Burmese Cat Breed: Personality Traits & Care


Burmese cats are among the playful and intelligent cat breeds. Although many cat owners say that the Burmese is quite mischievous, a Burmese trained properly from birth will make an excellent companion. Thanks to their intelligence, Burmese cats quickly adapt to games and other activities. In connection with this, Burmese cats are very good with children.

burmese cat

💎 Origin

The origin of the Burmese cat goes back to a female cat named Wong Mau, who was first brought to America by Joseph Thompson in 1930. The homeland of this cat is Tibet.

🏷 Price

The price of Burmese cats varies between 600 and 1000 dollars on average.

🔍 General Specifications

  • They emerged in America as a result of crossbreeding of Burmese cats and were developed in Europe.
  • They are among the medium-sized cat breeds. Although they have a tendency to gain weight, their ideal weight ranges from 3.5 kilograms to 6 kilograms.
  • Their short hair is usually in shades of smoked, gray and black.
  • They have a round head and honey-colored eyes. Their medium-sized ears are positioned far apart on both sides of their heads.
  • They have a curious nature.
  • They are very active and playful cats.
  • They have a sharp mind.
  • They are social and affectionate creatures. They do not show aggressive behavior.
  • They are very talkative cats. They communicate with their owners by meowing.
  • They are very easy to get along with people and other pets.
  • They are very attached to their owners.
  • They don’t like to be alone.
  • They are generally healthy cats. But they have a tendency to gain weight, so their diet should be taken care of.
  • Although it varies according to care and living conditions, the average life span is about 15 years.

💡 Temparament

Burmese cats are the easiest to train. Burmese cats, which are highly developed in intelligence than other cat breeds, are quite energetic and always hungry for attention. If you are not going to give attention, I suggest you adopt a calm cat breed.

Because of their curious temperament, the Burmese cat breed always wants to discover new things. Frankly, they’re pretty good at that too. They always act with caution and self-confidence when discovering new things in outdoor environments.

Finally, we must say that the temperament of Burmese cats is aggressive and brutal. But if you take the right attitude towards your cat, your Burmese cat will smother you with love and will follow you wherever you go.

Burmese cats have different temperaments depending on their gender. While male Burmese cats are devoted to their owners, female Burmese cats are extremely active and curious. Female Burmese cats require more attention than male Burmese cats and are more active.

🏁 Physical Qualities

Burmese cats are quite light and thin. They have a very muscular body and have a more athletic appearance compared to other cat breeds. Male Burmese cats are larger than females.

The average weight of Burmese cats is between 3-5 kilograms.

📹 Meet Burmese Cat

🔮 Lifespan

Burmese cats are among the longest living cat breeds. The average lifespan of Burmese cats, which are properly cared for and have no health problems, is 16-18 years.

☁️ Communication with Children and Pets

Burmese cats get along well with children and other animals. Because of their intelligence and curious personalities, they can play many games with children and animals. Burmese cats also get along well with dogs and even enjoy playing with them. The thing Burmese cats dislike the most in social life is to be alone.

🏔️ Care

Because Burmese cats are very close to their owners, they always want to be with them. In addition, Burmese cats do not like silence, solitude and stagnation. Therefore, if you are considering adopting a Burmese cat, make sure you can satisfy your cat’s need for attention.

🍗 Nutrition

Burmese cats need protein-rich cat food. Therefore, at least 40% of the Burmese’s diet should come from protein. Burmese cats do not like to change food.

🏥 Health

Burmese cats have a strong and resistant body structure against bacteria. Although they have a healthy body, Burmese cats are susceptible to eye diseases and visual impairments. That’s why you need to constantly follow veterinary routines.


  1. How long does a Burmese cat live?

    Burmese cats live an average of 16 to 18 years.

  2. How to train a Burmese cat?

    Burmese cats, one of the most intelligent cat breeds, stand out with their easy training. For this reason, they can often improve themselves without the need for special training. Burmese cats, called manipulative cats, will always expect your attention and will always want you to be busy with them. When you are not taking care of him, you need to give him a quality cat toy. Burmese cats have an innate ability to play with these toys.

  3. What are the common diseases of Burmese cats?

    Like all cat breeds, Burmese cats have some health problems that they are prone to. As we said before, the most common disease in Burmese cats is eye related diseases. Burmese cats have a very sensitive eye area and hereditary eye conditions are common. Although this affects the quality of life of cats, it does not have much effect on their lifespan. In order to prevent this situation, cats should be cared for regularly, and a veterinarian should be consulted when any symptoms are seen.

  4. Are Burmese cats difficult to care for?

    Burmese cats are one of the easiest cat breeds to care for. Since their hair is short, cleaning and maintenance is also very effortless. By combing their hair with a cat comb or brush only once a week or every 10 days, you can both ensure that their flawless hair is healthier and prevent their hair from falling out. To prevent severe and dental diseases due to bacterial infections, you should take care of them with oral health products produced for cats. Although Burmese cats, like all cat breeds, clean themselves, the places they cannot reach, such as around the eyes and ears, should be cleaned specially.

  5. Do Burmese cats shed a lot?

    Burmese cats are less prone to shedding. Hair loss will be minimized if their hair is regularly combed with special cat combs. The Burmese cat, which is a complete domestic cat with its pets, fun and friendly personality, and communication with people, is one of the most suitable cat species to feed at home.

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