Can Dogs Have Cashews?

can dogs have cashews

It is not harmful for dogs to eat cashews, on the contrary, it is beneficial. It is not dangerous for dogs to eat cashews as long as they are fed a balanced diet.

Can Dogs Eat Cashews?

Yes, dogs can eat cashews. As long as it is given in the right amount, there is no obstacle for your dog to eat cashews.

Cashews are one of several different types of nuts that are generally considered safe to feed our canine friends (others like macadamias and walnuts can actually be toxic). But like the most delicious things in life, moderation is key. The protein, fiber, and healthy fats found in cashews can be problematic when fed in large quantities. This is as true for our dogs as it is for us, but dogs have a much lower threshold when there is too much.

As a beginner’s guide, skip the salted cashews. Our dogs’ stomachs are not designed to handle a lot of sodium, and excess salt in their diet can lead to dehydration and gastrointestinal distress. So if you’re going to feed them, stick to cashews and definitely don’t feed cashews with added flavorings.

Another important rule of thumb: feed cashews to your dog in small amounts. All of these fats – as well as heart health – can pose problems for overweight puppies. In some cases, too much fat in your dog’s diet can even lead to pancreatitis – a serious illness that requires immediate treatment from a veterinarian.

And finally, go slow when introducing new foods, including cashews. It is possible that your dog has some food allergies that you are not aware of because it has not yet been introduced to food. And some human foods, even if they are considered fine to eat, may not sit well in a dog’s stomach. As the benevolent person in their life, it is your duty to closely monitor their diet and not put them in a situation where problems can arise. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include itching, swelling and skin problems such as redness and hives. Watch for other symptoms such as stomach upset, especially serious symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea.

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