10 Most Lazy Cat Breeds In The World

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10 Most Lazy Cat Breeds

Cats, also known as your little friends who add color to your life, manage to attract almost every individual with their different personalities.

Some of them are a very good hunter, actress and swimmer with their high energy, but some always prefer a quiet life with their silent and gentle personality. Let’s get to know our lazy friends who enjoy being in your bed, lap and always in your arms.

If you want to be a friend close to me and accompany them to relax in the house, these cat species are for you! What would you like for a lazy cat or a moving, naughty, naughty roommate?

Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll cat, as you can understand from the name of the owner’s arms just like a baby is enjoying the pleasure of swinging. In fact, it is often seen that it is asleep in your arm. This cute friend, who manages to make everyone fall in love with his appearance like a doll, has the ability to be a rare species that boast of laziness. After a busy work tempo, you want to relax at home, and if you’re looking for a friend to accompany your conversation, Ragdoll is just for you!

Ragamuffin Cat

Ragamuffin is very similar to Ragdoll cat with his personality and movements. This cute friend mentioned in our list of lazys likes to hang out alone. Ragamuffin, who always chooses a quiet, quiet and peaceful environment, leaves the room immediately if you make noise. It is useful to buy a cat hut for this type where comfort is always important due to its nature. He will also not be able to prevent himself from accompanying you, muttering and sleeping with a thin melody and a dim light in the low sound.

Persian Cat

The Persian cat is always a calm and quiet life supporter. The noise is a crowded or active home environment for it. Our long feathery friend will never want to be active because it does not have a structure suitable for high energy activity. If you want to do my work and accompany me a cute friend, the cat you are looking for is exactly the Persian cat! He will prefer to reach quietly when he comes with you, even though he muttered loudly. The enormous pleasure structure of eating can make it a fat race. Nevertheless, it is useful to prepare a nutrition program for your Persian cat. Otherwise, there is no reason not to reach an obese structure in a short time.

Exotic Shorthair Cat

Exotic Shorthair cat is another kind on our list of lazy. The interesting face structure, which almost fascinates those who see it, can remain stuck in something for minutes. This cute friend, which was completely developed according to Persian cat lovers, is also known for his laziness. If you are looking for a quiet roommate, Exotic Shorthair can help you fully. When you brew your coffee and reach out to a corner, he will prefer to say something by grunting right next to you. These little friend, who doesn’t like to rush and attract attention, do not neglect to nonsense.

British Shorthair Cat

British Shorthair, one of the most popular cat breeds in the world, has become a race that almost everyone knows with its short hairs, round head and huge eyes. Although Ragdoll and Iran is not as lazy as a cat, he prefers a calm, peaceful and quiet life. Especially in the garden alone wandering, hiding in a corner in the house never give up. It will rarely chat with the owner, as well as eating food and curling into a corner. But remember, the British Shorthair cat attaches incredible importance to comfort and comfort. So you’d better buy a cat hut or bed to this cute friend.

Selkirk Rex Cat

Selkirk Rex is a very new breed and Iran and British cats are used to increase the gene pool. For this reason, Selkirk, which has an extraordinary appearance, is reserved for retirement with its soft and gentle nature. This little friend, who prefers to sleep for hours in a corner of the house, does not forget to mumble you. Although the lazy list with its calm structure, Selkirk Rex will never say no if you want to play games.

Burmese Cat

The Burmese cat is incredibly beautiful with its Siamese-type points, blue eyes and snow-white paws. In addition, its very soft and silky body resembles a complete plush toy. Known for his calm demeanor that will never overwhelm you at home, this little friend will prefer to think calmly in a corner while you do all your work. In addition, it has the feature of being a very lazy cat, as it does not even turn its head to the activities in the house.

Russian Blue Cat

Known for its free personality, the Russian Blue is known for its actions in line with its own decisions. But it’s sure to make great companions for a small house. The Russian Blue cat, who owes his lack of constant attention to his very calm personality, is quite a master at laziness! If she eats her food, she can lie down in a corner of your house and spend hours. Also, if you work long hours, your home is in good hands! He will wait for your arrival for hours without getting bored.

Korat Cat

It is known that the Korat cat resembles a Russian Blue cat with both its appearance and personality. Although they look like a baby lion, the mysterious personality underlying their wild nature makes Korat cats very affectionate. This lovely friend of ours, who is a complete house cat, takes pleasure in stretching out in a warm corner of your home. There is no doubt that if you turn on your television and lie down on the bed immediately, it will immediately throw itself next to you. If you want a quiet, calm and peaceful housemate, the Korat cat is the breed for you.

Maine Coon Cat

This gentle breed of the cat world loves to talk. However, despite this, the vast majority of Maine Coon cats never hesitate to prefer peace and quiet. Not only does he enjoy sitting side by side with his owners, he never ceases to have long conversations with them. You can easily understand whether he is happy or unhappy from the long stories he will tell you. So, if you want him to watch you from his seat and have long conversations, the Maine Coon cat is for you!

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