Black Bengal Cat Breed: Information, Personality Traits & Facts


The Black Bengal cat has a very wild appearance, but when the personality traits are examined, it is an extremely docile cat type. So what are the characteristics of the Black Bengal cat? How to care and feed?

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The Black Bengal cat has a very wild appearance, but it is an extremely docile cat type when its personality traits are examined. This breed, which was included in the international cat breeds in 1997, has a hybrid breed. In this context, when purchasing a Black Bengal cat, care should be taken that it is at least 4 generations ahead of its ancestors.

What are the characteristics of black bengal cat?

The Bengal cat is one of the cat breeds that is very good with water. It is possible to see that bengal cats can even swim if they are not frightened by water during their puppies.

They love to play games and are quite intelligent. When you throw an item at the Black Bengal cat, it will catch the item you throw and bring it back to you. Horse-fetch game is among the favorite games of bengal cats.

The Black Bengal cat breed was created to live with humans. They enjoy spending time with people and can get depressed when they are alone. Therefore, if you have a busy work schedule, you should not consider adopting a bengal cat. Bengal cats do their best to get your attention, and they always find a way to get the attention they expect.

Black bengal cats, who also get along very well with other animals, may be a candidate to be your dog’s best friend, especially if you have a dog that you keep at home.

Black bengal cats, which are very curious as well as being very intelligent, can mess up your home a little for this reason. For example, if he is constantly walking around you while you are eating, he definitely wants to smell the food you eat and he will not leave your side until he smells your food.

When a Bengal cat is curious, all you have to think about is that there is something around that it can smell but can’t find. For example, they may be crazy to smell soda even while drinking soda. Our advice is to make bengal cats smell everything he is curious about and relax him. Otherwise, they may become even more restless and get stressed.

If you are thinking of adopting a black bengal cat, you should know that they expect more attention than other cats and you should decide whether you can give this attention to your cat.

How to care and feed a black bengal cat?

black bengal cat

The Black Bengal cat has a structure that does not tire its owner in terms of cleanliness. In this context, it is sufficient to comb the short and thick hair of the cat once a week with a comb or brush. The Black Bengal cat needs regular oral care in order not to get teeth and gum diseases. For this, help is taken from a toothbrush specially produced for cats. The Bangal cat is a breed that needs to file its nails. In order not to damage the furniture in the house, the nails of the cat should be cut at regular intervals.

In order for the Black Bengal cat to maintain its health, it must be fed with a quality cat food. Studies have shown that industrial foods cause blindness in Black Bengal cats. For this reason, Black Bengal cats are more prone to a raw diet. The use of nutritional supplements produced for cats at regular intervals, apart from food, also makes the Black Bengal cat look more vigorous.


Black Bengal cats have a wild nature, so they do not like to be handled. For this reason, it is necessary to leave the cat alone with some cat toys instead of holding the cat. Black Bengal cats’ favorite toys are cat balls and mouse toys. However, in cats that get used to their owner, this feature is replaced by docileness. Some Black Bengal cats, who feel a lack of attention, experience symptoms of depression.

Unlike other cat breeds, the Black Bengal cat loves to play with water. For this reason, they do not cause difficulties for their owners during bathing. They are also known as masters of fishing.

Black bengal cat lifespan

The Black Bengal cat is an animal with a higher body resistance compared to other cat species. For this reason, it can live up to 16 years when properly fed and cared for.

It is also very important to comply with the vaccination schedule of the cat during this process. Although it is a resistant type of cat, the Black Bengal cat can also get sick from time to time. Hip dysplasia, pyruvate kinase deficiency and flat-chested kitten syndrome are among the common diseases in Black Bengal cats.


The Black Bengal cat is a sociable breed. Therefore; They can get along quite well with children, adults and other pets. Being a very good player, the Black Bengal cat gladly accepts the attention it receives from children. Especially school-age children become the best friend of the Black Bengal cat.

The Bengal cat gets along well with other animals as well as with people. Dogs are among the species that the Bengal cat black gets along well with. For this reason, the most suitable option for families who want to have both cats and dogs seems to be the Bengal cat black. However, in all pets, the process of meeting other pets should be done slowly and systematically. The introduction of the Bengal cat with other animals must be under the supervision of the owner and in a controlled manner.

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