criticism for inbreeding inherited traits such as deafness and some physical deformities. Today, these cats are crossed with British Shorthairs and American Shorthairs to reduce genetically inherited health problems.

Distinctive Features

  • Owl-like appearance
  • Floppy
  • Sleeping on back
  • Caressing
  • Distinctive vocalizations
  • Extremely social
  • Stubborn


cuddle comfort

The Birman, also known as the “Holy Cat of Burma”, is one of the domestic long-haired cat breeds. Defined by their beautiful fur, blue eyes and colorful pointed appearance, the Birman stands out not only with their outward beauty, but also with their being perfect companions. These cuddle comfort cats are highly social and tend to bond closely with their human companions. The Birman, which emerged in France in 1925, was accepted by the Cat Fanciers’ Association in the USA in 1967. Burmese cats, said to be companions of monks in northern Burma, were said to have disappeared during the Second World War. On the other hand, breeders were known to work hard to restore the breed.

Distinctive Features

It is a cuddle comfort cat

  • Establishing a close relationship with the owner
  • Known as the “Holy Cat of Burma”
  • Recognized by its silky plumage
  • Blue eyes
  • Once the temple priests were friends

Kurilian Bobtail

kurilian bobtail

The Kurilian Bobtail, which is thought to be related to the Japanese Bobtail, is a unique breed of cat. This breed, which is of Eurasian origin, is introduced as a Russian breed in order to distinguish it from the Japanese Bobtail type. These cats, who love to play with water, are docile, affectionate, gentle and intelligent. Kurilian Bobtail, which has short or medium length hair, has a short and stocky body. Famous for their short, fluffy tails, these species have a curved appearance as their hind legs are characteristically longer than their front legs. Rarely found in the US, this breed tends to make a loving companion at home. He is also loyal and affectionate.

Distinctive Features

  • Known as the Russian breed
  • Being related to the Japanese Bobtail
  • Playing with water
  • Having a short and stocky body
  • Famous for its short, curly and fluffy tails
  • Intelligent
  • Perfect friend



Very affectionate and extremely playful, Siamese cats are descended from the Whichianmat land breed, a descendant of Thai cats formerly known as Siams. One of the most popular breeds in North America and Europe, the Siamese has a distinctive triangular shaped head, blue almond shaped eyes, a slender and athletic build and prominent ears. Intelligent and highly social, these cats enjoy play and get along well in pairs or with other animals. It has been used for crossbreeding in many breeds, especially longhaired breeds. Among these breeds are the Cornish Rex, Colorpoint Shorthair, Himalayan and Balinese Cat.

Distinctive Features

  • Triangle head
  • Extremely loud
  • Blue eyes
  • Basic stock of many popular breeds
  • Most popular breed in North America and Europe
  • Very social
  • Gets on well with other animals

Maine Coon

brow maine coon

The largest domestic cat breed, the Maine Coon is a cat breed that can reach a weight of over 18 kilograms and a length of 48 cm. Also friendly, these cats are known for their chirping meows as well as being social and very vocal. These cats, which are also quite cute, can exhibit behaviors such as walking on a leash or playing games. One of the oldest breeds in North America, the Maine Coon has excellent hunting skills. Dubbed the “gentle giant” despite its large size, the Maine Coon has a rectangular body, two-layered plumage, and a bushy tail. These breeds, which come in a variety of colors, are intelligent, playful and loyal. They are independent but are also cuddle comfort cats. Compared to other cats, it is above average in terms of intelligence.

Distinctive Features

  • The largest domestic cat breed
  • The official state cat of North America
  • Being called the “gentle giant”
  • Has a long and bushy tail
  • They like to chirp and make noise
  • They tend to be hyperactive


persian cat

Adorable housemates, Persian cats are known to require a lot of grooming. These lap cats also like to be around all day. They get along well with other pets as well as being very kind and gentle with children. Persian cats, with round faces and flamboyant long hair, have short muzzles. They even have a tendency to experience respiratory problems because of this. These cats, originating from the Middle East, are called Persian cats or Shiraz cats. The Cat Fanciers’ Association in the USA ranked this breed as the second most popular breed in 2015. Many breeders have aimed to produce toy and teacup sized cats, but this is considered highly controversial given the chronic health issues of this breed.

Distinctive Features

  • The second most popular breed in the USA
  • Known for their short muzzle
  • They are quiet and gentle in nature
  • Gets on well with other animals
  • Caressing
  • Picky eaters
  • They require heavy maintenance
  • They are in various colors



The Sphinx, a hairless cat, is among the best cuddle comfort cats. This is because they want to stay warm. 🙂 This breed, which is hairless as a result of a genetic mutation, was consciously bred to have this feature after the 60s. These seemingly Siamese cats have the typical apple-shaped head, prominent apple bones, large almond-shaped eyes, and athletic build. Introverted, intelligent, curious and lovable, this breed is often referred to as cat dogs because of their dog-like behavior. These cats, which interact well with strangers, can live comfortably in crowded houses. Because they are hairless, they feel cold and have a higher risk of developing skin cancer.

Distinctive Features

  • Completely hairless
  • Displaying dog-like behavior
  • Social
  • Intelligent
  • Tendency to chill
  • Good strain for people with cat allergies



A hybrid cat of Siamese and Burmese origins, the Tonkinese is sociable, extroverted, high-energy and playful. This extremely vocal cat breed is said to be dog-like in nature, just like Sphinx cats. These cats, which have standard pointed hairs, can come in many different colors. The Tonkinese, a medium-sized cat with a slender and long body, can appear in brown, champagne, blue and platinum in general. They are intelligent and get along well with other animals.

Distinctive Features

  • Crossbreed
  • Exhibits dog-like behavior
  • High energy
  • Sound
  • Social and extrovert
  • Intelligent

Mixed Breed

Mixed Breed

Mixed breed cats are among the most loved cats of all time. Although the behavior of purebred cats has been predicted for years, there are additional risks of inbreeding and hereditary health problems. The mixed breed you adopt will be healthier than a purebred cat and will also be quite adaptable. He will also be extremely grateful and affectionate for a new home found for him. Tabby and tuxedo cats are intelligent and friendly. Orange tabbies have a cold temper. Black cats have hair of all types (short – medium – long) and are bold and social.

Distinctive Features

  • Fewer inherited health problems
  • Easy bonding
  • Adopted and neutered
  • Comfortable
  • Observer
  • Generally compatible
  • Gets on well with other animals
  • They build a life by adopting

Although the breeds we mentioned show more signs of affection, the signs that show that cats value their owners show universality regardless of breeds, and accordingly their body language is also common.

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