American Bobtail Cat Breed – Everything You Need to Know


The American Bobtail cat breed is different from all other cat breeds with its short tails. American bobtail cats are generally of medium size and have a muscular appearance. It is known that American Bobtail cats began to breed in North America and spread to the world in the 1960s.

💎 Origin

The American Bobtail Cat Breed is a cat breed discovered in the United States in the 1960s. There are many legends about the origin of this cat breed. This cat breed is thought to be a cat that was bred as a result of mating a tabby cat and a lynx.

🏷 Price

Those who want to get an American bobtail cat pay between $600-$1,200 depending on the breed’s origin and characteristics. You may have to spend a total of $3,000 with the cat’s additional needs and toys.

🔍 General Specifications

  • Their homeland is America.
  • They have a much shorter tail than the average cat.
  • They can be in many different colors.
  • Their heads are slightly larger than their bodies.
  • Their ears are wide and erect.
  • Their legs are short and their bodies are long.
  • They are large cats.
  • They have long and fluffy hairs.
  • They are very fond of their owners and the people they live with.
  • They recognize and respond to attention being paid to them. They tend to understand people’s feelings.
  • They are friendly and warm animals.
  • It is one of the rare cat breeds that can walk with a leash.
  • They don’t meow too much.
  • The most important features that distinguish it from other cats should be trainable.
  • It easily adapts to the living creatures and environment it lives with.
  • They are very clever.
  • They are quite docile and calm.
  • Although they are calm, they are agile, active and playful cat types.
  • They communicate warmly and easily with other animals and children.
  • Males are heavier than females and have a more muscular body.
  • Their development is slow. They are considered fully developed 3 years after birth.
  • Their digestive systems are sensitive, other than that they are very hardy cats.
  • Their average lifespan is 15 years. With good care, this number can go up to 20 years.

💡 Temparament

American Bobtail cats have a wild appearance thanks to their short tails and muscular body structures. Despite their wild appearance, American Bobtail cats have a temperament to be loyal and affectionate. In addition, having an extremely sharp intelligence, American Bobtail cats are excellent play cats and companions.

American Bobtail cats bond with their owners and other creatures. Extremely sociable and confident, these cats can adapt quickly to most home environments.

🏁 Physical Qualities

American Bobtail cats have a wide body. The bone and skeletal structure of the American Bobtail cat breed consists of very large bones, which makes them look large. The average weight of an American Bobtail cat is between 3-7kg.

American Bobtails can be seen in all colors and patterns. The fur patterns give this breed a natural wild look and with their short tails, they look like a lynx.

american bobtail

📹 Meet American Bobtail Cat

🔮 Lifespan

Average life expectancy of American Bobtail cats can vary between 11 and 15 years. Regular veterinary check-ups have an important place in prolonging life expectancy. At the same time, how they are fed and how they engage physically and mentally continue to be important variables.

☁️ Communication with Children and Pets

American Bobtails are confident, intelligent, loyal and affectionate cats. Therefore, they can adapt to any environment. Thanks to their intelligence and initiative, they are successful in many games. American bobtail cats get along very well with children.

American Bobtail cats can make good friends with other pets and love to have a good time with them.

🏔️ Care

Although they are long-haired, they do not cause you much trouble as they clean themselves very well. However, if you do not want his fur to become tangled and lumpy, you should brush him twice a week. Because they are meticulous cats, they do not need a bath.

🍗 Nutrition

American Bobtail cats are prone to obesity. Therefore, it is extremely important to eat regularly.

It would be correct to feed American Bobtail cats regularly, as 2 meals a day, by choosing protein-rich quality dry and wet foods from brands such as Pro Plan, N&D, Pro Line and Whiskas. This regular nutrition program will also protect them against diseases and allow them to lead a healthy life throughout their average lifespan.

⚽️ Training

American Bobtail cats have almost every personality trait their owners expect for training. They have a high level of activity, love to play, make great friendships with children and other pets, are known for their high intelligence level and most importantly for their love and devotion to their owners. All these personality traits make them one step ahead of other cats when it comes to training them.

🏥 Health

Each race can have its own diseases. While some cats get sick very quickly, some cats experience these symptoms mildly and then recover quickly. American Bobtail cats are normally in the category of healthy cats. However, they can also show a predisposition to some hereditary diseases. These include intestinal and bladder related diseases, bone slippage and spinal disorders. With regular health checks, it can be diagnosed early and the growth of the problem can be prevented.

American Bobtail cats are known for their predisposition to obesity. For this reason, it is recommended that their nutrition be followed and made within a regular program. Finally, brushing their hair once a week, and tooth and nail care should not be interrupted.

  1. Are American Bobtail Cats Rare?

    American Bobtails are not rare, but they are not common either. They are a very popular breed of cat and are gaining popularity every year.

  2. Is the American Bobtail Intelligent?

    American Bobtail cats are very intelligent, enjoy playing, and most importantly, they can understand their owner’s feelings and give their owner peace of mind.

  3. Is the American Bobtail an Active Cat?

    American Bobtail cats are very energetic and have the character to spend hours with you without getting tired and bored.

  4. Are There Any American Bobtail Health Problems?

    Purebred and cross breed cats are often genetic, various diseases are encountered and there is a predisposition. However, such a finding was not found in the American bobtail breed, and it was recorded as a generally healthy cat species.

  5. How to Feed the American Bobtail?

    Although they are generally healthy, they need to be fed with quality dry food. They can show a healthy development with the amount of dry food determined according to their developmental period, activity level and general health status. Water consumption is a very important factor in their diet. They want their water to be full and fresh at all times. You can also make the right choice of dry food for your cute and friendly friend by taking advantage of our 100% original product guarantee on our site.

  6. Does the American Bobtail Cat Shed A Lot?

    They may experience moderate to severe hair loss. Since their fur is usually long, they need to be combed or brushed several times a week with a cat comb. Since the amount of shedding will increase in the spring and autumn periods, the frequency of combing may increase and they may need to take a bath.

  7. Is the American Bobtail Trainable?

    American Bobtail cats are among the cats that can grasp and understand many commands with their intelligence, and more importantly, can be trained. They are even known as rare cats that can be walked on a leash after a few trainings.

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