The World’s 11 Smartest Cat Breeds That Impress With Their Intelligence

smartest cats

Cats are animals known for being playful and cute. At the same time, it is known that the rate of mischief increases as the intelligence rate of cats, which are known for their mischief, increases. Still, despite all their mischief, cats are among the types of animals that most people want to own. If you want to adopt one of the smart cat species, this content can be a good guide for you.

So let’s get started!

Van Cat

van cat

Van cats, which attract attention with their two eyes of different colors, are a curious and affectionate cat species. Van cats love water and can even swim. The Van cat is also a very intelligent cat breed. For example, when he wakes up in the morning, he wakes up his owner by meowing, when he wants to eat, he can turn to the door and make a noise… It is shown among the smart cat species due to its harmony with humans.

Balinese cat


Originating from Siamese cats, Balinese cats are known to follow your every move. Balinese cats, which amaze with their beauty with their blue eyes shining brightly among the black hairs on their faces and ears; He likes to be constantly on the go. They meow when they see new people or ask for attention. Very wild and intelligent, Balinese cats also get along well with children as they love to play.



Although reminiscent of the Balinese in appearance, these cats are distinguished from them. Burmese cats have their origins in the Myanmar region. Burmese cats, who like to meow, are inquisitive, curious and intelligent, are among the cat species that bring joy to the home with their energy. Although they are playful, you can find a harmony with this cat breed as they are easily trainable. They do not like excessive attention. They may experience weight problems from time to time because they enjoy eating.


bengal cat

Originating from Asia, Bengal cats are known for being wild, playful and mischievous. These cats, who like to play games especially after meals, are also known for being friendly and curious. Bengal cats, which we can call attention-hungry, can keep in mind the times when they are not paid attention. These cats, which can even get depressed for this after a while, are again a breed that is shown among the smart cat types. In addition, Bengal cats attract attention with their leopard pattern.


korat cat

Korat cats can be preferred because they are hairless compared to other cats. These lap cats, known for their loyalty and breaking the perception of “cats are ungrateful”, do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. Therefore, it would make more sense to keep the Korat cat at home with other pets. They also enjoy playing games.

American Shorthair

american shorthair

American shorthair cats, whose origins are based in England, are also among the smart cat types. American shorthair cats, which can be seen in many different colors such as silver, smoke, brown, have a clever hunter under their innocent appearance.

Try not to keep these cats, which are very successful in catching prey such as birds and mice, especially on the windowsill. Because as soon as it sees its prey, it can jump and therefore lose its life. These cats, who also enjoy playing games, can misbehave when they are not interested. They are known as lap cats. Emotional aspects are very developed.

American Bobtail

american bobtail

Known for being affectionate, compliant and quiet with their owners, these cats also have hunter genes. That’s why they especially like catch games. They give peace to their owners as they are skillful in understanding emotions. American bobtail cats, who can learn many things even with little training, have strong grasping skills. That’s why these cats are shown among the smart cat types.


savannah cat

These cats, which attract attention with their ear structures, are extremely liberal. It can be difficult to get used to living with humans, as the hunter is an active and ferocious species. Savannah cats who cannot stay at home for long periods of time still do not have problems attaching to people. They like attention and love to play games. In addition, playing with water is a source of great pleasure for them. They also have a leopard pattern just like the Bengal breed.


Abyssinian cat

Known for their large ears, Abyssinian cats are extremely active. That’s why this cute friend who loves to play can have fun with the kids. They especially like to stand in front of the window as they like to watch the birds. Let’s also add that this cat also enjoys hunting and is a very intelligent species. For Abyssinian cats to get used to you and your home more easily, it would be a better option to adopt them when they are kittens. In this way, they can more easily connect to you and your home environment.


tabby cat

The origin of Tabby cats, one of the most common cat breeds in Turkey, is based on the East. Tabby cats, which have almost every color and pattern, are developed in hunting. Tabby cats, who are successful in smelling and tracking, cannot say no to playing even if they are tired. They sleep 16 hours a day. Although we often see these cats on the streets, they can easily adapt to the home environment. Especially when they adopt their owners, they do not want to leave it. They like to go out occasionally, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like the house.


siamese cat

Originating from Thailand (formerly Siamese), Siamese cats are socially active. They like to talk and play games. Standing out for their friendly features, Siamese cats are also known for being very intelligent. They are protective of their owners and are very emotional. These cats, which imitate the characters of their owners, can also be adversely affected by stressful environments.

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