Cheetoh Cat Breed: Information, Personality Traits & Care


How extraordinary can a cat be? Cheetoh cat! You think it’s a type of wild cat. Yet not! Cheetoh cat, Bengal and Ocicat hybrid is a domestic cat breed originating in America. This spotted cat was developed with the aim of creating a unique looking breed. It is larger, heavier, exotic and extremely active than many other cat breeds. The males are sturdier and larger, while the females are more slender and smaller. Let’s take a closer look at this unique cat breed…

cheetoh cat

Cheetoh Cat Personality & Character Traits

Originating in the United States, the Cheetoh is a spotted cat breed that emerged from the crossing of a Bengal and Ocicat. Developed to create a unique pedigree cat just like its parents, the Cheetoh cat is a larger cat in body structure and heavier in weight than many other cat breeds in the cat family. Male cats of this breed are sturdy-bodied and large enough, while female cats are more slender and smaller.

Those who don’t know the exotic-looking Cheetoh cat may define him as a wild cat at first. However, contrary to popular belief, it is a domestic family cat that loves fun, tends to get along well with everyone, and can even get along with other pets. A Cheetoh cat can reciprocate the attention and love it receives from other members of the house, especially its owner, many times over. Cheetoh cat, a fun-loving and therefore playful cat, gives every second he spends with his owner and takes great pleasure in it. Since he tends to get on well with everyone in his environment, he does not deprive himself of games and other people in the house. If introduced well, they get along well with other pets in the house and can live in harmony for many years.

This unique looking Cheetoh cat has a wild look with spotted fur. That’s enough to set him apart from many other cats. He is almost eight generations away from the wildcats that formed the basis of the breed, but this has not changed anything from his wild appearance. The temperament structure immediately reveals that it is a complete family cat. He loves cuddles, attention and affection. It is perfectly happy to curl up alone on the sofa or enjoy the moment in its owner’s lap in front of the TV.

It loves to play games, run around the house and follow its owner from one room to another. However, when he gets tired, he calms down and curls up and goes into resting mode. But in general, we can say that he is a high-energy cat. So there are plenty of toys, cat trees, perches, etc., to keep him occupied. You must have the equipment.

cheetoh cat

Although this breed has a wild appearance, its temperament is almost the same as that of a domestic cat. This breed, which is extremely gentle and talkative, becomes docile when appropriate. His friendliness, love and strong bonds with his favorite people are admirable.

The Cheetoh cat is an incredibly intelligent animal. He pays attention to most things and stares at it to identify any object, trying to control it with his paws. It adapts easily to games, quickly perceives and fulfills given commands. Therefore, he has the ability to learn quickly.

We would like to remind you once again that this breed requires a lot of attention. It is an ideal cat breed for large families. Since they do not like to be alone, they are also very happy and self-confident in environments with large families and different pets. The Cheetoh cat gets along well with people of all ages, including children, forming a close bond with nearly every member of the family. Therefore, due to the temperament and needs of a Cheetoh cat, it is not a suitable breed for families with busy lifestyles that require constant being outside and single people living alone. If you have enough time to spend with and care for your Cheetoh cat, you can be sure that he will be a fun and loyal companion.

cheetoh cat

Cheetoh Cat Origin

The Cheetoh cat is a relatively new breed. It is a hybrid cat that is the result of crossing Ocicat and Bengal cats, which are direct descendants of the Wild Asian Leopard Cat. The said cross was made in 2001 by a cat breeder named Carol Drymon. His aim was to create a new breed of cat by combining the physical characteristics of a wild cat with the calmness of a house cat. As a matter of fact, his plan was successful, and after about eight generations, the Cheetoh cat turned into a cat that is affectionate, playful, and gets along well with its human friends.

The Cheetoh cat, which attracts a lot of attention for its incredible temperament and unique appearance, is still known as a rarer breed today, as it is a fairly new breed. The Cheetoh cat breed is not yet recognized by the Cat Enthusiasts Association of America (CFA), the world’s leading registrar of cats. Those who know the Cheetoh cat; United Feline Organization (November, 2004), Australian National Cats Inc (ANCATS) and New Zealand Catz Inc. The International Cat Association (TICA) has included this breed in the “Experimental New Breed Registration” category.

Physical Qualities


A more muscular and larger breed than a typical house cat, the Cheetoh cat has a relatively large, muscular and well-proportioned body than other cat breeds in the cat family. The male Cheetoh cat is larger and heavier than the female. It has thin but muscular legs in proportion to its body, erect ears, almond-shaped eyes. The fur structure is short-medium hairy. In general, an adult Cheetoh cat always looks lively and athletic.


The Cheetoh cat has a triangular head in proportion to its body. It has a head structure resembling an equilateral triangle with ears and eyes.


Ears are immediately recognizable on the head of the Cheetoh cat. The ears, which start wide at the base, end in a slightly rounded form towards the tips. The distance between the two ears is one ear width. Hair inside the ears is seen intensely. Its erect and open ear structure gives it the impression of being alert at all times.


The Cheetoh cat’s eyes are almond-shaped and extremely clear and bright. Eye colors are green to golden yellow.

Legs and Paws

The legs are graceful and muscular, complementing his muscular and large body very well. The hind legs are slightly longer than the front legs. Paws are oval and end broadly just behind their slender legs. Dark circles or spots may appear on the upper part of their legs.


The tail of the Cheetoh cat starts wide at the base and ends in a rounded shape, tapering slightly towards the ends. The tail length is well proportioned to its body. Just like its body, the feathers on its tail are dense and dense.


The Cheetoh cat has medium-length, thick and soft fur with a velvety feel. Its fur is covered with dark spots that give it the appearance of a wild cat. Their hair is short to medium in length and does not tend to shed much.


The Cheetoh cat resembles a cheetah cub. It has a nice, soft fur. Available in one of six different colors, the Cheetoh cat is seen in black or brown spotted tan, black spotted smokey, black or brown spotted rust, silver spotted, gold spotted and cinnamon spotted. However, all colors have striking dots or stripes on their fur.

Cheetoh Cat Grooming

cheetoh cat

Cheetoh Cat Nutrition

The Cheetoh cat does not need a special diet. However, he is also known to have a good appetite. Being about eight generations away from its wild ancestors, it is fed high quality cat food. It often makes up the dry cat food diet. However, it should also often be fed raw or cooked meat for a nutritious diet. The Cheetoh cat, like many other cat breeds, is prone to rapid weight gain. So you have to make sure you don’t overfeed it. An irregular and excessive diet will cause excessive weight gain and invite obesity.

Cheetoh Cat Training

This breed is an extremely energetic cat. He loves running, jumping, exploring what’s going on around him. He loves interactive games and enjoys spending time with his owner. If you’re looking for a cat that’s easy to train, the Cheetoh cat might be just the cat you’re looking for. That’s if you’re lucky enough to own this rare breed. The Cheetoh cat never disappoints its owner when it comes to training. With his high level of intelligence, you can easily learn to walk on a leash and do fun tricks in games. He likes to be a part of grab-and-fetch games. Different tactics can be taught, such as picking up a thrown object or coming when summoned.

In case you ever get a Cheetoh cat, make sure you have other pets in the house. Or know that you will take care of him regularly every day. Because it is a very energetic, playful and attention-seeking cat. Therefore, making time for him and playing games is the first rule of making Cheetoh cat happy.

Cheetoh Cat Health

Cheetoh cat, a hybrid cat breed, tends to be healthy with its robust and large body. There is no health problem to worry the owner. They are generally healthy, but in some cases, cataracts, eye disease and heart disease can be seen. However, there is a possibility that he may also face the health problem of the luxating patella, which is a knee problem.

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