American Curl Cat Breed: Information & Personality Traits


The most striking feature of the American Curl cats, which are of interest to many with their curved ears, is their ears that curve towards the back of their heads. These physical features make them similar to Scottish Folds. These cats, of American origin, are a natural breed. American Curl cats, which have a very cute appearance, also attract attention in terms of being intelligent and meticulous. These cats, with their bushy and fluffy coat, are playful and friendly.

Personality & Character Traits

HEIGHT9–12 inches
WEIGHT5–10 pounds
LIFE SPAN12–16 years
GOOD WITHchildren seniors dogs cats families
TEMPERAMENTsociable affectionate bold
COAT LENGTHlong, short
COLORSwhite black / ebony red / orange blue / gray lavender / silver cream / beige / tan chocolate / brown / sable lilac
PATTERNSbi-color solid tabby calico / tri-color color point
OTHER TRAITSeasy to train easy to groom friendly toward other pets friendly toward strangers friendly toward humans tolerates being alone high potential for weight gain good lap cat tolerates being picked up

American Curl cats, which are good housemates, have a very cute appearance with their curved ears. These cats, which stand out with their quiet and calm personalities, are extremely social creatures. American Curl cats, who enjoy having friends, can make good friends with children even though they cannot make friends of their own breed. Cats of this breed are very fond of people and prefer to be with other people, especially their owner, even in their sleep.

American Curl cats have a very curious nature. Their inquisitive nature drives them into a state of constant exploration. These cats, who are very curious and eager to experience and discover new things, can learn a lot on their own. They follow people’s work closely and try to understand it. In terms of these features, they take their place among the cats that are open to training and learn easily.

American Curl cats are also very patient. They do not expect their needs to be met instantly like other cats, they know how to be patient until their owners are available. In other words, when they are hungry like other cat species, they do not constantly meow and disturb them, they silently and calmly wait for the food containers to be filled. This very docile and harmonious cat breed is a very harmonious housemate for families with children and people who prefer to lead a quiet life.

In addition to all these temperaments we have mentioned, we can say that they also have an active side that is inherent in them. American Curl cats, who especially love to jump, enjoy jumping from one seat to another. It can be said that American Curl cats, who feel free in this way, are also fond of their freedom due to these behaviors. However, they prefer to live in a beautiful life with all this freedom with their owners. Because one of their most indispensable behaviors is to sleep on their owner’s lap.

These cats, who can get along quite well with children, do not easily show an aggressive attitude to the other side, even if they get hurt. American Curl cats, which are very cautious, are one of the cat types that get along with people best in terms of these features. In terms of these personality traits, it is among the most preferred cat breeds by families with children.

As we said before, these cats, which have a quiet nature, do not meow much during the day. The fact that they are not talkative can make you feel like they are listening and not understanding you. However, these highly intelligent cats understand almost every command and accompany you by following every task with great care. American Curl cats, which have a quiet and calm nature, should not worry you in this regard.

Finally, these cats, who like to be stroked and rubbed, are very interested in attention. American Curl cats, a type of cat that can be called a lap cat, can accompany you by sitting on your lap for hours. Cat owners who like this situation can get rid of the tiredness of the day together with their little friends.

American Curl History

American Curl cats, which have a very old history in origin, are a cat breed that emerged in America, as the name suggests. It is not an artificial cat, it is a cat breed formed by natural means. American Curl cats first appeared in June of 1981. It was first spotted outside the Ruga family home in Lakewood, California. The Ruga family, who saw a kitten with black, long and soft hair in front of the door and with its ears curled backwards unlike other cats, adopted this kitten they found and named it ‘Shulamith’, the princess name mentioned in the Bible. Shulamith, who became pregnant months after her discovery, gave birth to 4 kittens. Two of the kittens born had curled ears just like their mother. He became curious about the fact that the kittens born to the Ruga family have curled ears just like the mother cat, and started researches. The family then talked to the experts about the curved ears of the cat, and as a result of the researches, it was understood that a dominant gene caused the curled ear. It has been understood that cats without curly ears, born from a mother with curly ears, do not have this gene.

The female mother cat Shulamith attracted the attention of many people over time and the breeding process was thus started. It was first named American Curl in 1983. In the same year, studies on breeding the breed were started. In 1986, it started to be registered by the CFA. American Curl cats, which became very popular in a short time, participated in the cat competition organized by TICA in 1986, the same year. The American Curl cats, which started to be recognized by TICA since 1987, participated in the cat competition held by the CFA in 1992, and was chosen as the champion cat of the year thanks to their silky long hair. By 1993, the CFA accepted the American Curl cats as a purebred breed. After being accepted as a purebred cat breed, they started to be among the purebred cats in as little as 6 years. He participated in the competition held in 1999 and organized by the CFA in both long and short feather categories and won the competition again. Thus, American Curl cats were the first cat breeds to be recognized by the CFA as both long-haired and shorthaired.

American Curl cats, which do not have a hereditary condition, are quite healthy cats. It is particularly interesting in terms of these features. However, they can easily be caught in ear disorders. However, it is possible to reduce this situation to minimum levels with regular cleaning. At the same time, the ears should be approached very sensitively.

American Curls, which are a very cute cat breed with their silky hair, are one of the favorite and preferred cat species.

Physical Qualities


Having a different appearance, American Curls have a body that can be called a rectangular body type. They have a short neck. The length starting at the shoulder level is one and a half times the neck. American Curl cats, which are generally medium-sized, can also be seen in longer or shorter sizes. Their bodies have a strong and plump appearance.


American Curl cats, which have a small head structure, have a small and long face type. It would be correct to say that the face length of these cats, whose facial features are smooth, is medium length. Their nose structures are straight and medium in size, and their eyes are oval in shape towards the side. Having a head in proportion to the body, American Curl cats have prominent mustaches and a solid jaw structure.


American Curl cats, which have a different ear structure from other cat breeds, have ear folds just like Scottish Folds. The tips of their ears are curved backwards about 90 degrees. The ear tips are rounded and flexible. The ears are of medium size, placed evenly on the sides over the head. American Curl cats, which have a different style with their ear tips being curved backwards, look very cute with their different ears.


Eyes resembling a walnut shape are medium in size. The upper eye is oval, the lower part has a rounded base. It is separated from the nose level with equal intervals. There is a gap of one eye width between the two eyes. Medium-sized eyes are bright and clear, emphasizing eye color.

Legs and Feet

The legs of American Curl cats, which have legs and feet proportional to their bodies, are symmetrically separated from each other. This symmetry can be seen when viewed from the front and rear. Their legs are of medium bony structure and although they appear thin, they are not. It does not have any weight. Paws, on the other hand, are in harmony with the body, have a medium size and round structure.


The tail structure of American Curl cats has an equal length with their body. Their tails, which are almost as long as their bodies, are quite flexible. Although the tail, which has a wide base and a tapering structure, seems to have a thick structure due to the feathers, it has a medium thickness that can be called neither thin nor very thick.


American Curl cats have medium length hair. The body feathers are of medium length, but the feathers on the tail are longer and more dense. Therefore, it has the appearance of a full and fluffy tail. Feather tissues have a soft silky texture. The straight feathers are flexible and give the feeling of a plush toy.


American Curl cats, which have more than one color, usually have pointed patterns and cat colors that we are used to seeing. Other colors of American Curl cats, which have more Tabby colors and patterns; They can include white, shaded tones, smoke color, the color of the Chinchilla mouse and two different hair colors. Likewise, they can have more than one pattern markings.

American Curl Care

American Curl cats, which have been fed with many types of food from the past to the present, can be fed with all the foods that are available. However, this is not the right diet for the cat’s quality of life and healthy living. Fresh meat and canned food are among all these diets. Over time, it has been decided that the most correct and healthy diet is professional dry food. Dry food choices are also recommended to be formed according to the cat’s hair structure, skin structure, geographical climate and to the extent recommended by veterinarians. Giving wet food as a reward in moderation and at certain intervals, not completely dry food, is one of the recommended nutrition forms. Since they have a body structure that is prone to protein intake, dry food containing fish and red meat can be selected among the dry food types.

American Curl Education

American Curl cats are a very intelligent cat breed. At the same time, these cats, which adapt very quickly to new things, are not very difficult to train. American Curl cats expect a lot of attention during their care and training. Therefore, the more attention they receive, the more they can improve during their education. It is possible to teach in a caring, distraction-free environment and with a confident soft tone. In addition to all this education, in terms of having a curious personality, they can learn something by themselves by getting the feeling of exploring different places in the house. In short, their curiosity triggers a sense of learning, enabling them to learn anything comfortably.

American Curl Health

American Curl cats have no known hereditary health problems. There is no predisposition to any hereditary disease. Only because their ears are curved backwards, they are open to external dirt and impacts. Therefore, the possibility of ear infections is quite high. In order to prevent ear infections, the cat’s ear should be cleaned at regular intervals and ear cleaning should be given great importance. Eye, teeth and nail health care should be done regularly. For eye health, it should be cleaned three times a week. Their fur should be regularly combed and regularly checked by a veterinarian. American Curl cats with a strong immune system do not get sick easily.

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