6 Different Ways to Feed Stray Cats


We often encounter cats, one of our beloved pets, on the streets. Sometimes we just greet and pat their heads, and sometimes we want to feed them by feeding them. While we feed them with all our good intentions, we sometimes unconsciously make choices that endanger their health. So, what do stray cats eat? Cats, like all other creatures, may experience some problems such as digestive difficulties, allergies and eczema when they consume foods that they should not eat. When feeding stray cats, if we consider options that do not threaten their health, we can ensure that our lovely friends are healthier and longer-lived. Let’s take a look at how you can feed our street friends healthier. Here are a few alternatives for food recommendations suitable for street cats.

Milk, but how?

When it comes to feeding a cat, the first thing that comes to mind for most of us is milk. However, giving milk directly to cats is not as right as we think. Cats are lactose intolerant animals and cannot digest the lactose found in milk. Since they cannot digest lactose, they experience diarrhea, vomiting and similar digestive problems. In order for our feline friends not to experience these digestive problems, you can give them lactose-free milk or mix regular milk with water and dilute it and share it with stray cats.

Home Cooking, Their Right, Too

Yes, cats are carnivores, but just like us humans, they need to eat vegetables and benefit from the vitamins and minerals found in vegetables. Considering that street cats also need extra vitamins and minerals, boiled vegetables will be a suitable meal for them. Cats, of course, do not love vegetables, but our friends living on the street need food that will feed them adequately before delicious food. In particular, you can boil vegetables such as carrots, zucchini and peas and give them to our friends on the street. However, if we only give them fried or spicy vegetable dishes as vegetables, it will do them more harm than good. If you cool the boiled vegetables and add some unsalted rice porridge, it will be a great meal for them. Whether it is a house cat or a street cat, onion and garlic are vegetables that should not be given to any cat.

The Greatest Savior; Dry Food

According to your economic situation, it will be the most effortless to feed stray cats with dry food. Today, there is a pet shop in almost every neighborhood and there is food for all kinds of stray cats in these pet shops. Buying cat food that fits your budget and sharing it with your friends on the street is better than giving them the wrong food, and you will not disrupt their feeding routines. When using ready-made food, choosing dry food instead of wet food prevents stray cats from getting more salt than necessary, allowing them to have a healthier eating pattern.

feeding stray cats

Protein Source; Boiled egg

Here is the most suitable food for all cats to love and get the protein they need; egg. A hard-boiled egg is inexpensive and easy to prepare. Street cats can easily get the protein they need from boiled eggs. Your pet will love to consume both the yolk and the white of the egg. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that the egg is boiled and cooled, not raw.

Carnivorous Cats

Undoubtedly the favorite food of all cats is meat. You can also feed stray cats with meat, but there are some points you should pay attention to while doing this. Cats should never be given any raw food, especially meat. Any raw food given will cause parasites in the intestines of cats. One of the most important points about meat is chicken meat. Chicken meat is suitable and useful for cats, but cats cannot digest bones like dogs. Cats should never be given chicken bones. These bones can sink into cats’ mouths, esophagus, and shatter their stomachs and intestines. If you are going to give chicken or fish to our friends on the street, you need to make sure that their bones and bones are removed.

Don’t Forget Water!

In addition to all these nutrients, the liquid that cats need most, like other living things, is water. While feeding your friends on the street, you should not forget their water needs. Especially in summer, there will be cats that drink only the water you put all day long. You should not forget to keep a bowl of water with the food of your friends on the street.

In general, it is thought that cats, especially those living on the street, have very strong bodies and can eat and digest everything. However, this is a very common misconception. Cats have a sensitive stomach and can have an allergic reaction to many foods. If you pay attention to these details while feeding your street pets, you can make them healthier and happier animals.

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