Are Cats Affected by Heat? Ways to Keep Your Cat Coo


Are cats affected by heat? We believe that cats cannot get cold in winter because they have a fur structure. In summer, we think about how they are overwhelmed by the heat and how comfortable they are on the streets.

When we learn about the miracles that nature offers us, we realize that every question has a logical answer. One of these is the question of whether cats are affected by heat. What do cute paws covered with feathers do in hot summer months? Let’s learn together.

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How does hot weather affect cats?

Cat owners know very well that cats sometimes shed. This is what we call the shedding season. Since it is a very difficult transition period for family members, when these periods approach, cats suitable for shaving visit pet hairdressers to relax both themselves and the family. Because dead hair makes cats itchy and shedding makes our pawed friends tired. For this reason, regular hair care should be done. Even more attention should be paid to their diet. Because cat nutrition affects your cat from nail to hair.

Cats have shiny and fine hair for the summer months and dull and thick hair for the winter months. But it is incredibly sensitive to heat. In fact, their thermoneutral zone is 30 degrees Celsius, which is much hotter than ours. It is not possible to see cats on the street during hot summer months. They take shelter under cars or in the shadows of houses. They look for ways to relax themselves. That’s why we should leave a bowl full of water in a corner of our street for the cats around our house. For cats, thirst is much harder than hunger. If your cat can both go out to the garden and roam comfortably at home, it will look for cooler places indoors when it is hot outside.

How Can You Keep Your Cat Safe in the Summer?


In the summer, while we work or study, friends with paws try to climb the window sill to take a nap. This way they can enjoy the cool breeze and fresh air. However, this frightens us. Because, unfortunately, problems such as falling on the window or balcony are common in cats. In addition, they can run away from home. Of course cats are curious and can find a way out of the house. The problem of the summer months for cats is not just the temperature. Summer weather also brings more insects and wildlife to the area. Your cat may develop some skin irritations if they come into contact with the creatures, so we need to protect them from pests and help keep their bodies cool.

While cats enjoy the coolness of the indoors, they stay warm even at home in the summer heat. To make your cat comfortable, you can give him a cool place to hide. You can place a cardboard box on the back of a chair or on a cool surface. Cats love boxes anyway. You can cover the box with a cotton towel to quell the heat and keep the paws cool. Cats love cool surfaces, so you have to make sure they stay indoors on a hot day.

Keeping your cat cool in the summer can help your pet stay cool and comfortable throughout the day. However, cats are not immune to the effects of extreme heat and should be monitored and cared for to prevent heat exhaustion. In addition to the need to provide fresh water, you must also provide a cool, dry environment inside your home. Then again, if your cat isn’t drinking water, you can always purchase a water dispenser to provide your pet with plenty of cold water. Cats love the water dispenser. Running water is very precious to them and they are happy.

Heat Stroke in Cats


Extreme heat and humidity can affect cats, causing respiratory problems, loss of appetite and even fatal heatstroke. Fortunately, many cats recover from this complication, but in some cases, danger can occur. Cats exposed to extremely high temperatures are particularly vulnerable to heatstroke, and we don’t expect them to know the warning signs. Heat stroke in cats is a serious medical emergency that needs immediate attention from a veterinarian.

The first sign of overheating in cats is when they are not actively seeking fresh water. House cats may appear thirsty or be hiding from you. Cats can also overheat if they don’t drink enough clean water. While house cats can cool themselves off, they may also seek cooler places to take a nap. They may also disappear from their normal routine in hot weather and return to hunting when temperatures drop.

How do you know if your cat is overheated? Heat Stroke Symptoms in Cats

Cats are affected by heat and can suffer from adverse effects such as sunburn and even worse heatstroke, which is a very worrying situation for cat owners, right? We think so too! This is why keeping your cat cool is important for your safety, but what should you do if your cat overheats in the summer heat? It is much easier to prevent overheating than to treat it once it occurs. Cats are not built for extreme temperatures, so you should always keep an eye on your pawed friend to make sure they don’t get heatstroke.

A cat suffering from heat exhaustion may show signs of lethargy and constant self-cleansing. It may also show signs of seizures, sleepiness, or vomiting. In the advanced stages of heatstroke, an animal may become unconscious or fall into a coma. If you notice any of these signs in your cat, contact your veterinarian immediately. Once notified to you, there are steps you can take to help your pet survive.

How to Prevent Heat Stroke in Cats?


Heat stroke can negatively affect cats’ lives. It can seriously put their health at risk. For this reason, we need to protect pawed friends from heat stroke. Fortunately, we can easily recover cats from short-term heatstroke. The most important thing here is to be aware of the importance of water for cats.

Ways to protect cats from summer heat

  1. One of the most effective ways to cool a cat is to give it water.
  2. Cats sweat and groom themselves to stay cool. You can cool your cat by putting a towel on it.
  3. You should keep your cat in a cool environment. Windows and fans will help provide a diagonal flow of cool air. IMPORTANT NOTE: PLACE THE VENTILATOR IN THE RIGHT POINTS YOUR CAT CANNOT REACH TO AVOID UNDESIRED SITUATIONS!
  4. Cold snacks are both delicious and refreshing.
  5. Another great way to cool your cat is to spray cold water on it. It’s important to remember that cats are very inquisitive and tend to go to cool places when they feel the heat. You can also use an empty soda bottle filled with water. Make sure to place the bottle high so it doesn’t drip, or you can wrap the bottle in a towel and place it in your cat’s favorite spot.
  6. Another way to keep your cat cool in the summer is to provide shade. Cats can easily sneak into cars and buildings if not properly guarded. A shaded area can be beneficial because cats can experience 10 to 15 degrees cooler temperatures in the shade. Another option is to keep your cat on a screened porch. However, this is not always possible. You can also give your cat cold snacks to cool down.
  7. You can keep your home cool by keeping your curtains closed.

The only comforting answer to the question of whether cats are affected by heat is that cats tolerate heat better than dogs. Their natural instinct is to seek shade and sunlight, so they will likely limit their activities during the hottest hours of the day. This may mean that they are much less likely to go out with you, or even less likely to be carried in your car. They do not like to go outside in the heat. They are very intelligent creatures. Still, heatstroke is possible and you should take care of their safety when driving in hot weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cats die from the heat?

Cats can unfortunately die from the heat. If he suffers from heatstroke and his body temperature is not lowered, it can also cause serious problems. Cats are naturally inquisitive and while they like to bask in the sun, they don’t always notice the signs of sunburn. Provide your cat with plenty of water and shade, and keep your windows closed during the hottest hours of the day.

How to cool cats in very hot weather?

Running an air conditioner or a fan are the most effective cooling methods, most importantly making sure the cat is drinking water. On very hot days, you can leave an ice pack near your cat. By putting a towel on it, you don’t have to worry about water being around. That cats are not bothered by water. On the contrary, they like to play with water in summer.


Do cats sleep a lot in the heat?

Cats can change their sleeping hours on sunny days. It can find a shaded area and sleep coolly. Cats are more active at night. A cat never sleeps in the heat. They are intelligent creatures. Therefore, the cat sleeping under the heat should worry us.

Do cats breathe fast in the heat?

A cat that cannot find a cool place and is dehydrated may become panting. Cats are active creatures. Therefore, hot days can tire them out. If your cat is breathing fast, it may be affected by the heat.

Do cats get too hot in summer?

Cats sense heat very quickly. Therefore, it can get overwhelmed in the summer. In hot hours, they can look for a cool place in the house. For this reason, the coolest room should be chosen and a suitable area should be created for the cat. They should be able to sleep comfortably and cool off. Cats in the garden should be shaded and items such as umbrellas should be taken.

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