7 Easy Ways to Separate Fighting Cats


Why do cats fight?

Maybe your job will be easier once you understand this. Some of the reasons cats that fight do this include: hormones, territoriality and jealousy. These are the most basic reasons for fights between your cats living in the same house, your cat fighting with cats on the street, or two cats fighting on the street. Even if you can minimize these causes, you will not be able to eliminate them. When you see a cat fighting, you tried to prevent it, but they continue to fight. So how do you separate them? There are a few very easy ways to end the cat fight that hurts and scares people. You can try the method that seems right to you at the moment.

What Can You Do When You See a Cat Fighting?

The most important issue you should pay attention to in the fight between cats you know or not, is to protect yourself. Even if it is your cat, it will hurt if you are among cats fighting. First of all, we recommend that you stay at a distance that will protect you. After that, you can separate the cats with a few tactics. The most important thing will be to divert their attention.

Loud Noise Can Break Up Cat Fights

One of the ways to separate fighting cats is to shout loudly at them. To support your voice, you can clap your hands or stomp your feet. If this sound is not enough, you can make a louder sound with some items you will buy. If you’re at home, you can bang two pans together. If there is a wall next to you, you can hit an object there. The two cats will separate when you make a loud enough noise to catch the cats’ attention.

You Can Throw a Large Item Next to Fighting Cats

Cats are very sensitive animals to their environment. They sense the slightest movement and immediately take care of it. You can use these features to break up a cat fight. For example, a pillow, a toy, a small rug, that is, a light item that is in your immediate surroundings. What you will notice here is that the cats did not realize that you threw the item. It will be effective if you try to throw the item without showing them that you have it in your hands.

Remember Cats Don’t Like Water

Everyone knows that almost all cats hate water. No matter how much fighting the two cats get caught up in, they will run away from water thrown at them. When you see a cat fighting, splash some water at the cats with a spray bowl, a garden hose, your child’s water gun, or a glass if you can’t find anything. If the cats didn’t notice the water you splashed, you can increase the amount a little more. If cats have been similarly bothered before, they may run away even when you point the water bowl at them. Because in this case, they will know that the water they don’t like will come on them. Make sure that no chemicals are mixed with the water you throw away. You can harm cats.

Covering Up Will Be Surprising For The Fighting Cat

When you see two cats fighting at home or in your garden, you can cover them by throwing a blanket. This abruptly changing environment can disrupt the coordination of cats and make them give up fighting. You can throw blankets, towels, jackets, tablecloths on cats, provided that they are light. You will see the cats under it running towards different places.

Bag Rust Forces Cats to Run

Most cats get annoyed by the rustle of nylon or paper bags and want to get away. You can get a quick solution when you take advantage of these features and rustle a bag with your hand so that cats can hear it. When the fighting cat hears this rustling, it will suddenly try to run away.

Try To Keep Your Cats Away From Fighting

Although fighting is in the souls of cats, any fight can lead to serious injuries to the cat. For this reason, we recommend that you try to keep the cats you own away from fighting by keeping them away from external dangers and removing the causes of aggression.

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