Bombay Cat Breed – Everything You Need to Know

HEIGHT9–13 inches
WEIGHT8–15 pounds
LIFE SPAN9–15 years
GOOD WITHchildren, seniors, dogs, cats, families
TEMPERAMENTsociable, affectionate
COLORSblack / ebony
VOCALNESSwhen necessary
OTHER TRAITSeasy to train easy to groom friendly toward other pets friendly toward strangers friendly toward humans tolerates being alone high potential for weight gain good lap cat tolerates being picked up

Bombays, also known as black panthers, are a very special type of cat in the cat breed. Bombay cats, which are medium-sized cats, are extremely cute and have a cool appearance. Bombays, which have the feature of being black cats, will be an ideal choice for those who want to keep a pet cat. These cats, which are very attached to their owner with their sweet stance, docile temperament, are known for their similarity to panthers in appearance. Therefore, definitions such as “Black Panther” and “Black Panther” are made. Its skeletal structure is thick and in this respect it is a heavy cat breed. Its length is generally 40 cm, and its weight varies between 3 and 7 kilograms. Its fur is very dense and its hair is short. Bombays, which have a bright appearance, have dense hairs after they mature. One of the reasons why it is called a black panther is that even its paws are pitch black.

Bombay Cat – Before You Buy…

Bombay cats are perhaps a pretty big chance for people to get pets! These cats, who love their owners very much and act affectionately, are also very friendly. Bombays, who can get along very well not only with their owners, but also with foreign cats or strangers in the house, love to stand on their shoulders. While some cats love laps, Bombay cats generally like to sit on their owners’ shoulders. Veterinarians usually recommend spaying Bombay cats that don’t like having their hair brushed.

Character traits are mostly the same as British Shorthair. They are extremely affectionate and curious. When they are with their owners, they are very interested in what they do and they never leave their side in such a situation. Even if you play maybe 1 hour a day with Bombays, who love to play games with their owners, it will not be enough for him. If you don’t have a cat toy, we recommend getting one for your Bombay cat in advance.

Bombay cats are very energetic and often tireless. For this reason, it is one of the cats that is very active and you need to spend time with it all the time. The game is almost a source of happiness for them. Bombays get along very well with their owners and generally with other members of the household. Especially if you have small children or babies, the Bombay cat will never leave their company and will always want to spend time with them. For this reason, Bombay cats are preferred by families with many children. Bombay cats generally do not like to be left alone. Therefore, instead of leaving him alone, it will be much better for his happiness and health if you are close enough to make him feel next to you and show interest. These cats, which can easily adapt to their environment, are very difficult to separate from their owners when they are attached to them. He can be very unhappy when he is alone at home for a long time. For Bombay cats, every minute you spend with them is 1 love inscribed on them. In order to keep this sweet cat away from depression, you may need to spend a lot of time with him and take him for a walk with you.

Bombay cats, who can get used to their owner as soon as they come home, will follow them once they receive attention and love. If you want a small and cute pet that will add joy to your home, the Bombay breed cat will be a very suitable choice. Another distinguishing feature of the Bombay cat is that it exhibits a more dominant character than other cats next to it. Bombay cats, who can establish good relations with them, but stand as a more dominant character in the environment, never like to be alone, although they have a dominant character. Therefore, if you are someone who works hard and can’t stay at home often, we definitely recommend getting another pet. In this way, your Bombay cat will not be alone and will lead a life far away from depression.

What’s the Price of Bombay Kittens?

Those who want to buy a Bombay cat pay between $500-$700 depending on the breed’s origin and characteristics. You may have to spend a total of $2,000 with the cat’s additional needs and toys.

Physical Qualities


Bombay cats originated in America. Feather color is black. For this reason, they are also referred to as the “Black Panther”. The coat of Bombay cats, which reveals itself at first sight, is a glossy black. Therefore, it can be easily separated from a non-breed cat. They have a relatively medium sized body. Its legs and tail are in the same proportion. These cute cats with round paws have a very noble stance when viewed from the front. You can see the curiosity in those sweet yellow eyes of the Bombay cat, which has an almost perfect body with its feathers, bones and skeleton, even when you bring it to your home for the first time.


Bombay cats do not have a very sharp head. Some cats’ heads can be quite symmetrical and have a sharp finish. But Bombay cats have a very round head. Their medium-sized heads are in equal proportion with their eyes. Even the spaces between the eyes are quite symmetrical and the nose tip of the cat is also round. They have a small nose and jaw structure.


Having medium-sized ears, Bombays can be easily distinguished from other cats by their ears. Because the distance between the ears, which are quite upright and symmetrical compared to the head, is equal. The ears, located just above the head, are carefully separated from each other. It is possible to see that these ears, which have a slight forward curve, expand upwards.


The eyes of Bombay cats are also very special, just like the eyes of Van cats. We do not encounter only one type of Bombay cat, so eye color varies from species to species. The most common eye colors are blue, copper and gold. These eyes, which create a rather strange combination with the black feather; It has a very bright and phosphorescent color. The eye color of Bombay cats, whose distance between their eyes is also very proportional, is a very deep color and can be noticed directly at first glance. When you first come home, you will not be able to take your eyes off your cat, who will scan your house with its curious yellow eyes and try to get used to you.

Legs and Feet

Bombay cats have very well-proportioned legs. The legs that are equidistant from each other are neither too long nor too short. The paws of Bombay cats, which we can generally call muscular and strong legs, are also round. The legs, which have a length proportional to its body and tail, are pitch black and very sweet.


The tail of a Bombay cat is a glossy black like its body. It is straight and not very tall. If we say that it has a medium-length tail, we will not have made a wrong definition. Although it is not short, it has a tail that does not have very frequent feathers.


The hair structure of Bombay cats, whose fur is in black, also has a silky softness. The coat of Bombay cats, which has a soft fur that you can run your hand through when you touch it, is also very thin. Despite being thin, Bombay cats, which have a very dense hair structure, have short hairs. These cats, which have the same hair as their tails, must be combed at least once a week. Otherwise, the hairs will get tangled as they get longer and your cat may hurt afterwards.


Bombay cats, which are perhaps the most noble tone of black, surprise those who see them with their colorful eyes and black body when viewed from the outside. Bombay cats, which are not a matte black but have a color close to bright black, take their noble stance from their fur.

Temperament & Intelligence of the Bombay

They do not indulge in their independence, they are attached to their people and being close to them is the most important requirement for them. There is no doubt that they are intelligent, they can be trained with the right approach.

Are These Cats Good for Families?

They stand out with their docile and friendly demeanor. The most distinctive feature of these cats is that they get along well with children and other family members in the house. For this reason, Bombay cats are generally known to be friendly and sincere.

Things to Know When Owning a Bombay

As with every cat, you need to pay attention to what they eat in order for Bombay cats to live a long and healthy life. A good protein diet can help the Bombay cat live a healthier life. You can give dry food at scheduled intervals to your cat, which needs to be fed with quality food varieties, without gaining too much weight.

Bombay cats are a docile breed that does not cause much difficulty in feeding their owner. Cats are generally known for their carnivorous nature. Bombay cats are carnivores just like other cats. When we reduce it to general, Bombay cats protect their own diet when they are fed with quality food containing protein. You need to take care that the food you buy is a protein-based food in this direction.


A cat is perhaps one of the hardest and most challenging animals to train. The Bombay type can be shown as an exception to cats that are known for their stubborn nature. This type of cat, which has a very affectionate nature, is an animal that understands and grasps very quickly. Bombay cats, whose learning adventure starts from the first moment they come home, are very playful. Bombay cats, who need to play for maybe half an hour a day, learn as they play. You can easily teach him some commands while playing.

Bombay cats are also a type of cat that learn faster than other cats. Therefore, teaching him something will not tire you much. Bombay breeds, which have a harmonious and docile nature, have a very active life. Every minute you play with him is actually another contribution you make to his education. You can speed up his training by buying cat toys. Ball shaped toys are one of the most suitable ball types that can be used for reflexes of Bombay cats. By throwing it in the air, you can make it grab it and bring it back to you.

After being taught, Bombay cats, who never do their toilet in a place other than their own toilet bowl, can meet their toilet needs after a while. The first 5-6 months is a very important time for Bombay breeds. Therefore, the moment when you will show your love the most should be during the first few months, that is, during the period of getting used to you.


Keeping your Bombay cat healthy is entirely in your hands! You need to take care of a cat in the best possible way and open a loving and healthy home for it. Although Bombay cats are active and strong, they can be very vulnerable at times. At such times, their immune system needs to be very strong. It’s up to you, the owners, to keep the full vaccinations of Bombay cats that don’t get sick very often. It can be said that vaccination is actually a protective mechanism for a cat. Therefore, every vaccination you get on time or in full will actually make your cat more closed and defensive against external threats.

Although it is a house cat, it is necessary to pay attention to cleanliness. Cats are animals that can come into contact with parasites very often. Therefore, by using anti-parasitic drugs, you can ensure that your cat gets lice and has a stronger stance against insects and other animals.

You can brush your Bombay cats’ teeth 2-3 times a week. Teeth cleaning is very important in animals as well as humans. Otherwise, if oral health is not taken care of, some diseases may occur.

3 Little-Known Facts About Bombay Cats

They Have Unique Appearances

Cats of this breed have physical characteristics that help distinguish them easily from other cats. Muscular body structure and short leg length are among their most distinctive physical features. Wide and flat facial features are also among the features that distinguish them from other races.

They Are Not Lap Cats

It is possible to see that they are very friendly in Bombay cat information sharing or videos about them. But that doesn’t make them lap cats. If you want to share your life with a cat that you want to be in your arms all the time, this breed may not be the right choice. Although they prefer to be close to people, it is still not right to expect them to be very friendly.

They are long-lived

A common belief about Bombay cats is that this breed has genetic health problems. This belief is common, as they are often confused with Bombay cats. However, apart from minor health problems, these cats have an average lifespan of 15 years and are quite healthy.

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