Blonde Cat Breed: 5 Interesting Facts


5 Interesting Facts About Blonde Cats

Cats are magnificent creatures and one of the most important reasons we love cats is their aesthetic appearance. One of the most important parts of this look is of course the fur of these exceptional creatures. Yes, for us cat freaks, it doesn’t matter the color of a cat’s fur, we love them all. However, those who know cats closely know very well that there is a coiled cat phenomenon. Blonde cats are among the most common cats in the world, and these beautiful cats have no trouble conquering people’s hearts. If you haven’t fallen in love with an ivy cat before, it’s because you’ve never met or gotten close to any ivy because it’s impossible to know and not love an ivy! Here are some interesting facts about coiled cats, one of the most lovable and kissable creatures in the world.

blonde cats

Blonde is not a breed

If you’re wondering if Blonde is a cat breed, let’s say it right away; Blonde is a word used to describe the coat color, not a breed or breed of cat. Almost all of the coiled cats you see on the streets are tabby breeds. Yes, you read it right, most of the coiled cats are yellow colored tabby cross breeds. By the way, if you haven’t read our article on 10 great reasons to live with a tabby cat, we think you should take a look . In addition, let’s not go without adding that the color of the fur can be seen in many cat breeds from different parts of the world.

Most Blonde cats are male!

blonde cat

According to research, most of the coiled cats are male! For every 20 female scats, there are 80 male lianas! So if you have a female Blonde bro, know that you live with a rare flower. Although every cat is rare, that’s different.

Blonde cats can have freckles!

Brown cats are similar to red-haired and white-skinned people, and freckles can also occur in coiled cats. The number of serpents with tiny black freckles on their faces and noses is too great to be underestimated.

Blonde cats are the most affectionate cats

Each cat’s character is different and we cannot say that there is a connection between the characters of the cats and the color of their coat, but here is where the coiled cat phenomenon occurs the most, because almost all of the coiled cats are very affectionate. We can even call coiled cats snuggling, because these cats literally love to live in love, to make themselves loved! I have never seen a blonde with a reverse character in my life, has anyone seen it?

Most Blondes cats are lazy!

blonde cat

If you think it’s a coincidence that Garfield, one of the world’s most famous, most gluttonous and laziest cat heroes, is a snail, you are definitely wrong! There is no doubt that Garfield was created by someone who knows cats very well, because one of the most typical characteristics of coiled cats is that they are lazy. Most coiled cats are both lazy and very fond of their throats, just like Garfield.

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