Black and Tan Terrier


The Toy Manchester Terrier is a miniature version of the Standard Manchester dog breed. The Standard Manchester dog is accepted as the dog breeds belonging to the Terrier Group and the Toy Manchester Terrier dog belongs to the Toy (Toy) Group. Toy Manchester Terrier is a stylish, elegant and compact dog. The upper part of the dog, which is slightly longer than its height, is slightly curved. With its small structure, it has the characteristics of a fast, solid and strong Terrier dog. He has a free, confident and effortless gait. The Toy Manchester Terrier is a good-natured dog that is very attached to its family with a cute, loyal, sharp and alert expression. They attract attention with their good character traits, smooth, short and shiny fur.

Black and Tan Terrier Personality & Character Traits

The Toy Manchester Terrier (Black and Tan Terrier) is the more sensitive, agreeable and generally good-natured house dog among the Black and Tan Terrier breeds. Loyal, very attached to his family, lively, strong, agile, intelligent, curious, eager to learn new things, cunning, playful, active, adventurous and friendly dog ​​that likes to keep busy. It is similar to Toy Manchester Terrier dogs in character traits. However, they are known as the Terrier dog, which has the most gentle and sensitive structure among the Terrier dog breeds. His friendly and good relationship with his family is not the same with strangers. They act shy, shy and protective towards strangers. They get along well with children and make playmates. However, as Toy Manchester is a small dog, it can be unintentionally harmed while spending time with children and playing games. Therefore, it is recommended to be under your supervision when your dog and child spend time together. Toy Manchester’s devotion to loved ones, compatibility and good communication with children make this dog breed an ideal house dog for families.

Relationships with dogs and pets will improve and be better when they are socialized at an early stage. However, since they have chasing and catching instincts against small animals, attention should be paid to the animals they interact with in social environments. Although they make good friends with people, they are not so good with dogs. Since they are among sensitive dogs, socializing them from the puppyhood period will positively affect the process of communicating with foreign people and animals, and their character development.

black and tan terrier

There is a desire to catch and hunt against small animals, but this is never to the extent of aggression. As they are a lively, alert and vigilant race, they can attack small animals as a prisoner of their instincts. In such a case, the dog owner must stop the dog with the commands to block. That’s why it’s so important to give your dog good training and make sure he listens to you. However, although the Toy Manchester Terrier is well bred and is not an aggressive dog, it may not be able to control the instinctive behavior of its ancestors. You should walk your dog on a leash and take the necessary precautions when it is outdoors.

Because they have the characteristics of Black and Tan terrier dogs, they show independent, stubborn behavior from time to time. However, this situation will not last long and his loyalty to his loved ones and family will become more dominant and he will obey the commands. The Toy Manchester Terrier is a loyal and good friend to its owner with its understanding, selfless behavior. They have a digging habit and are eager to dig when they get the chance. With a good education they will receive, their digging habits and such negative behaviors can be controlled.

Intelligent, eager to please its owner, Toy Manchester Terrier breed is easy to train. They learn the given commands quickly. Because it is an agile, active and fast dog, they excel in activities such as agility, catching and obedience activities. By participating in dog sports that are of interest to him with his small structure, you can both have fun and exercise and contribute to their character development. Toy Manchester Terrier dogs are a breed that can easily adapt to apartment life. They can live in houses without a garden as long as they are active with small activities in the house, play games and are taken outside to meet their daily needs. Toy Manchester Terrier breed is sensitive to cold weather and they live happily in a warm climate zone.

In order for the toy Manchester Terrier to be a good-natured, good-character adult dog, the leader must train and train the dog well with consistency, patience and love. When the owner of the dogs lacks leadership qualities, it is possible for your dog to turn to stubborn, overprotective, shy, grumpy and aggressive behaviors. Therefore, teach your dog through training that you are a good leader, that he needs to learn commands and that what he learns and practices will make him happy as a result. Toy Manchester Terriers love to be loved, cared for, and rewarded. When you apply these without pampering your dog, the Toy Manchester will do its best to please its owner and will be an excellent companion, family dog.

History of Black and Tan Terrier

Before Manchester became famous for its city football team, it was the center of England’s burgeoning textile business. The Manchester Terrier dog breed was named after the city of Manchester, England, where it was first bred. One of England’s most popular and successful Terrier dogs was the Black and Tan Terrier, which came to be mentioned as the leading breeds of 16th century England. Some dog lovers consider the Manchester Terrier to be a smaller version of the Doberman breed. However, the situation is the opposite, and Manchester Terrier dogs were used to develop the Doberman dog breed. Miniature Pinscher dog breeders state that there is no hereditary link between the Manchester Terrier breed and the Miniature Pinscher. The Manchester Terrier is considered by dog ​​breeders and experts to be one of the oldest of the Terrier breeds. The Manchester Terrier breed was first mentioned in books, works of the early 16th century.

Known as the Black and Tan Terrier, the dogs were skilled rat catchers. In England in the early 1800s it was poor in health. Rats posed a health threat to people living in the area. Because of this environment, killing rats became very popular during the period. Dogs played an important role in England. With the development of industrialization, two activities emerged as sports by the working classes in the towns of England in the mid-1800s. Hunting rabbits with small hound dogs and betting on rat-killing by releasing a Terrier into a rat pit have become popular activities and favorite pastimes(!). Dog lovers wanted to create a new dog that could be successful in both areas, and the work was done. A cross between a Greyhound Whippet and a Black and Tan Terrier was considered.

As a result, he was crossed with the Black and Tan Terrier, which is a rat hunter, and the Whippet, which is a racer with a reputation for speed. Since 1860, the dog breed known as the Manchester Terrier appeared. It is thought that the features of the Manchester breed may have been intertwined during its development with other breeds. The similarity of the Manchester Terrier Standard breed with the Italian Greyhound dog breed, their large and different sizes, and their crossing with other dog breeds were effective. In 1860, the breed was officially named Manchester Terrier. This naming was not easily accepted by the people at the beginning and the adoption of the Black and Tan Terrier name was on the agenda, but there was no development.

Manchester, England, had been a breeding center for Toy Manchester Terriers in the mid-1800s. Before the Toy Manchester Terrier got its name, it was known as the “Rat Terrier”. Over the years, the people’s demand for dogs that are smaller than the Manchester Terrier Standard type led to the emergence of the Toy Manchester Terrier breed. Some dog breeders aimed to shorten the length of the breed by crossing Chihuahua dogs and Manchester Terriers in order to develop Toy Manchester Terrier dogs.

Numerous attempts have been made to develop dogs in small sizes and numerous problems have been encountered. The most important of these problems was that the Toy Manchester Terriers had fine fur, apple-shaped head structure and bulging eyes. Although the Toy Manchester Terrier breed, which is quite small (less than 1.5 kilos), is sensitive, delicate and unhealthy than its ancestors, it was popular for many years with the attention it received during the Queen Victoria era. Riders made leather pockets that hung from the side of their belts and carried these little dogs with them in those pockets. That’s why the Toy Manchester Terrier dog breed got the nickname “Groom’s Pocket Piece”. In 1881, studies were carried out on the Manchester Terrier dog. As a result of the studies carried out at that time, the existence of a toy Manchester Terrier variety was identified.

The AKC initially recognized the Manchester Terrier and Toy Manchester as separate but hybrid breeds. In 1959, they were changed into two hybrid varieties of one genus. Toy Manchester Terriers’ height, some physical characteristics and ear structures were different from Standard Manchester Terriers. Cropped ears were not allowed in dog show breeds of Toy Manchester Terriers. The Toy Manchester Terrier breed was also known as the “English Toy Terrier”. In 1923 interest in the race was revived. The Manchester Terrier was developed over time as a small toy dog ​​as a result of the popularity of small dog breeds. The British Manchester Terrier Club was founded in 1937. II. After World War II, the Manchester Terrier breed was in danger of extinction, and this club established was instrumental in saving this breed, which was in danger of extinction.

Until 1959, Standard and Toy Manchesters were recognized as two separate breeds. In 1959 they were reclassified as a single breed with two varieties. Until 1959, Standard Manchester and Toy Manchester were shown as two different breeds. Although the Toy Manchester Terrier breed was allowed to be crossed, the Manchester Terrier was registered as separate breeds in this developing process. In 1959, two Manchester Terrier dog breeds were merged and accepted as a single breed and two types as Toy and Standard.

In short: Manchester Terrier and Toy Manchester became two hybrid variants of one breed. The AKC has grouped two different dogs separately, the Toy Manchester Terrier and the Standard Manchester Terrier. According to the AKC, Standard Manchester is considered to be dog breeds belonging to the “Terrier Group” and Toy Manchester Terrier to the “Toy (Toy)” Group.

Physical Qualities of Black and Tan Terrier



Black and Tan Terrier’s body is small, smooth, compact, athletic and muscular. It is a miniature version of the standard Manchester dog breed. The grace of the Tazi breed and the power of the Terrier breed, speed, fearlessness and small structures in toy dogs combined with harmony in their bodies. The upper part of the dog, which has a body longer than its height, is slightly curved. It is one of the most stylish, lively and elegant dogs among the terrier breeds.


The head of Black and Tan Terrier, which is proportional to their small body, is long, narrow and pointed. Your head is long and resembles a wedge shape. When you look at its head from the side, it looks flat. The tight scalp has a slight indentation on the forehead. Its long, tapering nose is black in color. Their teeth are closed in a scissor or flat bite.


When the ears of the Black and Tan Terrier are left to their natural state and are not trimmed, it is seen that they have a V-shaped, semi-upright, forward-folding structure. Black and Tan Terrier (toy) dog’s ears are usually large, wide and erect. When clipped, they appear to be longer and the ends more pointed. However, if Toy Manchester is to take part in the shows, their ears should not be clipped. Since the ears of dogs are cut and trimming is prohibited in most parts of Europe, this process is not applied.


Black and Tan Terrier has small, almond-shaped dark eyes that match the color of the black fur. The eye color is very black and its harmony with the fur color is impressive. There may be tan spots and markings on both eyes. They are alert, confident and have deep eyes.

Legs and Feet

Although the Black and Tan Terrier has a small body, it is seen that they are quite strong. They have a confident, free and effortless gait. Toy Manchester’s front legs land flat on the ground. Their hind legs have the driving force to support their front legs and add speed to them. With their small body, they can move as fast and agile as possible.


Black and Tan Terrier has a tail that starts thick at the base and tapers to a certain point at the tip. Their tails are short, pointed and whip-like.


Black and Tan Terrier has a single layered, short, tight, straight, smooth, dense and shiny coat. Its lively, shiny, elegant, flamboyant and stylish fur needs minimum care.


There are two main colors in the fur of the Black and Tan Terrier, black and tan. Black and tan colors do not mix. The skin color has more regional distributions and the fur color is predominantly black. Both colors have different starting and ending points. Skin colors can be seen on the legs, feet, muzzle, face and ears. Black and Tan Terrier dogs are easily recognizable with their shiny, stylish coat consisting of rich mahogany skin and black fur color. They reflect the uniquely elegant, stylish lines of the fur characteristics of the Greyhound, Terrier and toy dog ​​breeds.

black and tan terrier

Care of Black and Tan Terrier

The coat of the Black and Tan Terrier dog is very easy to care for. The Toy Manchester dog, which is among the small dog breeds and has short, shiny fur, will need little care throughout the year. They shed very little throughout the year. Hair loss is controlled by combing and brushing 1-2 times a week. Regular grooming is required in order to reduce and prevent hair loss by combing their hair regularly, and to make their hair brighter, away from its dull appearance and healthy.

It molts twice a year, in the spring and autumn seasons. During these periods, an increase in hair loss can be seen. If necessary, you can increase the combing frequency to reduce shedding. In general, the maintenance needs of Black and Tan Terriers are low and their maintenance does not take long.

In addition to regular combing and brushing grooming routines, your dog needs a bath whenever he gets dirty. However, the Black and Tan Terrier does not need to be washed very often. They need to be washed when they get dirty, get into the mud, and their bodies give off a dog smell. During the bath, you should use dog shampoos that are suitable for your dog. Special care products for dogs should be preferred so that the beneficial oils in the fur are not lost and the skin does not dry out. Instead of washing your Black and Tan Terrier’s fur frequently, you can wipe its entire body with a damp cloth or greyhound mitts at least once a week and when necessary. Wiping its fur will be enough to give shine to its fur and keep it stylish, elegant and well-groomed.

In addition to fur care, general body care is also important. You should trim your Black and Tan Terrier’s nails regularly 1-2 times a month. You should brush your teeth regularly. You should make regular checks and, if necessary, clean your ears in order to prevent ear infections and to keep their ears free of dirt or debris. As a dog owner, you should regularly perform veterinary checks in addition to the care you will do at home.

Black and Tan Terrier dog will use grooming to better bond with you and spend time, as it likes to interact with its owner. If the relationship between you and your dog is good, the dogs will enjoy their routine grooming, grooming will be easier and the Toy Manchester dog will look forward to grooming.


Black and Tan Terrier can be fed ready-to-eat formula or high quality home-cooked food prepared at home with veterinary approval. While establishing the diet, the food should be selected according to the dog’s age, allergen structure, health status and favorite foods. Care should be taken to ensure that the food your dog will consume in his diet meets his daily needs and has a high nutritional value. You can choose products with high quality content suitable for your dog among brands such as Royal Canin, Proplan, Acana, Hills, N&D, Gimdog, Brit, Purina, Felix, Brit Care recommended by veterinarians and dog breeders.

In addition to ready-made food, Black and Tan Terrier can also eat home cooked food from time to time. However, not everyone should eat their food. Care should be taken to consume home-prepared foods that are suitable for dogs to consume and that are healthy. The healthy foods that dogs should consume should be researched and these products should be given when more home meals are to be given. Products with excessive fat and cooked bones should not be given to Black and Tan Terrier and all dog breeds to eat. Otherwise, it is possible for them to experience digestive problems and stomach ailments. The food and table waste produced for the people you will prepare at home will not be enough to meet the daily nutritional value, calorie amount, protein and mineral needs of the Black and Tan Terrier. Therefore, your first choice should be high quality ready-made dry foods.

After choosing the right food for your Black and Tan Terrier, you should adjust the daily meal and portion amount. The recommended amount to meet the daily nutritional needs of the Black and Tan Terrier breed is 1/4 – 1/2 cup of high quality dry food divided into two meals. The amount stated is calculated based on the ideal height and weight of the Black and Tan Terrier dog. However, the amount that your dog should consume will vary depending on its age, gender, health status and daily exercise level. The daily portion amount will increase or decrease according to the English Toy Terrier’s development and exercise status.

Since the portion amount of each dog will be different according to its structure, it would be better for the owner to adjust it and get help from your veterinarian if necessary. Even if they are from the same breed, every dog ​​has different needs and a special nutrition plan should be prepared for this.

If you have any questions, concerns or problems regarding the weight, diet and diet of your Black and Tan Terrier, consult your veterinarian for information. Your dog needs to be well fed to grow, develop and lead a happy life.


Black and Tan Terrier is an active, active, fast and agile breed. It is necessary to exercise during the day to maintain both mental and physical health. Because they are among their small breeds, the Standard Manchester Terrier does not need as much exercise as the breed. Black and Tan likes to communicate with people, spend time together and wants to be with its owner while doing his exercises. They don’t like to be alone, anywhere, including their workouts. If you leave your Black and Tan dog alone to exercise in the garden, it will wait for you to let it in at your door and won’t move to exercise.

Walking with its owner, running at a moderate pace and playing games will meet Black and Tan’s daily exercise needs. For the Black and Tan Terrier dog breed to meet its daily exercise needs, 30 minutes of activities or 1.5 kilometer walks will be sufficient. Since they are sensitive to cold weather, attention should be paid to weather conditions when exercising outside. The hot climate zone is indicated as the ideal habitat, but they can be adversely affected by the sun in very hot weather. That’s why you can choose break times that are not too cold and not too hot to exercise.

Black and Tan is happier when she spends time with her loved ones. When the owner is busy and can’t play with his dog, you can give dog toys, toys that will keep his mind busy, and items to play and spend time on their own by arousing curiosity and excitement in your dog. English Toy Terrier will enjoy playing with toys that keep his mind busy. However, he should not be expected to play with his toys only at home every day and his daily walks should not be neglected.

If you live in a house with a garden, you can walk the Black and Tan Terrier without a leash in your fenced garden, where you have taken the safety precautions. If you’ve identified areas for free running, chasing a tennis ball, a fun romp, and digging, digging in certain places is among their favorite exercises. However, you should not walk the Black and Tan Terrier off-leash in areas outside the garden where security measures are not sufficient. Although they are obedient and loyal to their owners, they have a tendency to chase and hunt small animals; Small, alert, curious, and fast, they can unintentionally cause trouble. For this, he should exercise in the open air, in dog parks, by wearing a leash, under the control of his owner.

After adequate daily exercise, the Toy English Terrier will enjoy returning home with its owner and relaxing on the sofa. When he is with his family, whom he loves, cares for, enjoys spending time with and receives attention, there will be nothing that a Black and Tan Terrier dog cannot do.

Education & Training

Black and Tan is an intelligent dog that is eager to please its owner and sometimes chooses to make its own way. Since they want to please their owner and they are happy with it, their training will be easy with the right methods. They are among the dog breeds that can be easily trained. In order for their training to be completed easily, the dog owner must be consistent, authoritative and a good leader. The behavior of the leader towards his dog lays the groundwork for the positive or negative behavior that the dog will gain. The formation of the Black and Tan Terrier personality and character is directly related to the environment in which it lives. Black and Tan, where the owner of the dog approaches with his patient, consistent, caring and loving nature, participates in the trainings more enthusiastically. Positive reinforcement methods such as praise, games and rewards that you will apply in the trainings increase the interest of the Black and Tan dog breed in the lessons. In this way, you can help your dog learn new commands in a short time with interesting methods.

Black and Tan Terrier does not respond positively to harsh warnings and physical violence training methods. On the contrary, these methods reduce the dog’s respect for the owner, discourage training and lead to regression in their training. Dogs that receive harsh warnings from their owners and receive little love and praise are seen to adopt stubborn, grumpy and unruly behaviors. For this reason, you should not react to your dog by raising your voice and using violence in your training. In order to prevent potentially aggressive behavior in your dog, to determine the boundaries, rules and limitations that you should follow, it is necessary that the owner’s warnings are not harsh and that he makes an effort to do the behaviors that he cannot do with positive reinforcement.

English Black and Tan Terrier can’t do the commands, not by shouting at them; You should diversify the lessons with positive reinforcement methods, fun and innovative methods. When they do it right, you should encourage them to learn new things by appreciating them in what they just learned, and you should praise them. You should also take care to arrange the training periods in a way that your dog will not be distracted and bored, and be as short as possible in the ideal time. In lessons that take too long, they can get bored and distracted.

You can ensure that the Black and Tan Terrier breed receives various trainings according to their interests and abilities. He excels in dog sports in different fields such as obedience, rally, agility, bait course, barn hunting, dirt dog, trail riding, flyball, scent training and freestyle dog dancing. Being curious, intelligent and eager to learn new things, they bring success in many areas with good training. They like to be challenged and want to achieve success in the business they started. Being a successful, enthusiastic and hardworking breed enables it to achieve many successes with its high performances in dog competitions.

In addition to receiving a good education, it is also necessary to socialize them from the puppyhood period. The earlier he is socialized and made friends with new people and animals, the better he will be an adult dog. In order for it to be a social, friendly and harmonious dog, it should be ensured that it enters into environments where it will communicate in different places and times, apart from its communication family, with its training. Toy English Terriers receive a good education, socialization process that starts at an early stage, growing up in a loving family environment, meeting their needs positively affect their development and they become an excellent friend and family dog.


Black and Tan Terrier dogs are generally healthy. However, as with all dog breeds, they are prone to some health problems. Just because your dog is prone to certain diseases does not mean that he will get one or all of these diseases. The person who breeds the Black and Tan breed needs to know the possible ailments and symptoms and have information about the dog’s health in general.

Black and Tan Terriers are prone to glaucoma (blood problem), Von Willebrand’s disease (bleeding disorder), and patellar luxation disorders, which are affected by the loose knees seen in small dogs. Responsible breeders for these health problems should screen them. Wounds that develop due to bleeding disorder will heal in a short time and will crust over. Every process should be followed carefully for their health.

Responsible breeders for juvenile cardiomyopathy, which affects Black and Tan Terriers and causes fatal diseases, are also working to develop a genetic test. Black and Tan Terrier breed may be sensitive to anesthesia. Therefore, if surgery is required due to their illness, you should remind your veterinarian that these dogs have the same sensitivity as their Greyhound ancestors and that anesthesia should be given with caution.

Although Black and Tan Terrier is a hot climate dog, heat stroke can occur if they are left in direct sun for a long time. To prevent this, it should be allowed to rest outside in shaded places in sunny weather.

In addition to the general controls and tests of the Black and Tan Terrier breed, body care, regular nutrition program, exercise plan should be done in order to be healthy. It should be taken to veterinary checks regularly and its health status should be followed by professional people. For the Black and Tan Terrier breed, the secret to a long and happy life with loved ones is to take good care of it, show interest and love it.

Recommended Health Tests from the National Breed Club:

Ophthalmologist Evaluation
Thyroid Evaluation
Von Willebrand’s Disease DNA Test

Do Black and Terrier Need Shaving and Bathing?

It needs professional hair care 2 or 3 times a year. Paw and ear hairs should also be trimmed regularly.

Does It Shed Too Much?

Contrary to popular belief, the Black and Tan Terrier dog breed is a moderately shedding breed. Therefore, you will not see a lot of hair in your home. Of course, if you take care of it.

Which Diseases Is It Prone to?

These dogs would not be prone to many diseases. But the most common diseases are hip dysplasia and ear infections. We say pay attention to ear care.

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