Black Ragdoll Cat: Everything You Need To Know About Ragdoll


Black Ragdoll Cat Breed: Everything You Need To Know About Ragdoll

Cats are usually the most preferred type of pets. As a result of both being playful and getting along well with children, the types of cats that most people are interested in can be divided into dozens of types among themselves. The Black Ragdoll Cat, which is quite new among these cat types that you can choose according to your liking and taste, has been extremely popular in recent years. We have gathered together for you what are the characteristics of the Black Ragdoll Cat, which will be an ideal choice for those who love cats with plenty of hair, and what to pay attention to in its care.

The word Ragdoll, which is referred to as “rag doll”, is one of the most appropriate names given to this cat breed. Likewise, Black Ragdoll cats, who love the hug very much, are known for their completely spreading structure, which does not want to leave the lap like a doll. You can find all the details about this extremely humane cat breed in our content.

Black Ragdoll cat that appeared in 1963; Sapphire blue eyes, fluffy and gloved feathers attract people’s attention. Despite their large build, their appearance in the form of hairballs and their friendliness have made these cats known all over the world, even though they are new breeds. It is famous for accompanying its owners in the house by following them. In addition, these cats are also called white Persian cats because they resemble Persian cats.

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Black Ragdoll Cat

The Black Ragdoll cat can be defined as a fairly new breed compared to other cat breeds. The Raggdol cat breed originated in California in 1963. The Ragdoll cat is a cat breed that became famous in the world in a short time thanks to its sapphire blue eyes and silk-like fur. The average life expectancy of the black ragdoll cat breed, which is in the category of big cat breeds, varies between 12 and 17 years. The average weight of an adult black ragdoll cat can vary between 4.5 and 10 kilograms.

The average lifespan of this cat breed is between 13 and 15 years. The Ragdoll is generally a healthy breed. However, they are still prone to encounter some health problems. Because they are not very energetic, they can get obesity. If you want your cat to live a long and healthy life, you need to be careful.

In addition to all these, as with all long-haired cats, the problem of hairballs is high. Hairball problems in cats can lead to serious health problems, contrary to popular belief. That’s why cat malt should be given in addition to regular combing.

HEIGHT9-11 inches
WEIGHT10-20 pounds
LIFE SPAN13-18 years
GOOD WITHchildren, seniors, dogs, cats, families
TEMPERAMENTsociable affectionate bold
COLORSwhite black / ebony red / orange blue / gray lavender / silver cream / beige / tan chocolate / brown / sable lilac
PATTERNSbi-color color point
OTHER TRAITSeasy to train easy to groom friendly toward other pets friendly toward strangers friendly toward humans tolerates being alone high potential for weight gain good lap cat tolerates being picked up

Ragdoll Cat Size and Other Physical Characteristics

The Ragdoll cat has medium length silky hair similar to the Persian and Angora cat. There are also ragdoll cats with long hair. The fur of ragdoll cats feels soft to the touch, similar to rabbit fur. The color of the fur of ragdoll cats, whose eyes are always bright blue, can vary. The fur of the Ragdoll cat breed can be seen in 3 different patterns;

  1. White-gloved ragdoll cats, in these feathers the face, ears and tail and legs are dark, but the paws are white.
  2. Gloveless ragdoll cats, although this type of ragdoll cats have dark ears, tail and face, legs and paws are white.
  3. Monochrome ragdoll cats, this type of ragdoll cats usually have a single color of fur. Colored ragdoll cats can also have a seal. Chocolate color, coffee, lilac, blue colors are in harmony with white.
  4. Black Ragdoll Cat, this color of the species is very rare.

The ragdoll cat can be in various tones such as cream, blue, seal, lilac and chocolate, as well as variations such as tortoiseshell and tabby markings. The coat of Ragdoll cats is pale in their kittens and turns into permanent colors when they grow up.

black ragdoll cat

Ragdoll Cat Character Traits

Although the Ragdoll cat breed is a cat breed that attracts attention with its aesthetic features, it would not be an exaggeration to say that these cats are almost a friendship monument. Ragdoll cats have a warmth that makes friends easily with almost everyone. Ragdoll cats get along very well with children. With these features, they are highly preferred by families with children. In addition, ragdoll cats are cats that get along very well with other cats and dogs.

Ragdoll cats with a very affectionate character cannot be said to be very energetic. They can be described as a social cat and are intelligent cats. One of the most interesting character traits is that they follow you around the house. So much so that because of this habit, ragdoll cats were even nicknamed puppy dogs. Ragdoll cats, who love to play very much, can always play with you both in their childhood and adulthood.

Ragdoll Cat Care

One of the important issues in the care of ragdoll cats is nutrition. Ragdoll cats are slow to develop and may take up to 4 years of age to reach maturity. For this reason, attention should be paid to their nutrition until they reach the age of 4 years. In order for ragdoll cats to complete their development in a healthy way, it should be ensured that ragdoll cats are well fed, they need to be fed with quality cat food. Ragdoll cats are very punctual when it comes to feeding, so you should always feed your cat at the same time. Cat vitamin supplements during the development period will also be very beneficial for their development.

Another important issue in the care of a ragdoll cat is hair care. Because of its dense fur, if you have a ragdoll cat, you should routinely comb its fur at least twice a week and relieve your cat of dead hair. We would also like to point out that Ragdoll cats like to have their hair brushed compared to other cats. In order to comb your cat’s hair, you can safely buy cat combs and all the cat items you need from our online petshop. Finally, as all pets need, you should not neglect to have routine veterinary checks and vaccinations for ragdoll cats to have a healthy life.

Physical Characteristics of Ragdoll Cats

Black Ragdoll cat is one of the large breed cats. These large cats can weigh between 3.6 and 9 kg. Some black Ragdoll cats may even weigh more. Their long hair is classified in three main colors; They are the ones with white gloves, without gloves and in monochrome. Especially the so-called white-gloved ones are quite popular. Feather colors are blue, chocolate color or coffee lilac. The eye colors of Black Ragdoll cats are sapphire blue, although very rarely, they can be seen in a different color (black ragdoll cat). However, the eye color unique to the cat of the breed is blue.

These big and beautiful cats are like monuments of friendship. He can easily make friends with everyone and get along well. Gets along well with children, dogs and other people. They even get along well with strangers, but of course their attitude is colder than those they know. The Ragdoll cat is a very social cat and is also quite intelligent. One of the most interesting features of these cats is to follow their owners around the house. They are even described as puppies by some cat owners. The ragdoll cat loves to play both as a kitten and as an adult. Their voices, on the other hand, remain smaller and softer than their bodies.

Kitten Ragdoll Cat

Kitten ragdolls need to be looked after more carefully than adult cats. Because these dogs are small, they have a higher incidence of illness. Nutrition is among the most important issues in the care of baby ragdollars. For this reason, cats should consume the food offered for sale for kittens. These foods are dry foods and if there is no brand information, help from veterinarians or experts can be obtained. Apart from this, as in adult cats, regular combing should be done in order to avoid hairball problems in kittens. In addition, attention should be paid to ear and eye cleaning.

Does the Ragdoll Cat Shed?

Ragdoll cats, which are in the first place among the extra-haired cats, shed depending on the care of their hair. In order to reduce shedding, their hair should be regularly combed every day. Thus, molting is reduced. In addition, thanks to regular combing, hairball disorders caused by hair ingestion are not experienced. The shedding time of these cats is spring, and more shedding is seen in this month compared to other days. Therefore, screening should be done more frequently in the spring months.

Is Ragdoll Cat Easy to Groom?

Ragdolls are docile and generally do not cause trouble to their owners. Therefore, there is no difficulty in their maintenance. In the care of these cats, it is sufficient to comb their long hairs frequently and to clean the ears once a week. However, if there is a disease in the cat, it should be cared for in accordance with veterinary instructions.

How Long Does a Ragdoll Cat Live?

The life span of cats, also known as rag dolls, is between 15-20 years. The fact that this period is longer depends on conditions such as consuming the right food, not having obesity problems and not getting sick due to cleaning problems. It is possible for these cats to develop heart disease, cystitis and kidney disease. For this reason, timely veterinary checks help to increase life expectancy thanks to early diagnosis of diseases. It is possible for a healthy and regularly fed Ragdoll to live over 20 years.

What Is The Ear Structure Of Ragdoll Cats?

Ragdoll cats have no hearing problems. They have medium-length, erect and hairy ears suitable for their body structure. Having a high percentage of hair in their ears can cause microbes to reach the ears through the hairs. For this reason, cats’ ears should be cleaned with a soft cloth at least once a week. If the ear has not been cleaned before, help may be sought from the veterinarian. Otherwise, health problems are likely to occur. Especially cats should not put cotton swabs in their ears, because too much cotton can cause hearing problems.

black ragdoll cat

What Colors Are Ragdoll Cats?

The hair characteristics of Ragdoll cats, which are seen as hairballs, are divided into three main groups. These are gloved, gloved and single coloured. Common colors in cats that are seen as a single color are white, blue, coffee lilac and chocolate. They can also be seen as a seal on white if they are monochromatic. In cats with gloved hair, the paws are white, while the tail, face, legs and ears are dark. In gloved species, the paws and legs are white, while the remaining tail, face and ears are dark. If the feather color is white, the paws can also be seen in a darker color. The most popular of these cat breeds are those with white gloves.

Their weight can reach 9 kilograms

We mentioned that Ragdoll is one of the big cats, the average weight of these huge cats varies between 3.6-9 kilograms. Of course, some Ragdoll cats can be heavier than that. Their long hair is classified in three main colors; with white gloves, without gloves and monochrome. Especially the ones with white gloves are very popular, their feather colors are blue, chocolate color or coffee lilac. Black Ragdoll cats are sapphire blue with eyes, very rarely a different eye color can be seen, but the breed standard is blue eyes.

They are like monuments of friendship.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that these big and aesthetic cats are friendship monuments, because Ragdoll cats have a structure that can easily make friends with almost everyone. Ragdolls get along very well with children, dogs, other cats and people. They also usually get along well with strangers, but of course their attitude towards strangers is balanced.

  • The very affectionate Ragdoll breed is not very energetic, it is a social cat and can be described as intelligent.
  • One of the most interesting personality traits of these cats is that most of them follow their people indoors, which is why some use the definition of “puppy” for the Ragdoll breed, and puppies follow people everywhere.

The voices of these cats, who like to play in their childhood and adulthood, are very low and soft compared to black ragdoll cat size.

Let’s do our usual warning again; this is a generalization of the personality traits we have described, so there is no rule that all Ragdoll cats will have these character traits. Remember that all cats are different from each other, just like us humans.

It is also very easy to care for thanks to its soft character.
One of the most important issues in the care of a ragdoll cat is to regularly comb its long hair. While some cats are reluctant to be brushed, it is the other way around when it comes to Ragdolls. These beautiful and gentle cats usually do not cause any problems while being brushed and are quite content to be taken care of. Apart from regular screening, it is necessary to pay attention to ear cleaning. Since ear cleaning in cats is a serious business, our advice is to have ear cleaning done by veterinarians, regardless of the cat.

Ragdoll Lifespan

Ragdoll cats have an average lifespan of 13-15 years, and although they are generally a healthy breed, some health problems may be encountered.

Obesity: We said that ragdoll cats are not very energetic, which can bring the problem of obesity. In order for a Ragdoll cat to live a long and healthy life, it is absolutely necessary to prevent it from gaining excess weight.

Hairballs: Like all long-haired cats, the Ragdoll is at a high risk of having hairballs. Hairballs can lead to more serious situations than it is thought, so it is recommended to give malt paste, which will allow them to easily remove hair from their bodies, in addition to regular combing.

In addition to these, polycystic kidney disease, cystitis and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, one of the most common heart diseases in domestic cats, are among the health problems that can be encountered in Ragdoll cats.

Ragdoll Cat Price

How much does a Ragdoll cat cost?

The price of the Ragdoll Ragdoll cat breed in 2022 is between $500 and $2,500.

Note: We are completely against the buying and selling of animals for money. If you want to adopt an animal, you can adopt it from the nearest shelter.

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