Characteristics of Blonde Cat and What You Didn’t Know About Blonde Cats

Lifespan:10 – 13 years
Weight: 2.5 – 4.5kg
Colours: The most common Blonde cat colors are orange-white. We can say that the body color of the Blonde, whose parts of the body are covered with white patterns, is a slightly orange-tinged yellow.

Blonde cat is a domestic cat breed. It is not officially recognized as a specific species, but its lineage dates back to the 14th century. Blonde cats are known for their friendly personalities and perfect body proportions.

Blonde cats do not have a specific breed. They have been subjected to a separate classification only because of their feather color. In other words, this means that it is possible to come across the Blonde breed in different cat breeds. Blonde cat mostly seen in Tabby cats. For this reason, Blonde cats are also known as a subclass of the Tabby genus.

blonde cat

Blonde Kittens – Before You Buy…

  • The opinion that their homeland is France is widespread.
  • It is not a cat breed in itself, it is possible to come across Blondes in many different cat breeds. However, since these cats are mostly found among Tabby, they are also taken as a species of Tabby cats and show similar characteristics with Tabby.
  • They are usually larger and longer haired than Tabby cats.
  • Feather colors are yellow and mostly shaded. Hair is dense and dense.
  • Its eyes are yellow.
  • They are usually male.
  • They are very intelligent cats. They are open to training and learn easily.
  • They like to rest and sleep in cool places.
  • They are animals that are attached to their owners and the place they live in.
  • They are docile and adaptable.
  • They are not aggressive. They are generally social and affectionate cats.
  • They get along very well with other pets and people.
  • They tend to gain weight. Apart from this, they have no known genetic disorders.
  • They have an average lifespan of 15 years. But with good care they can live much longer

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What’s the Price of Blonde Kittens?

If you are considering owning a blonde cat, you should know that the average cost of this cat breed is 500 dollars. But keep in mind that the price may increase depending on the pedigree.

Note: We are completely against buying animals for money. If you want a pet, get one from a shelter or close acquaintances.

Temperament & Intelligence of the Blonde Cat

The Blonde cat does not have very distinctive character traits. Since they are thought to be a subclass of the tabby genus, they are not very different from each other in terms of character. Although there are some obvious differences between them, Tabby Tabbies are generally equivalent to Blonde except for their color and looks.

Blonde cats are generally at the forefront with their careless attitude. Despite these characteristics, Blonde breeds are very attached to their owners. Blonde cat also much more intelligent than most cat breeds.

They have the ability to quickly adapt to their environment. However, they are also known to be too many players. Especially with his tactics, he can surprise the opponent. While he becomes the sweetest member of the house at once, it is possible to directly observe the anger in his eyes after 5 minutes. Blonde cat use their paws very actively. When there is no cute member of the house, you should try to be a little careful and cautious against the paws that will come from the Blondes.

Blonde are cats that are very prone to toilet training as a character. Therefore, toilet training can be given directly, even when he first comes home. It doesn’t take long to give toilet training when they are highly intelligent and can grasp everything instantly, combined with their instincts.

blonde cat
Blonde Cat

Blonde breeds, which are very fond of their owner, get along with the person who is the best owner at home. They are very friendly and lovable as characters. Although it is very difficult to summarize the characters of Blonde breed cats in general, it is possible to say that they do not need much attention. Especially when you show too much attention to Blonde , who don’t like hugs in any way, they can get bored and push you away. Therefore, Blonde will love you more if you show them the love they need without exaggerating your concern.

Blonde are cats that can easily get used to the house. When they get used to it, they have the habit of completely owning the house. After the adoption process is completed, Blonde become the king of the house. In this case, if you do something that will hurt and upset him, he will not hesitate to react, and he will display some behaviors to make you feel that he is in control.

For Blonde cats, who are also very good with children, everything we say about their ties with adults also applies to their relationships with children. Especially your young children may act in behaviors that can harm your cat without realizing it. So you can teach them to be kind and love from afar at first.

Blonde cat

Blonde breeds, also known as the most adopted cat, are among the cats that you can experience the least but also the most problems in terms of training. The reason for this is that the emotional state of the Blonde breeds is not very stable. It’s not that there are some things you can do to relieve him and his mood;

Although Blonde cats love to be petted, they are often egotistical animals. So when you love them little but well to satisfy their ego, you will find that their attitude towards you changes tremendously.

Blonde love to have their own separate space. Therefore, if you wish, if you create a special bed and a small living space for him, he can go there when he is very tired and bored and stay alone.

You can easily benefit from these cat toys while training Blonde breed cats who love toys.

Having a much more irritable temperament than any other house cat that you can see as a character, Cows still manage to get along very well with their owners despite this temperament. In addition, Blonde , who communicate with you by understanding you in a different way than perhaps all communication ways, immediately understand and start to react when something they don’t like is done to them. That’s why you have to go to his mood and take action knowing that he has such a mood.



The origin of the Blonde cat breed dates back to 14th century France.

Blonde cats are perhaps one of the most common cat breeds in history. These cats, which are very cute, are a type of cat that can be directly encountered in every home and outside. That’s why those who think about adopting a cat at first prefer to choose Blonde cat.

Blonde cats are a cat that has historically been associated with Africa and Europe. These cats, which were quite aggressive when they were first discovered, date back to the origins of the wild domestic cats found in Africa and Europe. It is said that Blonde breed cats are the result of mating of these local wild cats of Africa and Europe. These Blonde cats, which we encounter every day when we go out, are actually a hybrid of these two breeds.

Are These Cats Good for Families?

Known for their affectionate and docile personalities, Blonde cats are suitable for all kinds of families due to their adaptability to different home environments. Whether you’re single or have a large family living alone, Blonde cats are highly adaptable to silence and crowded home environments.

Physical Qualities

blonde cat


The bodies of Blonde breed cats are generally formed by a mixture of yellow-orange and white colors. The white part is the lower part of its body. The part where the feathers are yellow-orange is the belly and paws. The orange areas also have stripe patterns, although they are not exactly orange. The white parts are plain white, generally striped and wavy patterns are found in the yellow parts.

Blonde Cat Weight

The healthy weight of an adult and healthy cat should generally be in the range of 4.5 – 5 kg. However, the breed factor causes serious differences in ideal weight in cats. An adult blonde cat is considered healthy when it weighs between 3.5 and 7 kilograms.

Blonde Cat Lifespan

The Blonde cat is a medium-length cat with an average lifespan of 10-13 years.


The heads of Blonde cat breed cats are of average size. Blonde cat, which we can say to have a smaller head structure compared to some other cats, have colored eyes and a pink-red nose. The ears of this species, which have thin white whiskers on the sides of their noses, are located on the right side of their heads.


Blonde cats, whose ears are also quite yellow, can hear very well and follow very good voices. Ears, one of the yellowest parts of the body, have a very sharp shape. The distance between these triangular ears is also quite large. While the ear is surrounded by yellow hairs, white hairs are seen towards the inside of the ear.


Eye color of Blonde cats can vary from breed to breed. Yellow is one of the most common colors. Just like his own feathers, his yellow eyes are enough to impress his owner at first sight!

Legs and Paws

We can say that the paws of Blonde cats are neither too big nor too small. Although they do not have a very muscular skeletal structure, Blonde cats, whose legs are very strong, run very fast. The paws of Blonde cat breeds, whose paws are white and their legs are yellow, are also soft as you will notice when you touch them.


Tails of Blonde cat breed cats are perhaps one of the sweetest and yellowest body parts. Blonde cat , which have a straight but long tail, can also be seen in white colors between their tails.


When it comes to hair, Blonde cat can be a little different. Especially when they are young, the fur of Blonde cat breeds is much more yellow. However, as it matures and grows, the yellowness of its feathers leaves its place to the whites that are thrown in between. The feathers, which we cannot say exactly yellow, are also very close to the orange color. Their hair, which is compatible with their eyes, is not very long. But they do need to be groomed 3 times a week so they don’t get too messy.


The colors of Blonde breed cats are usually 2 or 3 colors. The most common Blonde cat colors are orange-white. We can say that the body color of the Blonde, whose parts of the body are covered with white patterns, is a slightly orange-tinged yellow.

Things to Know When Owning a Blonde:


Blonde breed cats will not give you any difficulties in feeding. You can feed him by giving him foods rich in protein.

Blonde, which you can feed as wet or dry food, have an active life compared to other house cats. Therefore, you need to establish a good movement-nutrition balance. Blonde, whose ideal weight is between 2.5 and 4 kg, may face obesity when it exceeds this.

Consuming rich protein foods (quality foods, meat) will also be better for the immune system, Blonde can generally eat anything. You can give dry food up to 3-4 meals a day to Blonde breed cats, which should not be given too much salami and sausage-style foods.


Blonde breed cats are a breed that will not give you any difficulties in terms of education. Although Blonde , who may have difficulties in showing their love, are not open to training, they are actually very intelligent animals. As a plus of being smart, they will take immediate action on your commands. Where they do not take action, you can either react to you or comment that the mood of the day is not suitable for him.

You can use toys to train Blonde breeds, which can be given toilet training very easily. You can distract him with small bouncing balls to improve his reflexes.

You can also contribute to his education by making him try to catch the ball and bring it to you.

In addition, Blonde breeds have an active life. For this reason, training for him can actually come as a kind of game session. Another educational element you can use while training is food. Reward foods can be used both to encourage education and to make your cat happy. By giving him a treat at the end of executing a command, you can both encourage him for the next command and persuade him as proof of his success.

blonde cat
Blonde Cat

Are Blonde Cats Difficult to Take Care of?

Blondes who are very active and love to play need a suitable exercise area. Since he is familiar with open spaces and large playgrounds by nature, it is beneficial for his health to have a large area or garden where he can play in the house where he is fed. The shedding tendencies of blond cats vary according to the texture, frequency and length of their fur. For general hair care, it is recommended to comb it with a cat comb or brush at least twice a week. There may be an increase in hair loss in line with seasonal and hormonal fluctuations.

blonde cat

How Long Is the Pregnancy Period of the Blonde Cat?

A healthy female undergoes an average gestation period of 63 days. Care during pregnancy is of great importance. Nutritional values should be followed up with a veterinarian from the beginning to the end of the process.

4 Little-Known Facts About Blonde Cats

Blonde is not a breed

Studies show that most blonde cats are male! For every 20 female blondes, there are exactly 80 male blonde cats! So if you have a female blonde bro, know that you live with a rare flower.

Blonde cats can have freckles!

Blonde cats are similar to people with red hair and white skin, and blonde cat can also develop freckles. The number of blondes with tiny black freckles on their faces and noses cannot be underestimated.

Blondes are the most affectionate cats

Every cat’s character is different, and we can’t say that there is a connection between the cat’s character and the color of their coat, but here is where the blonde cat phenomenon occurs most, because almost all blonde cats are very affectionate. We can even call blonde cats snuggling, because these cats literally love to be in love, to be loved! I have never seen a blonde with a reverse character in my life, has anyone seen it?

Most blonde cats are lazy!

If you think it’s a coincidence that Garfield, one of the world’s most famous, most gluttonous and laziest cat heroes, is blonde, you are definitely wrong! There is no doubt that Garfield was created by someone who knows cats very well, as one of the most typical traits of blond cats is their lazyness. Most blonde cats are both lazy and very fond of their throats.

Are Blonde Cats Male?

You can see that the vast majority of blonde cats on the street or in an owned one are male. Although the reason for this is not yet explained, we see an example of this in 4-color female cats. It is predicted that blond hair, that is, blondes, is more prone to male genes.

Blonde Kitten Features

When we look at the characteristics of the blond kitten, we can say that it is easy to care for in general.

  • They are easily toilet trained.
  • More male offspring are born than tabby ones.
  • Especially in male blonde cat, the biting habit is very low.
  • Cubs are usually born with white stripes rather than a single color of yellow.
  • Tabby puppies reach maturity quickly.
  • Usually they do not choose food.
  • It is very suitable for those who will adopt a kitten for the first time in terms of blonde cat characteristics.

He usually determines a certain area in the house and spends time in this area. Although they are calm and docile, they never fall behind in the acting part. They are longer haired, live longer, and larger in size than tabbys from the same ancestors. Even though we know that cats generally hate being hugged, we can see blondes breaking the rule a little bit. Blonde cats do not avoid physical contact with people, but still, every cat has a limit and this limit can vary for each individual.

We can’t pass without saying that they love to sleep among the blonde cat features. These cats are really docile and sleepy cats. They spend most of the day sleeping and the rest of the day licking and cleaning themselves.


How to train a blonde cat?

Blonde cats are one of the most trainable cat breeds. If you act lovingly while training him and only do what he wants, he will never leave your side and he will be able to fulfill all the commands you want. You can use toys, apparatus and treats for training. You should also use sand for toilet training. Using a quality and scented litter will provide an extra benefit to both your cat and you. Blonde cats, whose training process will be determined according to the actions they take from you, are much more open to training when they are still puppies.

How long does a blonde cat live?

The average life expectancy of Blonde cats varies according to their care and environmental conditions, as in every cat. Average life expectancy is usually between 10 and 18 years. However, this range is not precise, and it can go below or above it. Although they have an active life, Blonde cats, who can withdraw into themselves, face the danger of obesity when they eat too much and do not move. In this case, although their lifespan decreases, they may become unable to move anymore. It is even possible to increase the life expectancy to the 20s if you get your vaccinations done, feed them well and do not lose your interest in them.

What are the common diseases of the Blonde cat?

Contrary to popular belief, the Blonde cat is not a breed, but a term that expresses feather colors. For this reason, many cat breeds can have Blonde cats. Therefore, it is not possible to give clear information about their health status. Hereditary diseases carried by the Blonde cat vary according to the breed of the cat. They may be prone to many hereditary diseases, as well as be very healthy. In order for them to lead a healthy life, their care and cleaning should not be interrupted, attention should be paid to their nutrition, vaccinations and veterinary controls should not be neglected.

When does a blonde cat mate?

Blonde cats, like all other cats, enter a period of anger. During this period, a process in which mating can take place may occur. The estrus period, which starts in the 6th month after birth, recurs multiple times during the year if the sterilization process is not performed.

How many kittens does a blonde cat give birth to?

It differs for the BLONDE cat to reach its adult size and enter the heat period. The pregnancy period lasts an average of 63 days, as in all cats. During pregnancy, care should not be interrupted and attention should be paid to nutrition. The Blonde cat, which gives birth in a healthy way, gives birth to an average of 4 kittens at one birth. The Blonde cat, who becomes pregnant again about 2 months after giving birth, can give birth 3 times a year.

How big does a blonde cat grow?

The Blonde cat has a wide range of sizes and weights. The Blonde cat, which is generally in the size of a domestic cat, weighs 3.5 – 4.5 kg on average. Their length is on average 30 – 35 cm. It can be larger in size depending on its nutrition, living conditions and environmental conditions.

What does the blonde cat eat?

In order to protect the health of Blonde cats, it would be right to feed them with protein. Both the digestive system and development of Blonde cats, which you can give protein-rich foods and foods, will be positively affected. Blonde cats who do not choose food can eat almost anything you give them at home. However, if the situation is not exaggerated and prevented, negative consequences may arise in terms of long-term health.

High-quality foods such as Pro Plan, which are very rich in content, will be one of the most suitable choices for their health and development. There are some foods that you should not give to Blonde cats, which are a carnivorous breed. For example, cucumber is a food that has the potential to upset the stomach. In addition, products such as salami and sausage, although they do not directly affect his stomach, are indirectly harmful to his health.

What does the Blonde cat eat besides food?

Medium sized Blondes should be fed dry food with high nutritional value. Due to their predisposition to obesity, attention should be paid to their meals and portions. They tend to gain weight because they are lazy and do not like to move. In addition to his diet, he should be encouraged to move, and his exercises should not be interrupted. The choice of food should be suitable for the developmental period, and the vitamin, mineral and protein content should be at a sufficient level. While home cooking does not harm some Blonde cats, it can disrupt the digestive system of some Blonde cats.

Does the blonde cat shed a lot?

The shedding tendency of the Blonde cat varies according to the breed of the cat. The long-haired Blonde cat will shed more, while the short-haired Sarman cat will shed less. Hair treatments should generally be 2 times a week, and the number of these treatments should be increased during the shedding season.

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