8 Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats

dog and cat

If you want to have both a cat and a dog in your home, you need to make sure that they get along well with each other. While dogs get along very well with cats when they are used to it, it is not the same with cats.

Cats are not very social creatures and do not want to share their owners and living spaces with other pets. In other words, the breed of dog you choose is decisive in order to ensure that your cat and dog can live together in peace. Another important point here is that your dog and cat are puppies. These two creatures become friends more easily if they get to know each other from their childhood. Another point we want to draw attention to is that the cat and dog are brought home at the same time.

Thus, there will be no fight for ownership of the space and superiority in the space. Now let’s look at which dog breeds get along well with cats.

Golden Retriever

golden retriever dog and cat

When it comes to cats, the first dog breed that comes to mind is the Golden Retriever. Known as the most affectionate and docile dogs in the world, Golden Retrievers get along very well with people and children, as well as form close bonds with cats and other pets. While the very kind and intelligent Golden Retriever dogs have shown the limits of their patience by being used as a guide dog, it is impossible for your cat not to show patience and not adopt it.

Labrador Retriever

labrador dog

Despite being a large dog breed, Labrador Retrievers, which are as patient and affectionate as the Golden Retriever, will immediately adopt the cat you bring into your home. You can leave your Labrador Retriever and your cat alone at home without hesitation.

Boxer Dog

boxer dog

We have a recommendation for large breed dogs to live in the same house with your cat. Since Boxer dogs see cats as playmates, they don’t mind having them in the house. But Boxer’s desire to play can overwhelm your cat. If your cat also has a playful character, they will get along well. But it’s a good idea to check them from time to time.


pug dog

Pugs are also among the dogs that manage to get along well with cats, thanks to their calm nature and high adaptability. Pugs do not accept cats as enemies. They can scare your cat a little, as they communicate by barking alone. Click for the characteristics and care of Pug dogs.

Basset Hound

The most ideal dog breeds for cats are the calm ones. Fearful of playful, overly friendly and noisy dog ​​breeds, cats love to sleep with very docile and less active dogs like Basset Hounds. Their calmness gives cats confidence. Also, Basset Hounds are ready to share everything with cats.


Being a talented hunting dog, Beagle dogs do not cause problems when living with other animals. But sometimes they will want to sniff your cat because of their great sense of smell and their desire to explore as a hunting dog. If your cat gets sick and reacts to it, the Beagle will not react harshly and can share the same living space with your cat in peace.


Despite being very large dogs, Newfoundland dogs, which are very intelligent and gentle, will not bother your cat at all because they are very calm. These very patient dogs will accept and protect your cat as a member of the family. Your cat will also be dying to sleep on its long fur.


Maltese dogs are not perceived as much of a threat by cats as they are smaller or the same size as any adult cat. When your cat makes a move to play, you’re more likely to worry about your Maltese rather than your cat.