Black cat with blue eyes

Black cat with blue eyes

Black cat with blue eyes are less common than those with green or yellow eyes. This assertive iris grills only a small number of breeds. Many kittens, regardless of a particular breed, have a blue or blue eye color that changes over time. Therefore, in order to accurately determine the color of the eyes of the animal, it is worth waiting until the 12th week of life.


Dominant white gene. They are mostly white cats with blue eyes. A striking example is the Turkish Angora.

Albinism. Cats with albino may have blue or pink eyes.

Staining. If the turtle has white spots and they fall on the area around the eyes, then perhaps the eyes themselves will have a blue tint.

Features of the breed. For example Azure. Crossing such cats with blue-eyed representatives of other breeds is not recommended.


Often you can meet light-haired animals with a bluish tint of the eyes. The most popular colors are white and “Siamese“.

In the presence of eyes of the same color as the ragdoll breed, gray with a shade of blue is also possible.

The breed of black cats with blue eyes is very rare. Animals of breeds bred in hunting pairs have heavenly colors, and the color of the coat can be any color, including black.

Black cat with blue eyes

What are the breeds of cats with blue eyes? Such a rare eye color is a distinctive feature of these breeds:

  1. Siamese
  2. Ragdoll
  3. Burma
  4. Himalayan
  5. snowshoe
  6. Ojos Azules
  7. Turkish Angora
  8. Colt
  9. Javanese Cat


The most famous and common breed, all its representatives have a bluish color of the iris – Siamese. It cannot be confused with others only because of the color (wool darkened on the muzzle, tail, paws) born of this breed. The nature of these animals is quite stubborn, they have strong hunting instincts. A variation of the Siamese long-haired cat is the Balinese. Its wool does not have a thick undercoat, so it is not particularly difficult to care for.

The Turkish Angora is a white cat with blue or multi-colored eyes. A distinctive feature is a long soft coat and a fluffy tail.

Ragdoll is a breed of cats with large blue eyes of various shades. The color of the fur can have three variations: color point (coat dark, head and ears, main color light, cream), bicolor (blind, legs and white abdomen when the ears and “mask” are dark) Mitted (“glove”-shaped and light in the form of a tail) wool).

The Ragdoll is a blue cat breed with blue eyes, but such an incredible color combination is rare. A ragdoll animal can have chocolate, lilac, cream-colored wool.

A sacred Burmese cat combines the best qualities of Persian and Siamese. Distinctive features: blue eyes, muzzles, white gloves and strictly defined length.


The Oriental may have short hair, a silvery bluish hue and a blue eye-coloured coat. But this is not the breed of a blue-eyed blue cat, since such a combination of colors does not occur in the orientales. All members of this breed have emerald green eyes, with the exception of cats that are light-colored.

Huge painted cats colorpoint – with blue eyes. Complex wools such as silver and chinchilla suggest green eyes. There are no monochrome (red, black cats with blue eyes) among Persians. The breed implies only yellow eyes for simple colors.

Scottish Fold cats have a blue eye color if the coat color is white or silver. Representatives of this breed are extremely domestic with a calm character.

The exotic short-haired cat has soft dense skin with a plush undercoat. The shape of the eyes is round, large enough. Their color directly depends on the color of the coat. They require careful hair care and eye health inspection.


There is no conclusive confirmation that cats with blue eyes can experience some health problems. However, it has been observed that whites with blue eyes are often deaf. And representatives of the cat family, whose eyes have two different colors, often have a slight hearing in that ear, which is located next to the blue eye. Albinos have weak immunity, so they need special care, protection against ultraviolet and drafts.


The breed of blue-eyed blue cats is rare. Separately, there is no such breed. Blue-eyed – the most common representatives of Siamese, Burmese, light Persian and Scottish cats.

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