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Tuxedo cat, a very old cat breed. The Tuxedo cat, which stands out with its black and white cat breeds colors, is called the symbol of nobility in many countries and is the most special of the hybrid cats.

Personality & Character Traits of Black and White Cat Breeds (Tuxedo)

Since the tuxedo feature is a feature seen in many cat breeds, the character and personality traits of Tuxedo cats differ. However, no matter what breed they belong to, the intelligence that is many times higher than other cats is the same in all of them. Although they are generally a warm, affectionate, playful, social and loyal cat, all these features vary from breed to breed.

The bicolor gene, which a cat must have to be a tuxedo, is an ancestral inheritance that only affects cats’ appearance. The cat can appear in various patterns, depending on the nature of the genes it inherited from its ancestors. You should consider that the features of the Tuxedo cat breed, which has this appearance thanks to the Bicolor gene, will vary according to its breed and history. If you want to adopt a Tuxedo cat breed, you should not be deceived by its appearance and find out what breed it belongs to. Thus, you can have an idea about the personality of the cat you want to adopt. For example; If you are going to adopt a tuxedo-looking American Shorthair or Persian cat, you should examine the characteristics of these cats.

These cats, which are smarter than normal cats, immediately understand and put into practice the training given, and thus show a superior performance in this regard. They are extremely good at human relations and are as devoted to their owners as any dog. They want constant attention in the house and make great efforts to attract attention. They respond in their own language to what you say to them.

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Whoever takes care of him the most in a crowded family environment is the person he loves most at home and sees him as the owner. If this person is you, he will always follow you and try to be involved in your work. It even tries to communicate with you by meowing with its distinctive voice. He always tries to make himself loved. With this cuteness, he attracts everyone’s attention and succeeds in this effort.

The Black Tuxedo cat breed, which many people admire because it does not have a wild appearance, gets along very well with all family members, whether adults or children. Although they get along very well with pets, dogs are afraid of them for some unknown reason. For this reason, you should avoid keeping the Black Tuxedo cat breed in the same environment as dogs.

Attracting attention with their lively and energetic states, Tuxedo cats love to play. They make extremely smart moves by using their curious temperament in games. Although they like to spend time with their owners, their desire to be independent from time to time can outweigh and act on their own. These character traits are even said to be dog-like, and perhaps because of this, they are such an easily trainable cat.

Although each Tuxedo cat breed shows different characteristics, there is an acceptable fact for all of them, which allows us to have an idea about the personality of the Tuxedo cat breed. Tuxedo cats, which have lived with humans since ancient times, have lived in perfect harmony with humans for thousands of years. With its non-wild appearance, affectionate personality and intelligence, it is one of the most preferred cat breeds to own today.

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Origin of Black and White Cats (Tuxedo)

These cats, which are called Tuxedo cats because they look like they are wearing a black and white tuxedo, are called by this name only because of their appearance and do not represent any cat breed. However, although it is seen that the Black Tuxedo cat was recorded in history, there is no clear information about its history. However, as a result of some research, the trail of the tuxedo cat could be traced back to ancient Egypt. It was seen that 70% of the cat designs depicted on the walls in the Egyptian tombs were Tuxedo cats, and it was seen that the Tuxedo cat was common at that time.

Known as a cat that inspired many rumors and beliefs throughout history, the red Tuxedo cat is one of the most popular hybrid breeds. However, it is not known in which country it first appeared and which cat breeds were born from the mating. The Black Tuxedo cat, which was a cat that attracted great attention and even was worshiped during the ancient Egyptian period, was believed to bring luck, and it was known that the important people of the period were extremely attached to the Tuxedo cat breed. The Tuxedo cat, which left its mark not only in ancient Egypt but also in later periods, has also become indispensable for important people who have left their mark on history. Since it is not a rare species and can be found all over the world, it has become extremely common today.

Since the tuxedo pattern can be seen in many cat breeds, it is difficult to give clear information about its history, just like its personality traits. Each Tuxedo cat breed may have a different story based on their pedigree. If you want to adopt a Tuxedo cat and are curious about its history, you should find out which breed the cat you are going to adopt belongs to and do your research on that breed. However, although we do not have clear information, there is also some clearly known information about the Tuxedo cat. Many of the cats depicted in Ancient Egypt, where cats were considered sacred and many of the goddesses were depicted as cats, were also bicolored. This means that the Tuxedo cat, which is one of the most preferred cats to adopt with its appearance and affection, has been with us almost from the very beginning of the history of cat breeds.

When we come from Ancient Egypt to the present day, we often come across Black Tuxedo cats. The Black and white cat, which recently participated in a cat competition in the United States, managed to attract attention, although it could not get a degree, and continued to live in the White House during the tenure of former President Bill Clinton. In fact, he became so famous that his picture was even printed on the post office in the Central African Republic.

The Black and White cat, which gained worldwide fame as a cat serving on behalf of the British Royal Navy in the Chinese Civil War in 1949, fought against mice on ships and protected the soldiers’ meals after the war. Because of all these achievements, the British Tuxedo cat breed was named Simon and awarded the Dickin Medal. Unfortunately, the cat named Simon died from a gunshot wound during the war. The Black and White cat, which is seen in many cartoons, commercials and even TV series and movies today, has been one of the cats preferred by many famous names to adopt, as it has throughout history.

Physical Qualities of Black and White Cat

black and white cat breeds


Tuxedo cat breed, a medium-sized cat, has short hair. Since it can be seen in all breeds, their weight and size vary. It is possible to come across a large or small sized Tuxedo cat. The female Tuxedo cat breed is smaller in both weight and size than the male Tuxedo cat. They have an athletic, muscular and graceful appearance, and their heads are in proportion to their bodies. Their average weight is between 3.5 and 4.5 kg; Their length is between 25-30 cm.


The head of the tuxedo cat breed is always in direct proportion to its body. Their heads on their elegant bodies are of medium size and round. Ear shapes, eye structures, chin and nose structure vary depending on which breed the Tuxedo cat belongs to. The only common point that highlights the features of the black and white cat is the feather structure. Other than that, the races to which the cat belongs carry all the features in different ways.


Tuxedo pattern, which is the name given to cats with a certain coat color and pattern, can be seen in many different cat breeds. Therefore, these cats have different body shapes, head structures, eyes and ears. The ears of the Maine Coon cat with a tuxedo pattern are wide from the base, tapering to the tip, the ears that are tilted outward at an angle of 45 degrees have an upright appearance. Like the Maine Coon, the Siberian cat can also have a tuxedo pattern. The ears of these cats are slightly curved outwards and the inside of their ears are hairy. Apart from these two examples, the ears of many cats with tuxedo patterns also vary according to the breed they belong to.


All the features of Tuxedo cats, except for color and pattern, are different depending on the breed they belong to, and their eyes may also be different. However, the hair color of the Tuxedo cat, which is in many cat breeds, is related to eye color. For this reason, almost all cats with Tuxedo pattern, regardless of breed, have golden or green eye colors.

Legs and Paws

The legs of the Tuxedo cat, which is usually small or medium in size, have a common feature that all cats carry. The legs are strong and muscular, the length is proportional to the body length. Their legs are often seen longer than they are because they are thin. The foot structure is determined according to the region and living conditions of the ancestors. Some Tuxedo cat’s feet are small, while some Tuxedo cats’ paws are wide and large.


The tail length of the blue tuxedo cat breed varies according to the breed it belongs to. However, the tails of cats, which usually have a blue tuxedo pattern, are long and thin. The tail, which starts wide at the base, tapers towards the ends. The hair structure can be long or short depending on the cat breed it belongs to. The tail color of the tuxedo cat is black.

black and white cat


Since the blue tuxedo pattern is seen in many cat breeds, the coat of these cats can be long and silky, short, thick, finely wavy, or any other shape. However, all these features have one common feature; this is what gives these cats their characteristic; All black Tuxedo cats have the same coat color and color distribution. Whether their hair is long or short, they maintain their nobility in every way.


A revered breed throughout the ages, the black and white cat has always been the perfect pet for families. One of the best examples of the nobility of black and white cat breeds, the Tuxedo cat typically carries black and white colors, but can also be orange and gray instead of black. The main color of the tuxedo cat is white; abdomen, chest, under the neck and paws are white. Although it is sufficient for a cat to be white on the chest to be considered a tuxedo, cats with a tie-like black on the upper chest can also be considered a tuxedo.

Black and White Cat Breeds (Tuxedo) Care


Although black and white cats do not cause much trouble in feeding, there may be slight differences according to the cat breed. Cats with larger body weights need higher protein and more meals, while small portions will suffice for a small sized blue Tuxedo cat. However, regardless of your cat’s breed, you should get the healthiest information from your veterinarian for proper nutrition.

Quality food after breast milk is extremely important for the healthy growth of cats. It is extremely important for their healthy development that they are fed with specially produced food for infancy and adulthood. Although dry food is healthier in general, wet food can be given 2 or 3 times a week in addition to dry food. Giving wet food at regular intervals is important to meet the water needs of cats that do not like to drink water. They also need to have fresh water at all times to encourage them to drink.

Black and White Cat Breeds (Tuxedo)


Tuxedo cat, the most intelligent cat breed known, is quite smart compared to other cats. The skills it has carry the characteristics of the genus to which it belongs. While some white Tuxedo cats have an active and aggressive nature, some white Tuxedo cats are calmer. For this reason, it is not possible to give specific information about the Tuxedo cat. The clearest known information about these cats is that they are quite intelligent and do not cause problems in training thanks to this intelligence.

As with every cat, it is important how they are trained from infancy in white Tuxedo cats. No matter how you approach him, he will respond to you in the same way, and he will give you more in return for the attention you show. There is no need to make a lot of effort, especially in toilet training. From the moment he is born, he will complete his toilet training by observing his mother until he reaches the adoption period.

Tuxedo Health

Black and white cat, the most intelligent cat breed known, is quite smart compared to other cats. The skills it has carry the characteristics of the genus to which it belongs. While some Tuxedo cats have an active and aggressive nature, some white Tuxedo cats are calmer. For this reason, it is not possible to give specific information about the pink Tuxedo cat. The clearest known information about these cats is that they are quite intelligent and do not cause problems in training thanks to this intelligence.

Any Tuxedo cat you come across could belong to one of dozens of cat breeds. Therefore, the traits they possess also vary depending on the genetic inheritance of the breeds from their ancestors. The health status of the white red tuxedo cat also largely depends on the breed of cat it belongs to. The genes that give the red tuxedo cat its special colors are not known to predispose to any genetic disease.

The red tuxedo cat can also suffer from cat diseases common to other cats. You should take care to feed the cat in accordance with its breed in order to protect it against such diseases and to lead a quality life. You should provide a suitable social environment for him, and you should not delay veterinary checks and vaccinations. Like all cats whose health and nutrition are taken care of, the red Tuxedo can live a long and healthy life with good care.

Relationship with Children and Animals

A social and playful cat breed, the red Tuxedo cat gets along perfectly with children. The Tuxedo cat breed, which is a great breed for families with children, will soon become the joy of the house. Apart from this, the red Tuxedo, who also gets along great with pets, has no problems with cat and dog breeds. Only dogs are quite afraid of the red Tuxedo breed. Therefore, it will not be good to keep dogs and red Tuxedo together. If you get a dog with these cats while they’re kittens, you can get them used to keeping them together. Of course, other dogs will still be afraid of Tuxedo.

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Can the Tuxedo Cat Be Trained?

Tuxedo, the most intelligent cat breed known, is 200% smarter than other cats. For this reason, you can easily teach anything you want without any effort.

Tuxedo (Tuxedo) Cat Where Is The Cat?

It is one of the most popular hybrid breeds, its country of origin is unknown. They are said to have inspired many rumors and beliefs throughout history. It is possible to reach information that they were worshiped in ancient Egypt and brought luck to those who fed them. They have been indispensable for many people who have left their mark on history not only in Ancient Egypt but also in later periods. It is known that they lived with important people such as Isaac Newton, William Shakespeare, Ludwig von Beethoven and Roger Daltrey. They can be found almost anywhere in the world, they are not a rare species.

How Long Does a Tuxedo Cat Live?

They are known to be quite healthy in general. It is stated that the average lifespan is about 15 years, and this period may be longer for those who are well cared for. Regular maintenance and not disrupting veterinary control routines are a great necessity for early diagnosis of possible health problems.

Does the Tuxedo Cat Shed a Lot?

They have short hair and their shedding rate is moderate. Brushing 2-3 times a week is of great importance for cleaning both dead hair and dead skin. They can take a bath, albeit rarely, the frequency of bathing should not be increased too much.

How to Care for a Tuxedo (Smokin) Cat?

Although hair care is sufficient to strengthen the bonds between family members and him, they also need different care processes. Their ears should be cleaned regularly, without the use of ear cleaning sticks. A damp cloth can be used to clean their ears. In addition, shortening their nails is an important requirement for their comfort and health.

How Long Does a Tuxedo Cat Get Pregnant?

Gestation periods range from 58 to 65 days. When the female becomes pregnant, complaints such as decreased appetite and decreased energy may be experienced in the initial period. With the offspring starting to become evident in the abdomen, the appetite and pleasure of the females will be fulfilled. In order to meet the nutrients needed by the fetuses during these special periods, females should be fed with dry foods containing high protein and calories.

How Many Kittens Does a Tuxedo (Smokin) Cat Have?

They can give birth to 4-5 cubs in each litter. As soon as the puppies are born, they are cleaned and start to suck milk. When the cubs are born, they have the characteristic feather colors and patterns. Their eyes open earlier than the offspring of other breeds, some sources indicate that they open their eyes as soon as they are born. When they are about 3 weeks old, they start playing games among themselves. They suckle milk from their mothers for about 50-60 days and do not depend on toys for fun.

How to Feed a Black and White Cat?

It is of great importance for their health to be fed with quality dry foods specially developed for puppies, adulthood and infertility periods. In addition to dry food, it is recommended to eat wet food 2-3 times a week in order to meet their water needs. The water should always be fresh.

How to Communicate with Black and White cat Tuxedo?

In general, cats are thought of as free-spirited and maverick animals. The truth is, it’s not like that at all. Cats are intuitive creatures. Cats can be very affectionate and docile if treated closely. They are also very emotional animals. This is the most important fact that should not be ignored when communicating with a cat.

Cats like to be touched after they complete their socialization process. They especially like itching and caressing some parts of them. If the cat likes the area you touch, it closes its eyes and becomes quiet. He encourages you with his movements to do the behavior he likes. He especially likes having the top of his head scratched, having his stomach stroked, being touched between his two eyebrows and between his two ears. If you put this situation into a ritual, he may ask you to repeat this behavior by climbing up your legs from time to time, wanting to get on his lap, standing in front of you and looking at you.

Tuxedos Might Be The Smartest Cat Breed!

Cat parents often say that tuxedos are smarter than they’ve ever seen. While there is no scientific study conducted on this, the experience of cat parents confirms that the Tuxedo breed is highly intelligent. Tuxedos can be trained much better than other cats and can learn a lot even if you don’t teach them. For example; my pink tuxedo cat can open doors all by himself… Maybe they’re so important in history because of their high intelligence level, what do you think?

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